4 Mistakes Most People Make in Their 20s

Your 20s are a era of challenge, growth, and laying the foundation for your adult life. Let’s discuss the 4 mistakes most people make in their 20s so you can avoid them and make the most out of your life.

4 Mistakes Most People Make in Their 20s

My recommendation is to read the entire list, then pick 1 from the list to focus on. You can leave a comment below if you want any specific advice.

1) Associating constant stress with progress

In today’s world we think stress always means progress. In most cases, this simply means what you’re doing is ineffective or you’ve got some hormonal issue due to lack of movement and nutrition.

Yes, there will be plenty of times you will be stressed out. Stress means you are being tested. As an example sticking to a workout routine is stressful at the start. Or starting a new business even if you follow the 5 steps to make money in 2024.

However, going about your day in a elevated level of continuous stress every day means you’re not doing something right.

Said differently, if you go through your day in a chaotic mood everyday or for days on end, your mind isn’t clear. Lack of clarity means you aren’t making the best decisions. So even if you’re working hard, you aren’t working at full capacity.

2) Tried every nootropic under the sun instead of fixing my diet

In my 20s I tried every nootropic every the sun. From noopept to Kratom to Gorilla Mind. I even tried Tongkat Ali and other testosterone boosters.

While I lost 100 something lbs and learned the basics of nutrition. I always looked for some external fix instead of going to the root cause. You could call this type of thinking the magic pill mindset.

The roost cause of my issues in clarity and energy were rooted in my lack of a proper diet. I floated between extremes in diet without middle ground. Either in starvation mode or back to eating whatever I wanted. Never just consistently eating what I needed.

If you want more energy fix your diet first. Eat lots of meat, some veggies, and fruit. While avoiding sugar and any food with what seems like 20+ ingredients. Avoid eating pork it is dirty and sinful.

Limit your stimulant intake from extreme to moderate. You simply don’t need as much nicotine and caffeine as you think you do. At one point I was smoking 1 to 2 cigars a day while taking 12 nicotine pouches. Combined with 4-8 coffees a day. This in the moment doesn’t seem too crazy. However, once you realize how amazing you feel without all of this liquid stress going through your veins you won’t ever go back.

3) Cared too much about what others thought

I cared for too much about what other people thought of me. This was partially due to my upbringing but also because I didn’t value myself. Low self-worth or esteem whatever you want to call it.

To make a long story short, you think other people super care about you. From what you say to even what you do with your time. I’m here to say most aren’t even worthy of worrying about their opinion and the other 20% think about you for 30 seconds before you vanish from their mind.

A small 2% of people are worth impressing whether this is for your career or in finding a wife or impressing your children.

Otherwise, I want you to begin not giving a single care to what other people think. You’re too others focused and this is hindering your life. Just do the thing you want to do. Have the uncomfortable convo because you both probably feel the same way. Just don’t keep living your life on decaf.

4) Shiny object syndrome with businesses that made me a couple grand a month because “this won’t make me rich”

In my 20’s I ran several businesses that ended up making a couple grand a month within a short amount of time. Instead of building it I operated under a stupid pov which was if it “wouldn’t make me rich” I’d stop it.

This is why I teach my now over 200k+ students to set the right expectations. You don’t get rich quickly and you definitely don’t get rich switching between different business models back to back.

To get rich you find something you start making money from and then you systemize it and scale it.

Your 20s Are a Time of Building

Your 20s are the time of building yourself into who you will become in your 30s. It’s a time of little responsibilities, testing different approaches, and laying a solid foundation. So in your 30s you can go full adult mode having conquered any insecurities, built up a network, payable skills, and smart positioning moves.

My advice to you is to pick 1 of the mistakes up above and fix it. Then move onto the next one on the list. Of course, your mind is already thinking about leaving this blog and going elsewhere.

Control your mind, don’t let it dictate your reality. Pick 1 from the list and if you want more help, leave a comment below.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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