Why Thinking in the Enemy of Discipline

You sit around thinking all the time. Never turning off your brain and just taking action. This is why you can’t stick to a workout. This is why building a business is almost impossible for you. Today you are gonna learn why thinking is the enemy of discipline.

Why Thinking in the Enemy of Discipline

I first noticed this truth when I began lifting weights. I’m sure you’ve noticed the same. You’re crushing a set and then you start thinking about the weight while you’re lifting. Instantly the weight becomes 30x heavier. This is the exact same way discipline is as well.

You make your life harder by thinking all the time. Especially when you finally begin taking positive action in your own life. Before you even begin seeing positive results, you start thinking about if this is good enough and a million other things.

How to Stop Overthinking?

Develop the habit of shutting off your brain whenever you go to do something uncomfortable. Your mind will tell you”but I don’t want to”.


Go do what you need to do. Ignore your brain. It must be trained through months of learning to tell it what to do vs letting your brain tell you what’s what.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

PS: Discipline becomes a million times easier when you find purpose. I discuss this in detail below.

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