How To Be Disciplined as a Digital Nomad

Too many digital nomads doom themselves to a life of struggle. Living out of $20 a night hostels and eating street food. That ain’t the life I want for any of you. I want you living in whatever country of your choice. Enjoying whatever level of reality you decide to have.

How To Be Disciplined as a Digital Nomad

Your discipline is what allows you to become a digital nomad in the first place. It also allows you to continue evolving. Without discipline you will be a feather in the wind going with your impulses. Instead of knowing exactly what you want and going after it with your entire mind.

I can sit here and write 10,000 words on the topic. As I’ve traveled abroad as a digital nomad for the last 4 years. To save you time, I recorded a video.

Watch it below:

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