8 Lessons Every Young Man Needs on Money and Relationships

Every young mans beginning years is one of challenges, being lost, and finding the way. However, most young men give up by the age of 25. Settling with whatever life handed them. Use these 8 lessons every young man needs on money and relationships to wake up. Instead choosing to overcome and prosper.

8 Lessons Every Young Man Needs on Money and Relationships

In your 20’s you will be forced to make something of yourself in this world. Understand this world is a built on status and achievement. You can fight this idea and accept less if you want. I invite you to embrace it head on and become your best version.

Status is who you know, what you know, and what you show. Someone is seen as high status based on the people who are around them. The next is what they know, aka their skills. A high status man has every skill from making money, to charm, to various other traits built over time.

Achievement is built on the tangibles of your competence. This can be from the car you drive, to the lifestyle you live, to the businesses you’ve built. Achievement is the outcome of you applying yourself in the world and getting something tangible.

Which leads us to the first life lesson…

1) Work is Fun.

The sooner you realize work is fun and gives you energy, the sooner you will tap into obsession. Meaning, every waking second you’re thinking about your goals and how to achieve them.

This is how you find infinite energy to do what you must.

Until now you’ve seen work as an energy drain that you can’t wait to escape from and take a break. The reality is you’ve just been viewing work the wrong way. Even when I was working a 9-5 many years ago I still found excitement in what I was doing.

I viewed the job as a means to an end and spent my days obsessing over how to make money online.

The very idea of being able to use your time today to become stronger, faster, and turn some biz idea from your mind into reality should wake you up ready to conquer the day. No supplement or mindset video will come close to having a mission in life.

2) What You Want Comes to You When You Don’t Need it.

Think back to sometime you were bowling, playing darts, or any sport with your friends. If you genuinely didn’t care who won and you just enjoyed the fact you were there, you did amazing. However, that time you got tense and absolutely needed to win, you got sloppy.

I found the same to be true for success in every area of life. When you need to make money, you won’t. The rich get richer because they don’t need more money. The people seeing success, see more because they’ve built the momentum of good decisions.

When you need to get a reply, you won’t. When you let them reply back whenever and get busy with your day, they reply back.

This all boils down to not being emotional about what you want. View it as a certainty and time is just catching up. Until then focus with single minded focus moment to moment.

3) Have Multiple Sources of Income.

For the vast majority of people they rely on their job to fund their entire life. They pay for their rent, food, and other expenses solely from their 1 income. To you, this should sound like absolute absurdity.

With 1 day of getting to work late, all their income is gone. Maybe their boss just clamps down, poof. Or maybe the company gets sold for millions while you’re sitting there with nothing.

Technology such as AI is quoted as coming for “300 million jobs” over the coming years. Most people will ignore this until it’s too late. The smart will learn how to make money with AI.

I’m not saying everyone needs to quit their 9-5 as is popular to write nowadays. My decision to quit my job in 2016 resulted from me not seeing any clear opportunities to pour out my soul too and desiring freedom.

Having a job isn’t the issue of this lesson.

The point is you simply can’t rely on 1 source of income. Inflation is eating away your money’s worth and it can be taken away at any time.

Your only option is to have multiple sources of income. Ideally passive income which requires you to work once then pays you forever. An example of this is some articles I wrote here years ago pay me to this day. There are many forms of passive income you can setup. We will talk about this in future articles.

This is the long-term plan though.

What you need to focus on now is simply getting your next income stream. One of the easiest is a side hustle.

4) Stop Worrying About Ghosts.

Most of your problems and worries are ghosts. No I’m not talking about some creepy creature from the night. I mean, they’re not really there. If you actually thought back through moments when you felt everything was over, the situation either never happened or wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought.

Realize 99% of what troubles you is all in your mind.

You want to start a business, but don’t because of XYZ reason. Sometimes you’ll literally have a conversation with someone all in your head instead of just talking too them. Up until this point your life has been one of continuous mental loops of what ifs.

Wake up now. This is the physical representation of someone who always lived in their heads. With an obvious solution on his shirt.

There’s a version of you out there who never worries about things unless they’re right in front of him.

He operates from the mindset of, “I will handle it when it appears”.

And this version of you is much happier and successful than you until you decide to stop worrying about ghosts. Realize life is one big mind game.

Learn to focus on what you can control and delete from your mind what you can’t.

5) Everything You Do Has Purpose.

Every successful person lives a life built on one concept. This concept is purpose or as I call intention. While most of the human population will wake up today and just mindlessly go through their day. The successful man on the other hand wakes up with a plan.

They can’t waste a single second of their life because they have a plan. There’s people to meet, money to make, a body get stronger. This translates into every area of their life.

Understand, what you put energy into becomes bigger. If you half try your way through life, you will just get a half reward. When you decide to fully try and live with purpose, you get the full reward.

6) Motivation is a Psyop.

Motivation is a psyop to keep you from success. It trains you to wake up expecting to live your day based on your mood. If you just don’t feel like it, you can blame it on motivation and be lazy. If you feel motivated, it means you are Gods favorite and today will be great.

This is a very loser way of living.

The world moves on with or without you. If you operate from the place of motivation you will lose. There are people who wake up and get to work with or without motivation. They’re driven by winning rather than motivation or even money for that matter.

7) Surround Yourself With People Above You.

One mistake people make is keeping people around them who are at their level or lower. This normalizes that reality and even worse is no better than the blind leading the blind. In most cases, people at your level are just as lost as you are. So by you only talking to people like that, you aren’t going guide forward.

Instead, you need to become a person of value to people above your level. They will want to bring you around. This will normalize higher levels of reality and give you access to the information you need to progress.

8) Have Honor in All Your Ways.

Honor is the foundation upon everything you build your life around. Be true to your word. Work hard. Be a team player. Never gossip.

Allow honor to guide your decisions and you will create a very fulfilling life. This doesn’t mean to be stupid and loyal to anyone you meet. There are lots of people out there who could careless about honor. They’d screw you over in a heart beat if allowed.

This world operates on self-interest so accept this part of human nature. Play to other people’s self-interest in a way that benefits yourself. Or as they say, create win win situations.

Give loyalty where it’s deserved and never burn bridges.

With honor by your side, you will make good decisions, find your team, and become very successful.

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Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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