9 AI Tools Making Money In 2024

In 2023, AI tools to came to the internet forever changing how we operate business and create content. Missing out on the AI revolution will leave you in the dust. To get you caught up to speed, you are learning 9 AI Tools Making Money in 2024.

9 AI Tools Making Money In 2024

AI Tools to Make You Money

Best for: email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages

It will help you with email copywriting by providing you with templates and tools to create effective emails. You can also use GetResponse to track the performance of your emails and see how they’re affecting your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Will Transform Your Text into an AI Video in Just a Minute.

• Use a custom-made AI avatar that best fits your brand.

An intuitive tool that’s super easy to use for beginners. Time-saving in video preparation, filming, and editing. Cost-saving in the entire video production process.

Best for: content generation, blog posts, social media posts

It will help you with email copywriting. Writesonic can write emails that are persuasive, engaging, and grammatically correct. It can also write emails in a variety of languages.

Best for: SEO, keyword research, content optimization

SEO tool that can help you with email copywriting. Surfer will analyze your website and provide you with recommendations for improving your content’s SEO ranking. You can use these recommendations to improve the quality of your email copy and make it more likely to rank high in search engines.

Best for: keyword research, content optimization, competitor analysis

AI-powered keyword research tool that can help you with email copywriting by providing you with insights into the keywords that your target audience is searching for. You can use this information to optimize your email copy for search engines and improve your chances of reaching your target audience.

Best for: video generation, voice cloning, avatars

AI-powered video generation tool that can help you with email copywriting by creating videos that you can use in your emails. These videos can be used to explain your products or services, to tell stories, or to simply provide some visual interest to your emails.

Best for: content generation, copywriting, email marketing

AI writing tool that can help you with email copywriting by generating high-quality copy that is tailored to your specific needs. Copy.ai can write emails in a variety of styles and tones, and it can even generate different versions of the same email to test different approaches.

Create social-ready short clips from your long videos with AI ✨ Save 90% time and effort. Transform Blog Posts Into Engaging Videos On Auto-Pilot.

Turn Scripts Into Jaw-Dropping Sales Videos & Add Captions Automatically.

  • HeyGen create videos with talking AI avatars that can speak in different languages.

You can create your own avatar using your photos. It will instantly generate presentations with you as a talking avatar on the spot.

You Can Build Entire Businesses Around AI

Inside of TRW I teach you methods to sell these types of services to clients who will pay you monthly and even give you a % of the results you bring them. Using AI you can save yourself hours of time and get your clients results faster.

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  1. Hey brother, I’ve been following you for years since the beginning, since the days you worked with VP from B&D and I can honestly say I am impressed, proud, and inspired by what you have achieved, your consistency and grit. You have now surpassed Victor. You have inspired me to finally take up online business venture. I made a-lot of money in the private sector working a job 6 figures and up and I thought I didn’t need an online income. Ive managed to amass a quarter million dollars in liquid net worth and still make 100k a year and have been for the last 7 years and still I find it’s not enough to deal with inflation, taxes, and the changing environment. I was definitely making more money than you when you first started and during this same time period here you are surpassing me by a long shot. You impress me in a-lot of ways and I wish the best for you thank you for continuing to be an inspiration. Bless up,

    • Wow you’re an OG. I appreciate your words brother. Much more content coming. I went out to the islands as we used to say. Built myself more and grew on social media while still keeping some articles releasing. As of now I am back to regular articles.I look forward to seeing your comments.

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