Nobody Cares About You

Early in your life many of you (myself included) feel the world cares about us. Sure, a handful of people do. However, you can confidently know nobody cares about you. Which is one of the most liberated realizations you can begin your new life path with.

Nobody Cares About You

They don’t care how much you care.

Or how hard you work.

Or how good your intentions are.

And they surly do not care how your life turns out.

For some this makes them sit there crying. I don’t have time for people who walk the earth crying and complaining. It’s an unfair world out there and only the strong thrive. Meaning, it makes the most sense to give yourself unfair advantages.

What messes up most of you is you’ve been psyoped by gurus to think there’s ONE solution waiting out there to fix all of your issues.

And this is why you’re stuck. The reality is you must gather a whole list of habits, skills, and mind frames to navigate this world successfully.

The faster you realize this, the faster your life changes.

One of the first habits – to adopt is accepting this world is a physical reality.

It ain’t some fairytale land where the most nice and caring person gets everything they want in the end.

This world chews up nice people and spits them into a boring life with only a few pennys to their name.


Those of you who get serious about your life. I mean so serious you don’t tolerate anything less than the objectives you’ve set for yourself.

If you’re broke – you don’t tolerate staying this way.

So you leave the “affirmations” to the kids and you instead learn skills and start reaching out to clients.

If your body isn’t how you want it to be – you learn how nutrition works and start moving your body.

Accepting your choice of food and lifestyle have created your current body type so all you must do is change this to get a different outcome.

Which takes us back to the original point.

The world doesn’t care about you…

You live in your head every day. Clouded by doubt and worrying about a million irrelevant things.

So I made a quick video visually show you how to overcome it. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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