Former professional overthinking heavy weight…

Few know this, but I’m a former professional overthinking heavy weight. You see sometimes we are are worst enemy. Which is what inspired today’s post from a student of mine in The Real World.

Former professional overthinking heavy weight…

A student of mine made himself some money – then turned into his own worst enemy:

“Using your method I took on 3 clients. When I got started I had zero self-belief, but you told me to stop thinking. Instead to follow the steps you clearly put in front of me. So I did it and within 2 months I was making over $1,800 a month. Then I got lazy and lost them. I know freelancing works wonders.

I even know what I need to do. But I can’t seem to push myself over the edge to give my full effort.

Idk man it’s like when you told me “follow the action steps on each module and you will progress” your words gave me all the energy I needed. Now I can hardly push myself to try since losing those clients. Know it’s lame, but I’m almost scared.

It’s like there’s something stopping me from doing the work, outreaching, giving free value, thinking of new ideas.

What should I do Dylan?”

– Student of The Real World

Here’s how to Get Clients and Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Hey bro, listen first off you’ve already identified your problem. You became a lazy mofo.

Happens to all of us (myself included when I got started).

You started making money then got soft.

Soft doesn’t work in this world.

So, the 1st thing is you need to accept this is something you’re gonna need to fix. YOU must show up daily. Without your energy in, you won’t get nothing out.

But based on other messages we’ve had inside of the Freelancing Campus you’ve made it clear to me you don’t have any crystal clear objectives.

Meaning, you just wake up and your goal is to “work”.

What does that mean? They’re empty words.

Empty means they lack certainty.

Our minds crave certainty.

So what I want you to do is DEFINE what you are doing. In your case I highly recommend going back through the freelancing course as I just updated it.

Next go through my Freelance Success Checklist so you know what to do daily to win.

And from there don’t ever sit down to work unless you are clear on what you’re about to do.

This is what I explained in our morning call yesterday (watch the recording) titled – Goal Setting the Moneybag Way.

You can find it inside of my AMA questions channel.

This is the way you will quickly move forward.

And no don’t sit around thinking about this. I want you to start taking action today on the 5 steps to make money online.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

PS: Life is actually quite simple when you get out of your own way. As a former professional overthinking heavy weight, believe me when I say you think way too much.

The reason I make my methods so simple and action oriented is they are the only way I’ve personally been able to go from destined for entry level jobs to a world traveling person hiring some of the best to work with me.

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