3 Traits of the Mommas Basement Dweller

Basement dwellers are an interesting class of humans.

3 Traits of the Mommas Basement Dweller

They have an opinion on everything from how Jake Paul should fight to how they would run a billion dolla biz better than Elon Musk.

All while achieving absolutely nothing in their own lives.

Sure, maybe they can vape more than you and me.

But you’d never trade lives with them.

While you’re out there working on yourself, they’ll be shouting at their mom to see when dinners ready…

Which is why today I’m gonna share with you 3 traits these basement dwellers have. If you do the opposite you can essentially rest assured you live a decent life.

1) They blame everyone, but themselves.

The most common trait I’ve identified from these special types of people after having 1000’s of them comment on my posts are they blame everyone but themselves.

It wasn’t their crappy diet. It was genetics.

It wasn’t their laziness and refusal to take action making them broke, it’s the economy or the politicians.

2) They lack any real skill.

They lack literally zero skills anyone can use. Instead they spend their time mindlessly scrolling social media.

And put their energy into fruitless endeavors such as beating their last high score on a game.

3) They have an opinion on everything.

Finally they have an opinion on everything under the sun. They know how to fight better than a professional fighter.

And yes of course they understand “what’s really happening in the world” because they read some twitter thread.

The basement dweller uprising

One of the quickest ways to get the basement dwellers rilled up is for you to make your life amazing.

They’ll see you in Greece for the week. Then booking an apartment in Thailand for a month.

Then have the audacity to tell you how you can do “xzy” better.

Truthfully this is to be expected as you most surely will become what I call a beacon of positivity.

But hey, you won’t mind at all from your nice view as you finish up your client work before going to enjoy the rest of your day.

Maybe today you’ll go jet skiing to an island. Or maybe you’ll go check out some Ancient temple you saw on Instagram.

This is what happens when you simply focus on learning skills, taking full responsibility for your life, and only putting your energy into things that make you better.

Next let’s talk about the 5 Steps to Make Money online.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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