90% of freelancers are Being Replaced

AI is here to stay, and it’s honestly blowing my mind how great it is once you learn how to harness it.

90% of freelancers will be are being replaced in the remote world

Wow wow take a breath. This is a massive power leverage point for you my friend.

Power leverage points create unfair advantages for those who jump on the train while it’s just starting.

And AI is basically a newborn baby at this point.

Meaning, for those who learn how to use AI the right way (not just make cool images and write terrible copy) – you’ll be pulling in a nice income in no time.

Especially if you actually learn your skill and even use AI just a little tidbit.

It’s only those people who don’t take it seriously that’ll be replaced. Just like people back in the stone age of 2000 didn’t think the internet wouldn’t last.

Don’t be a boomer doomer.

AI is here to stay and only grows in use by day day.

Here’s how I’m using AI to Cut my Costs

  • Do market research
  • Find niches to offer services to (literally 100’s within minutes)
  • Enhance photos for items listed to flip
  • Save hours of time each week writing descriptions and subject lines
  • Creating captions for videos
  • Editing entire videos in mere seconds
  • Re-write content I can tweak to go viral

And I’m just beginning to play around with this technology.

I haven’t been this excited in a while.

Even now students of mine are using various apps to build entire 5 figure a month businesses around.

All while allowing them to focus on taking on more clients.

Just last night I took a video of mine and turned it into a full AI enhanced masterpiece within a few hours (took longer due to me learning as I went).

Take a look at this AI Masterpiece

Anyways, I’ll be talking more about AI. I just want to wake you up to the potential power you’re leaving untapped every day you don’t learn how to actually use it.

Watch the video until the end to see how.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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