The Sinister Trap

You are being trapped.

Some of you are aware.

Others? Not so much.

Today – I will make you aware of your imprisonment

As a human, you have the desire for freedom.

To do anything.

To be anything.

But sadly, you will get manipulated one way or another, into believing you are truly free when actually you’re playing into other’s hands.

Tell me, if you had the opportunity to be truly free

Would you:

– Binge Watch TV

– Hunch over porn instead of enjoying real sex

– Do things just to “escape” and “let go”

No sane human does this with true freedom.

You have freedom yes, but you’re not free.

  • How many of you have fulfilled your wildest dreams?
  • How many of you have traveled anywhere you want?

How many of you have had a normal weekday, where you decided to do whatever the fuck you wanted, no work?

If you haven’t done any of these, you’re not free.

Again, you have freedom, but you’re not free.

I want you to imagine your dream life.

Make it realistic, but don’t put any limitations on it.

Guarantee you smiled while imagining.

This is what’s been robbed from you.

You may feel like a loser now, but that’s okay.

I was the same. Lived a purposeless life for years.

It’s a very sinister trap, most of the western world is led into it.

Indoctrinated from a very young age.

It’s impossible to avoid.

But there is a way out.

The way out is actually EASY.

Like most things in life, the trap is mental.

You can break out, by taking control of your mentality.

There are 3 layers to the trap:

First the “Safe Job” brainwashing

Next, the “Comfortable Life” brainwashing

And lastly, the “Constant Stimulation is fun” brainwashing.

These are the main chains of the biggest trap of them all.

You see they couldn’t chain you up, so they fluffed you up instead.

Like a cow in the field, fully fed, with no real reason to move.

It’s smart, but at the same time super cruel.

Us warm-blooded humans have a desire for more.

We aren’t satisfied with just food, shelter, and cheap entertainment, like a fat cow in a farmer’s field.

We need purpose, we need to satisfy a higher need.

And that’s why…

You need to escape this trap.

I already have.

And I will show you how I did it.

But, because this trap is so gosh darn bad…

I’m removing all barriers to entry.

The way out is completely free.

I wrote it all down in a book.

Every way they try to trap you.

Every way you can get out. I describe the locks and then give you the keys.

So without further talk

I present: The Sinister Trap to you.

Go ahead and unlock your chains now