Your Job Will Never Make You Rich

Your job will never make you rich.

The sooner you get real about this, the sooner your life will become what you want it to be.

Any job you ever have is there to make the company money.

You’re there to trade your time in exchange for a paycheck.

If you’re smart, you will use your job as a stepping stone to greater opportunities or collect a check while you build your own business.

Here’s How Your Job Grabs You

The job you go into each day pays you just enough to get you to come in on time. Never enough to retire your Mom and live out your dream life.

I first realized this years ago I went into my boss’s office.

Donny had told me with my ability to sell and lead, he could see me running my own store in 12-18 months.

He brought me in about 6 months earlier into a hot mess. Products were being stolen, employees weren’t working, and orders were going undone.

Here I was a 19 year old without any real-world experience with men in their 40’s and 50’s under my management.

I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say it was Hell on earth boy. I quickly had to man up.

So I put together a plan and got ruthless. Within my first month I had to fire someone.

I then updated their entire system so I could track everything from my computer.

Simultaneously I began improving our relationship with the local community.

Within a matter of months sales started flowing in.

Customers were happy, my guys were motivated, and I saw a bright future there at the store.

I wasn’t blinded by the lights for long though.

Fast-forward to me sitting across from Donny, I was getting paid $9 an hour. I was told I’d be getting a % of each sale.

That never happened, but that didn’t bother me none.

I’m the the solider it out type.

I’d kept my head down and focused on improving everything. If I got paid extra I made sure I earned it.

So, there I was sitting in his office with a full report on how much more money we were making.

Sales had more than doubled.

Employee morale was at an all time high.

We had big vendors coming in begging for our business.

I laid it all out for him and asked for a $3 raise. After putting together the math, $12/hour would make my life noticeably better.

Here’s what Donny Told me.

“Dylan this sounds great. Let me think on this and I will get back to you. You’ve helped this company accomplish things we haven’t done in over 5 years. This is going to be a great partnership.”

That was that.

I went back to work still hopeful in my future with the company.

Donny took me out to lunch later that day and sold me the dream again. Just a little bit more patience and before long I’d be running my own store.

In other words, I wouldn’t be getting the $12 an hour.

The fantasy of it would be used as a golden carrot on a stick. Dangled in front of my eyes.

Every other job I had I noticed the same thing. People who gave their lives to the company just hardly getting by.

All aiming for that yearly $300 bonus.

They drove financed cars and live in basic apartments or bought houses with 30 year loans.

The light of their week was going out with the boys on Saturday.

I woke up to a different reality.

Jobs are modern-day slavery for the person with a dream to live.

Like the masters of old, you’re given just enough to get by so you don’t quit.

The only difference is now you get to pay for your housing, food, and lifestyle. You also have the illusion of freedom.

Which let’s be honest.

You can live a good life and have plenty of time to use for whatever you want. Most people are fine with that, and it’s okay.

But I know you better than you may know yourself right now.

The idea of living this way is killing your soul.

You want the ability to wake up to whatever life you want.

You want to be able to fly your Mom out to Japan for a weekend getaway.

And no job is going to make this happen.

Let me repeat, your job will never make you rich.

It was never designed to make you rich.

Until you accept this, you will continue chasing the rabbit.

Your only path to getting rich is one which demands a sacrifice. Late nights, early mornings, loneliness.

Whatever it takes, you will give.

Not just for a few months.

It will feel like an eternity, nothing will happen.

Then one day you will wake up and realize you’re living the exact life you dreamed about.

None of which will happen by accident.

You will need to build your skills. Your skills are what will pay more than the bills eventually.

As you build your skills you will start shifting the balance. More and more you will stop trading your time for an hourly wage.

Instead, you will trade results for money.

This is your first step of many towards your dream life.

Next, let’s dive into the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

Because friend, there is another reality existing right now. Once you see it – you can never unsee it.

This is where your life is about to take a turn for the better.

Your friend,

Dylan MoneyBag Madden

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