Recently Kanye West sat down with Charleston’s own Charlemagne Tha God. All in all, it was a great interview.

Here are the lessons that I took away from the Kanye West interview with Charlemagne Tha God.

In the Kanye West interview with Charlemagne Tha God. They touched on a lot of different topics.

From race to breaking the simulation.

Kanye West dropped lots of fire throughout the entire interview. Fire that can be applied directly to your life.

As always watch the interview below for yourself. Take away your own understanding. Use the lessons here only as a guide for yourself.

Kanye West Interview with Charlemagne Tha God

1) Talking to a friend is therapy.

Years ago I went to a therapist. After many sessions, I realized that he told everything I said to my parents.

This was a breach of my trust and so I stopped trusting anyone. However, if you find a real friend.

They will keep everything you say in confidence. And you’ll find that as you speak your way to the answer. Your life will improve quickly.

Why? Because a close friend or friends know you better than a therapist. However, you need to know your own truth.

Otherwise, you’ll become confused. What works best for me is following my script. Download your free chapter on Script Creation here.

2) Surround yourself with real people.

By surrounding yourself with real people. You’ll be yourself instead of living up to some fake persona.

Because when you’re surrounded by real people. The only option that you have is to be the real you.

It’s no coincidence that when I had low confidence I was surrounded by fake people. Once I cut out 99% of the people around me.

All I had were real people around me. The people around me know that I’m a confident person who thinks anything is possible.

Complaining and small-talk are not allowed around me. That means that there’s more energy only spent on things that will push me or others further.

In your own life, you’ll have much more energy once you do this. You will also find that your friends improve your life instead of holding you back.

Cut out the people who pull you down and see you as anything that you aren’t.

Just doing this will do more for you than waking up at 5 AM every day.

3) You’ll have periods where you need to express yourself and other periods where you keep quiet.

Action is the only way that you can get what you want. It is action that makes magic work. But there are times where you’ve gotta unplug.

While you’ll never be able to balance your reality. You will, however, find the importance of action and being quiet.

It is action aka expressing yourself that brings your dreams into reality. You then need time to be quiet to realign yourself.

Whether that be dealing with your mindless social-media consumption. Or simply going on an adventure.

It is the time that you keep quiet that builds up your energy to put in some serious work. You’ll literally wanna kick down a door to able to work again.

4) Learn how to fish and you’ll feed your family forever.

You’ve heard the saying about the difference between learning how to fish and being given fish. It’s practical and how reality works.

That’s why you can copy someone’s business model but not see the same results. While the model itself works.

You don’t fully understand how the game works.

So in whatever you’re doing. Copy the model but make sure to study the game. Otherwise, your family will go hungry.

If you truly want to become great. You’ll take the time to understand the game. That way your family will eat forever.

5) Act Out of Love and inspiration.

When most people approach making money or life in general. It’s usually coming from a place of fear or competition.

But when you replace fear with love. And competition with inspiration. That’s when you’ll see results and enjoy each moment.

Because there is no need to worry or feel any type of way about another persons success. In my own reality, I love to see friends succeed.

Why? Because it fills me with inspiration. If one person can do something then I know that I can.

Let Kanye be Kanye.

You be you.

6) Don’t trust anyone out here.

Outside of your close friends and family. Don’t trust anybody when you’re playing the game. No matter how deep you get into the game.

One thing remains true in all areas. People use you for their own gain. Hence why they say nice guys finish last.

This once again is solved by having your own script. Your script is your master-plan and takes the guesswork out of making your decisions.

The reason as you’ll learn that you don’t talk about your script. Is so that people don’t use your plans and more importantly so that you follow your Truth.

There are snakes out here so you must keep your grass cut short.

7) Live your truth and don’t let any past mistakes hold you back.

This all starts with giving yourself permission to live. Once you do that, you’ll realize how simple life really is.

The reality of other people and even bad decisions don’t matter much. Reality is what it is and you can live your Truth no matter your circumstances.

A friend of mine went to prison and was still able to live his Truth. Once he made it out he was shocked by how little past mistakes really matter.

So no matter what ALWAYS live your Truth. This is where forgiveness comes into play. In reality, your past is nothing but an illusion.

The only thing that matters is this moment right here. What are you gonna do now?

8) People are creating their own existence and simulation.

Every day that you wake up you’re creating your reality. Sure, the world events alter your reality to a certain degree.

Mostly it’s just in your head. Some people think we’re living in the End Times and they see proof everywhere.

While other people think that we are living in the best of times and see proof everywhere. I’ve been on both sides of the fence.

And reality is 100% subjective.

I’ve had over 1,000+ downloads of Think and Go Hustle. Ed Latimore, Victor Pride, and many others liked the book.

However, I’ve had 1 person who wanted a refund.

Hundreds of people love Think and Go Hustle. While that 1 person (she’s a crazy cat lady) didn’t like the book.

Which persons reality is true? Well, that’s for you the player to decide. Because whether you believe it or not.

You are a player that is creating your own existence each moment. Your body is simply your character in this world.

9) You don’t have a breakdown you have a breakthrough.

Even at your worst, you’ve never had a breakdown. The pain you’ve suffered and the hard times were simply breakthroughs.

Whether you’ve been suicidal or had tough financial circumstances. It’s all a part of the process of building you into something more.

At my lowest point, I became suicidal. Instead of giving up though I kept going. Eventually, I overcame my suicidal thoughts.

I lived through them and then wrote an article that has saved lives. You can overcome anything, even suicidal thoughts.

10) Address your problems.

Otherwise, they will fester inside of you. Until they eat away at your spirit and you become a shell of your former self.

No matter if you’re scared of confrontation or not. Address ALL of your problems. Call your friend.

Talk to your Dad.

Because until you do, you force yourself to live through Hell. Things never get better by you ignoring them.

You’ll only find your peace once you address them directly.

11) Celebrities are as famous as the president.

The only difference is that they don’t have a military. Being a celebrity gives you power. And great power comes with great responsibility.

In today’s world, you can become as famous as the leader of your country. With that power, you can bring about real change.

With an email, you can raise money for a charity.

With a Skype call, you can change someone’s life.

Do not overestimate the power of being influential. Even if you only change 10 people’s lives.

You will have done more than most of the people around you. And honestly, that’s what this whole game is about.

It’s all about offering value in your own way. Whether that be by running your own business that employs other people.

Or simply being a role model for other people around you. Just realize that you can be the light in someone’s life.

12) Everybody has a job in the Universe.

When you were born you came with something to offer the world. But as you went through your life, you kept it as nothing but potential.

And potential doesn’t mean anything. Potential is like the water you rinsed your mouth with and spit into the sink.

It is your job to turn this potential into Greatness.

13) Stop thinking and planning so much.

Don’t live out of fear anymore by applying lesson 5. Live out of love and let your script guide you.

It’s thanks to your thinking that your progress is so slow. Yes, there are many paths to what you want.

But you’ll only make it to your destination by following one path.

Create your script and then get to work.

14) Bravery is more important than perfection.

The fundamental key to success is action. Action takes bravery. So to take action you must be brave and not let perfection hold you back.

Yes, seek perfection in everything that you do. But don’t let perfection keep you from taking the first step.

It takes bravery to start a Craigslist business.

But studying endlessly on learning every detail before you start is the Way of the coward. Be brave and the world will bow before you.

15) Perception creates your reality.

Today I had to go collect a check and then deposit it at my bank. While grateful I was very annoyed as the whole trip took me 2 1/2 hours.

In my reality making money online is the way to go. I love waking up with an extra $200 in my account.

That is my perception of reality. Go back to 2017 and I didn’t care if I had to take 8 hours to collect $90.

So the next time you feel frustrated just remember it’s all in your head. Your perception dictates your reality.

Use the knowledge to your advantage.

16) You can be in 2030 but still must act in 2018.

The future is created by your action today. So no matter where you see your vision taking you.

Remember that it’s your work today that brings you salvation.

17) Have Godlike confidence in yourself.

In today’s world being confident is the difference between being miserable and living the life of your dreams.

People respond much better to you when you’re confident. Why? Because if you believe in what you’re saying then so will other people.

There is much more to confidence than a gold watch and fancy things. I’ll be touching on that in an upcoming course.

If you’re interested get on my email list as that unlocks exclusive content. You can sign up here.

18) Be able to handle a heavy burden without breaking.

When I first charged into the Unknown I accepted that things would get tough. Over time I became unbreakable.

It was only because I learned to handle things that would break most people. Some of the guys I got started with broke.

They stopped creating and went offline. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have it. It only means that they broke under the pressure.

In your own life, the same thing applies. By becoming unbreakable you will be able to achieve things that you once thought were impossible.

Ed Latimore’s book really painted the picture for me. If you are on the rise and figuring out life I recommend that you read his book.

You can find it on Amazon here.

19) Protect and build your superhero.

Whether you like it or not. Your life depends on you and you alone. This article will do nothing for you unless you apply it.

To do this you must protect and build your superhero. It all starts with learning what the ego really is and who you are.

From there you are able to see reality for what it is. Life becomes a game and you control the player.

20) Speak the Words.

What you say to yourself and others creates your reality. You can think this is something esoteric or practical.

But by you saying something it will eventually find its way into reality. That’s why complaining is so toxic.

On the same note, that’s why speaking your Truth is so powerful. The next time you go to speak. Think about whether you want X to happen or not.

If the answer is no then keep your mouth shut.

If the answer is yes then speak your Truth.

21) Do things just to prove that it can be done.

Growing up I couldn’t read until second-grade. I was told that I had a learning disability and yet now I run a blog and am a published author.

While proving people wrong wasn’t my main motivator. It definitely played a role in me eventually writing online.

I love being challenged and then winning. From being that starry eyed 8-year old to this very moment I am a living example of what’s possible.

Just imagine if you applied this to your own life. Instead, of accepting what the world says is possible you will break through the noise.

The simple act of you overcoming something as simple as shyness. May inspire someone who becomes the next great innovator.

You never know who’s watching you.

ivan throne

22) You are the source of your power.

No matter what lucky breaks that you get. No matter who puts you on. Never for one second forget that you are the source of your power.

The second that you stop putting in the work. Is the second that you become a slave.

This goes for nootropics such as Gorilla Mind. And this goes for you in your daily life. No Magic Pill will give you perfect focus or your heart’s desire.

23) Create generational wealth and better ideas.

It’s not just for you now. It’s about your crew and the vision placed within your soul. So you need better ideas and generational wealth.

Otherwise, a month after you die. All of your hustling now will be for nothing. Take yourself out of the equation and put in the work.

If you want to really be a boss you’ve got to be selfless. Selfless in the sense of you realize that other people are counting on you.

That your every decision to, “just lay back and relax man” is a big slap in the face to the people who count on you.

Your crew and the people who look up to you have faith in you for a reason. So create generational wealth and make yourself immortal.

24) You’ve got to look at yourself as the best artist living.

In my own life, I see myself as THE MAN. I make my own decisions and view myself as the one to get it done.

Of course, this took years for me to understand. But once I did, I lost the fear of counting on myself.

Look Kanye West in his eyes and you see that he clearly believes he’s the best artists living. This belief drives him to put out the type of work that he does.

Whether that be creating a billion-dollar brand.

Creating greatest hits in the studio.

Or the simple act of breaking the simulation using his ideas.

His belief that he is the best artist living is what makes this all possible. That doesn’t mean that you’re in a competition with the next person.

Once you’re playing the game at a higher level it’s all about you versus you. Each action is you doing it bigger than you did last time.

I’ve witnessed this with Mike Cernovich. He went from your average bro to being a best-selling author and running other successful businesses.

By you being great. You pave the way for other people to do the same. Because as you understand, perception creates reality.

And you shape perception by doing things that other people haven’t done before.

25) People try to put ideas into your head to separate you from reality.

When you’re growing up your parents tell you to calm down. Be realistic and many other things.

All this does is separate you from reality.

It tells you that what you’re doing isn’t going to happen. As you get older your core group of friends will add to the confusion.

While you work on your vision they’ll ask why you are so driven. That you need to relax and stop pushing yourself so hard.

They more than likely are being genuine and just want to hang out with you. But it is when you break away from reality that you get side-tracked.

You’re doing Z but everyone else tells you to do A, B, and C. Solve this now by understanding this is how people are.

Accept it and then let it remind you to focus on your Truth. With today’s digital reality you can brainwash yourself.

26) Nobody owes you anything.

Since you are solely responsible for yourself. That also means that nobody owes you anything. It’s on you to make things happen and never another person.

Even the people that you help don’t owe you anything. The sooner you detach yourself from thinking people owe you something.

27) The award ceremony is just mind control.

Kanye West mentioned how the Grammy’s are all about proving your worth for a golden statue.

In other words, it tricks people into thinking that a Grammy and any other award is what they should go after.

Think about your own life. What types of awards are you chasing to make yourself feel worthy and complete?

I know in my life I chased money in my account offline. In the online world, I would anxiously check my Google Analytics daily.

Eventually, I realized that while those things were cool and all. There was much more to this whole game.

Also, seeds can take weeks to many years to produce fruit. So the work that you do now may give you the reward in 2 years.

To stay on the point of this lesson. This kind of thinking is a form of mind control. The outcome is nothing in the scheme of things.

28) You need tools to climb the mountain to get more tools to win at life.

In life, everything that you do builds upon the next step that you take. You can try to climb to the top of the mountain without any tools.

But you’ll more than likely die from the cold or starvation.

If however, you’re serious about climbing the mountain of life. You will take the time to cultivate yourself and build your skills.

I became really good at making money from picking up trash. I’m now deploying those skills to making money online.

You never know how what you’re learning now will help you down the road. See each experience that you have as training for what’s to come.

If you told me that coming back from LA with $142 to my name would help me back when I first started. I would’ve told you that you’re crazy.

Looking back though I see how much it taught me. The whole experience made me realize how nothing outside of myself can hold me back.

That mindset is what allows me to make decisions that seem crazy to most. And it’s the same for your life.

Collect as many tools as you can and then USE THEM to climb the mountain.

In Charlagmane Tha Gods case he climbed a mountain collecting tools as he went up. From dealing with racism to other things that come with success.

He made it to a height that few ever reach.

With his best-selling book, Black Privilege Charlagmane Tha God went against the grain. His title Black Privilege was edgy and grabbed people’s attention.

That’s what he’s done his whole career. You can use Black Privilege has one of the many tools on your journey to the top of the mountain.

29) Document yourself so that you can recognize yourself in another life.

While I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back to Earth after I die. I do like the idea that my children and everyone who comes after me can see the blueprint.

They will see me starting this blog in my early 20’s. And from there they can see how this whole story plays out.

That’s why I share personal details about my story. About me overcoming suicidal thoughts and different lessons that I’ve learned.

It’s just a part of the story that I’m writing every day. And I am so grateful for people such as yourself that take the time to read and watch it.

We are on this journey together.

I welcome you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I drop weekly video’s that are for you to take lessons from on your rise.

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  1. Hey Dylan, great write up for this interview… you obviously have a lot of potential, but here’s what throws me off. You are an avid follower of Victor Pride, you even mention him in this post, but he is a blatant racist, in fact he’s made racist references in his last three posts….

    So my question to you is… how do you overlook his racism, or are you in the same boat?

    • Thank you brother. Lots of gold in that interview.

      First, I’m not a follower of Victor Pride. I am a student of what he teaches, but I am my own man with my own rules. As for you claiming he’s racist I’m not quite sure what you mean. Unlike most I’ve been around him in person.

      • Here are a few excerpts I pulled from his last three posts…

        “Fear of being ‘racist’ is the biggest weakness of the average American, and it is a silly fear.”

        “Foolish whites who follow the rules would rather give away their countries than appear racist.”

        “Varg is famous as a black-metal musician who killed another black-metal musician and spent over a decade imprisoned in Norway in nearly complete isolation. He got out of prison and started a big, white family with a French lady. Many of you might say “why does being white matter?”

        The last one was about write up for a Video on how White Genocide is possible.

        These statements don’t scream racism, white nationalism, etc…to you?

  2. Not a fan of Kanye but this interview made me gain a lot of respect for him. #22 was my favorite btw

    • Your comment says a lot about you. Even though you’re not a fan of Kanye, you still heard him out. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Phenomenal interview and very insightful article Dylan. I found this through twitter. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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