Deep in the jungles of Vietnam, there was one sniper. A flash and then bang. It was all over within less than 2-seconds.

Back in the Vietnam War, there was a legendary warrior.

His example is one that you can apply to your life. If you follow his example, you’ll survive and thrive.

If you don’t, you may end up like the 300 souls that he took.

Who was the mysterious warrior?

His name was Carlos Hathcock.

As a chid, I was told the legend of Carlos Hathcock by a Navy Seal I looked up to. This is that story…

Carlos saved many souls during his time. He also took many souls

His legend was created when a $30,000 bounty was put on his head.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. His path to becoming a legend began back in Mississippi.

While visiting family there he picked up a .22-caliber J. C. Higgins single-shot rifle which his father had brought back from WW2.

He spent days in the woods hunting with his dog. Partly for fun, but primarily to feed his family.

As the years progressed he continued training with his rifle, hunting animals in the forests of the South, and winning championships such as the Wimbledon Cup.

Shooting became his way to escape and survive.

He was a warrior…

Carlos dreamed of one day becoming a United States Marine. And so when he was 17 years old he enlisted.

One of Carlos’s first big missions was to kill a Veit Cong general. For four days he went without sleeping or eating even a scrap.

He was on a mission to prove that he’d do anything to succeed.

After reaching the enemy base he had mere seconds to take his shot.

Carlos concentrated on his target and then let the bullet go. Within seconds enemy soldiers began firing into the woods.

Instead of running he had to crawl back into the jungles of Vietnam.

Once he made it into the safety of the jungle, he ran for 3-miles to the pickup zone.

As Carlos continued raking up more kills his legend grew.

That’s when the $30,000 bounty comes in.

Up until this time, a $2,000 bounty was considered a large bounty.

But the Viet Cong army had lost hundreds of soldiers to Carlos by this point. They were willing to pay top dollar for his soul.

A rising star in the Viet Cong army decided to claim the bounty. He drew several Marines out of the camp in an effort to ambush Carlos.

Carlos being a smart sniper didn’t fall for the trick. Instead, he let the Sun guide him to his enemy.

He slowly made his way through shrubs to the enemy sniper.  As he crawled he saw a flash.

Once again without hesitation, he aimed and let off a shot. The flash disappeared.

Carlos cautiously made his way towards where he had shot. And found the body of the enemy sniper.

His bullet had gone through the scope and into the sniper’s right eye. Carlos realized how close he came to dying.

Through his many years of training daily, he learned to not overthink. To aim and then pull the trigger.

Nothing more and nothing less.

If he would’ve hesitated for a split second he’d be the one dead. His enemy would’ve taken his soul and claimed the $30,000 reward.

But instead, he lived to fight another day.

Before he eventually left this earth he told his secret to success. It’s what he called his bubble. When the Navy Seal told me, I was amazed.

His secret to success was simple like every other secret is. It didn’t require overthinking or anything else.

Just a process and following your gut.

While this story happened many years ago. The fundamentals are always the same. Whether you want money or anything else of this world.

The Sniper Approach to Success is always as follows:

  1. Train Daily
  2. Find Your Target
  3. Pull the Trigger

There are no other steps. Any other step simply wastes your energy and gives the enemy a chance to kill you.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about your physical death. The only death that taking any other steps causes is the death of your dreams.

Why? Because taking any other steps means you don’t take action. You’ll be like the enemy sniper who tried to ambush Carlos Hathcock.

Instead of waiting for his shot. He tried to get his target quicker by drawing Carlos out of the Marine camp.

But by following all 3 steps you will create your own bubble like Carlos Hathcock. In your bubble, you will find what you’ve been searching for.

Step 1) Train Daily


I tried to skip this step for years and kept ending up empty-handed. Save yourself the lost time by training daily.

Even when you don’t feel like training. Just get up and do it. Think back to Carlos in the forest training with his rifle.

From hunting animals for his family to winning competitions. He was always training and improving himself.

It was through him training daily that he was able to find his target. And then pull the trigger when it counted.

You train daily so that you learn the fundamentals. By learning the fundamentals you get an understanding of the game.

Better yet everything becomes natural for you.

It is through your daily training that you learn what to do and not to do. Your training includes everything from reading to hitting the gym.

Once you understand that everything is training. That is when you start seeing results. Even you reading this article is training.

Now it’s time for you to find your target.

Step 2) Find Your Target

Now that you’ve gotten used to training daily. Finding your target is the obvious next step. What your target is doesn’t matter.

It can be…

  • Making money
  • Living a healthy life
  • Or anything else that matters to you

But it is only through your daily training that you’ll figure out what your target truly is. If you skip your training you’ll be forever chasing one thing after another and ending up with nothing.

If Carlos would’ve taken a shot at any of the soldiers around the general.

He would’ve missed his only chance to hit his target. So he found the general and pulled the trigger.

Like Carlos, once you’ve found your target it’s time to pull the trigger.

Step 3) Pull the Trigger When it Counts

By this point, you train daily and have your target. Now when the opportunity comes you will pull the trigger when it counts.

If your target is to make money.

That means you’ll pull the trigger when you see a real opportunity. Maybe that’s starting a side-hustle and then seeing a way to expand.

Now you’re making real money and can live life on your terms.

If your target is to live a healthy life. That means you’ll pull the trigger when you find a lifestyle that fits into your definition of healthy living.

It could be the types of food that you eat. Or a 30 day challenge that kicks you into gear such as 30 Days of Discipline.

Whatever it is that matters to you is what becomes your target. You find what matters to you by figuring out what your target is.

Your target is what most people call your vision. The only difference is that your target is actionable and a vision usually just stays in your head.

By you following each step you will have discovered what Carlos and the other legends have. His secret was as follows…

Get in the bubble. Put yourself in a state of utter, complete, absolute concentration.

First with your equipment, then your environment, in which every breeze and every leaf means something, and finally on your shot.

To find your target you need a mission. Your mission gives you clarity.

You won’t just have some random target. Your mission tells you who your targets are so that you can focus on completing your objectives.

Your training for the day is complete and now it’s time to get your mission objectives. From there you will know who your targets are.

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**If you’re one of the 1,000+ people who’ve already started their mission. You’ve got your mission objectives.**

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  1. I like how you learn from everyone and bring it back to your theme.

    “Once you start understanding that everything is training. That is when you start seeing results”. This one line makes this article worth a read. The growth that you speak of is evident in your own walk.

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