You’re told to kill your ego. You’re told that your ego is the enemy. But what if that’s a lie? Let’s take a look at how to enlarge your ego.

From there you can make the right decision.

What do you think about when you hear ego?

I know for me I imagine some arrogant guy. That thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He’s loud and overly confident.

It was that false belief that made me want to kill my ego. I read article after article. Watched video after video.

But for some reason, I couldn’t kill my ego completely. It would always come back at some point.

It wasn’t until I got to know someone personally. Who preached against the ego that I realized something unexpected.

I didn’t accept it at first. Because it went against everything that I had brainwashed myself to believe.

I saw first-hand that the spiritual anti-ego people. Have egos that are usually bigger than the “bad guys”.

In other words…

The people who say that your ego is bad and should be killed. Are no better off than you. In their case, they’ve just switched it up.

Instead of making their ego about gold watches and nice things. They’ve made their ego about being spiritual.

It’s the same trap just with a different spin. After I finally accepted this truth I dived deeper into this whole ego thing.

After 9-months of testing different things. I’ve boiled it all down into this article for you. I will use different examples so that you understand everything.

What is Ego?

Your ego is what you navigate the world with. It’s the clothes that you wear. The thoughts in your head.

It’s the person that you see in the mirror.

Put simply, it’s your character. Your avatar for this game we call life.

But that isn’t all that you are.

At your core, you are the awareness. Let me break it down with an example. It’ll help you clearly understand what your ego is.

Think about the last video game that you played. If you aren’t much of a gamer. Imagine that you’re playing a game.

Your character is the ego. And you are the awareness aka player.

While playing the game you are able to interact with the world via your character. But you aren’t really your character.

You are still the player behind the character.

As the player, you get to customize your character…

  • You select his hairstyle
  • You decide which skills to develop
  • And ultimately you decide the fate of your character

You can immerse yourself in the game’s story. Learn every single characters name. But that still isn’t who you are.

No matter how many points you get. And no matter how much you level up.

You’re still the player who’s playing the character.

Of course, you can get lost in the game. You can believe that you are the character. As your real life falls apart.

Your character can become rich and powerful. Yet in your real life, all you’ve got to show is a nice computer and empty bank account.

So I ask you a sincere question:

Is it your characters fault or your fault for your mediocre life?

You don’t have to answer that yet. Even though I can tell you know the answer already.

How to Create Your Own Ego?

Most of what you and I believe is a lie. As you’ve seen, your ego is different. It is neither good nor bad.

Your ego is simply the character which you interact with the world with. Nothing more and nothing less.

The real power lies with the player. Aka the awareness. Aka you.

It was NEVER your ego that was holding you back.

Only your awareness.

But before you are able to create your own ego. You’ll need to know the steps on how to create your own ego.

They’re simple. Hence why few people actually try.

Here they are:

1) Become the Awareness.

2) Figure Out What YOU Want.

3) Play Your Character

Become the Awareness- To understand what your awareness is. Think about the example from above.

Your awareness = the player behind the character

Starting from there you are liberated. You now get permission to become who you want to be.

As the awareness, you accept that…

  • You aren’t your bank account.
  • You aren’t your lack of confidence.
  • You aren’t even the reflection you see in the mirror.

You are simply the person that plays that role. The best way that I can describe reality and awareness is.

That you are a spirit having a human experience.

Take that how you want to. But being the awareness gives you full control over your character.

From the outfits it wears to the lifestyle it lives. You have full control.

Which leads me to step 2.

Figure Out What YOU Want- Since you have full control, it’s time to decide. Because you can literally have anything that you want.

But understand that you can’t do everything.

This is where people mess up. They assume that since they’ve got full control. That they can do everything.

Without getting too esoteric let me be frank. Everything is about energy. And that includes getting what you want.

Sure you can give your energy to anything in this world. But if you give it to everything, you’ll end up with nothing.

To better explain here’s another example…

Your awareness is like a cellphone. And your life is like the app store. You can download as many apps as you want to.

But you can only use one at a time.

Because it just isn’t possible to play two games at the same time. So pick your game and then play your character.

Play Your Character- People think that they can only use the default character. It’s mediocre and lacks any real strengths though.

But you can also create your own character. Everything from the clothes that it wears to other little details.

For the rare person who decides to play their own character. They create a script that guides them through the process.

Their script tells them what to do and why they’re doing it. It also enhances them as they level up their character.

If you want your own script. You can download your own Script Creator here.

Now that you understand what the ego is and how to create it. We will now move onto how to enlarge your ego.

Because the bigger your ego is. The more you will get out of this world.

How to Enlarge Your Ego

Before we get into how to enlarge your ego. I want you to hear me and hear me well. Having a big ego isn’t about being arrogant.

Being arrogant has nothing to do with ego.

Arrogance is only good for entertaining people. That’s why you see entertainers wear flashy clothes and brag about hoes.

But most (not all) of them go home and leave the arrogance in the studio.

It’ll take you some time to break out of your old way of understanding. In time though you’ll see that arrogance and ego aren’t the same.

Let’s talk about how to enlarge your ego. By enlarging your ego you’ll become more. You’ll do more.

And of course, you’ll have more.

Look at your ego as a tool. Using this tool you can create a better life for yourself, your family, and the world at large.

1) Serve Others

One of the best ways to enlarge your ego is by serving others. This both reinforces a healthy ego while benefiting the world.

It can be everything from charity work. To opening the door for someone. Don’t overthink this.

2) Ditch Your Fake Person

Up until now you’ve more than likely been fake. In other words, you haven’t learned the Art of Being Yourself.

Once you learn the Art of Being Yourself. You’ll start being the real you. Because for once you’ll start being honest with yourself.

The more honest you are. The bigger your ego will get. Not because you’re some cocky person. But because you’re the true you.

Remember that having an ego and being arrogant/cocky are different.

3) Walk it Like You Talk it

As you serve others and start being honest with yourself. You will naturally start walking it like you talk it.

This will build your ego to levels, unlike anything you’ve experienced. You’ll walk into any room without putting on a mask.

You will simply be yourself while interacting with the world.

But you won’t truly understand the power of your ego. Until you have experienced it first hand.

Which leads you to the next step.

Are you ready to enlarge your ego and become who you want to be?

If so Think and Go Hustle is your blueprint. Each level builds upon the next. So that by the end of the book.

You’ve not only built your character. But you finally understand how the game works.

For people who are new to this whole character thing. I recommend that you download the Script Creator.

It’s free.

That’s all for now.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. One of the best articles yet. So many people wasting countless hours meditating trying to “kill their ego” it’s such a waste of time.

    Your ego is essentially your personality and we shouldn’t be trying to kill it, but instead be trying to build it up, make it more magnetic, balanced, and attractive.

    It’s funny how a lot of people think they have to dress in robes and live like a monk to be spiritual but it doesn’t require all that lol all it takes is a shift in awareness, that’s it.

    I think the spiritual teachings of the Buddha and others have been grossly misinterpreted by the west and others causing people to actually believe that killing their ego aka making their personality dull void and lifeless is the way to enlightenment, and it’s not. If anything, it’s a good way to become depressed. I’m not exactly sure the intended message of the Buddha in regards to the “ego” but one day I will when I decide to dedicate the time to it.

    Anyway great article

  2. One of the best articles yet. So many people wasting countless hours meditating trying to “kill their ego” it’s such a waste of time.

    People think they have to dress in robes and shun material things to be “spiritual” but all that is not nessecary. All it takes is a shift in awareness, that’s all.

    I’ve always been fascinated with the story of the Buddha and his teachings, reading about them in western books I think they have grossly misinterpreted the message of the Buddha in regards to the ego and in particular the “cessation of desire” part. I’m not exactly sure what the Buddha meant by these (the 8fold path, the middle way etc.) but I will at some point in the future when I decide to study it more in depth.

    I agree with the sentiment of the article, ego is your personality and you shouldn’t try and kill it, but instead you should build it up and find out ways to make it more magnetic and balanced.

    Great article

    • I’m glad to see you here again Daniel.

      People think they have to dress in robes and shun material things to be “spiritual” but all that is not necessary. All it takes is a shift in awareness, that’s all.

      You are correct. People are slowly realizing this…myself included.

      As for what you said about Buddha. That’s what they do with every person who’s aware. This knowledge is always turned to benefit the few. Luckily with the internet, times are changing.

      Your ego is essentially your personality and we shouldn’t be trying to kill it, but instead be trying to build it up, make it more magnetic, balanced, and attractive.

      You clearly understand the “secret”.

      Great comment as usual brother.

  3. Scott Adams fed me the idea that Ego is a tool, not a personality trait. Its nature makes us become associated to the things of our everyday life (desk, room, blog, car, twitter account, etc).

    As a concept, the ego it is tightly related with a brand. A brand has values. The shittier your personal brand, the more you want to associate with a bigger brand (ie. nike). On the same hand, as you work on your brand (i.e: you blog) you would, by association, be working on yourself. You clean your room, your head becomes clearer. You dress sharper, you feel…. well you get the idea.

    Good work, keep it up!

    • I haven’t read much from Scott Adams, but he is correct. You also understand the path. Thank you for your comment Facundo.

  4. Hi, u have just written what our Hindu spirituality has always said, if u read the Upanishads, the ego is the bird on the lower branch, the Self is the bird on the higher branch that watches the bird on the lower branch singing n doing whatever it wants. Do read the Upanishads n the Bhagavad Gita, u hv arrived at the Truth!

    • I just bought both of those books Lata. I actually went to a Hindu temple in 2016. Great and welcoming place. I gave an offering to Shiva.

      Thank you for your comment.

  5. Great article.

    The ego is our “social representative” used to interact with others.

    Many get caught in its traps:

    -ego-stroking illusions
    -consistency with old actions, etc

    It’s a tool that must be mastered.

  6. Man, I’ve been studying awareness relentlessly as well. You killed it. One of your best articles yet and truly such a powerful technique.

    • Fantastic comment Regan. After 9-months I grasped this entire awareness thing. I’m glad you found this article.

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