You limit your idea of imagination to child’s play. Your imagination can give you everything that you want.

But only if you understand it in simple terms.

But don’t be hard on yourself for not knowing. We were all raised by a generation who didn’t know the answer either.

We’ve been blamed for the problems of today.

Of course, that’s not entirely true. What is true however is that it’s on us to fix this world. We’re the movers and shakers.

But that’s a topic I’d rather save that for later.

Let’s get down to business….

Look at your imagination as a laboratory in your mind. It’s where your ideas are first created. From there these ideas slowly appear in your conscious mind.

This is your awareness.

Once this idea makes it to your awareness. You will either give it attention or not. The idea has a split-second to prove itself to you.

Due to social-media among a thousand other things. Our awareness is being stretched in all directions.

There are many ways to improve your attention span. Of course, there are things such as Adderall.

But let’s keep it natural here.

While there are plenty of unnatural things that work. I like to control most of what goes into my body and mind.

I can control my social-media use. That alone does wonders for my attention span. And it’ll do wonders for yours as well.

On the other hand, I can’t control a substance that goes into my body. So that’s why I said let’s keep it natural here.

The single best thing that’s helped me is meditation. And no I’m not talking about hippie Zen master meditation.

I’m talking about Hustler Meditation.

It’s non kookoo and ACTUALLY works. Oh, and it only takes 5-minutes a day. Compared to 35 years of poverty. Living in the mountains.

I don’t judge anybody. But I’d rather do something that is proven to work over more woo woo garbage.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

Your Imagination

As you improve your attention aka awareness. Your ability to create reality improves. There’s nothing magic about this.

All this means is that your mind is clear.

When your mind is clear. You are able to connect with your imagination easily. This is what most people call “the zone” or “flow state”.

Once your awareness and your imagination are connected. You are able to attract money, opportunities, and freedom.

Or at least that’s how it appears to you.

What’s really happening is something much more subtle. In reality, you are acting with full confidence.

Because it is certainty that creates your reality.

Mind and Reality

When you’re connected both your mind and reality are in sync. Let me give you an example from my past.

That way you can fully understand this mind and reality stuff.

I lacked certainty for most of my life. This created a life that was the real-life Matrix. My mind would be somewhere.

But my body was here working at a car dealership.

I’m sitting here in my car on break. I can’t help but feel frustrated with everything. Here I am making $10 an hour.

Yet I’ve got a vision and so much potential.

I’m stuck with this job. Hell, I can just hardly pay my bills and take my girl out. I’ve got way too much on my plate.

I’m trying to….

  • Be a boyfriend
  • Get to work on time
  • Figure out my life
  • All while doing this hustle thing

Add to that my dream of moving to Asia. I’m in talks with a guy out there with a possible internship.

From trying to survive my soul-sucking job. To trying to figure everything else out. I’m going crazy with everything.

I know every mindset trick in the book. I think positivly, take cold showers, and haven’t watched TV in years.

Yet my mind is still chaotic and I can’t seem to make any progress.

That was my life for 2 years.

Until one day everything clicked as I finished up with a customer. I remembered hearing something from a Chris Deoudes podcast.

He talked about how you’ve got to just make a decision. In other words, your head won’t be in the game.

And that was exactly what my life was like.

I decided that I was done living in chaos.

  1. I turned down the invitation to Asia.
  2. I quit my job and drove for UBER.
  3. And haven’t looked back since.

While my life continued to have its ups and downs. I smile when I tell you my life is much better now.

I ONLY do work that I enjoy.

I’ve got great friends and business partners.

And best of all….

I’m able to follow my own script every single day of the year.

This is all because my mind and reality are connected.

I don’t live in two worlds anymore. My imagination is just as real as reality.

Why? Because you and I create our realities the same way.

How to Use Your Imagination to Create Reality

You see what’s possible with your imagination. Be that something that you want to buy or making more money.

It ALL starts with your imagination.

But don’t stop there. That’s where “the masses” have stopped for thousands of years. Never taking the next step forward.

Instead of keeping everything in your imagination. You will take it to the next step by using your attention combined with action.

And then through your actions, you build your vision. Your imagination is simply the blueprint for your reality.

As you can see now. This whole imagination thing isn’t complicated at all. It’s simple and honestly common sense.

There’s no magic to any of it.

Let everyone else sit around imagining this and that. But for the love of God please understand this….

Your Attention + Action How to Use Your Imagination

If you’ve got any questions leave them below.

Your friend,

dylan madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Think it + do it=have it doesn’t mean much. In fact that’s just what most ppl are doing anyway. They think about their job, do it and have the money from it. Doesn’t take away from the fact that most ppl are miserable at their profession.

    Action is also not mentioned by Neville Goddard, the founding father of this topic, as far as I’m concerned, lol.

    • I haven’t read much from Neville. And yes just thinking about a job and doing it isn’t that special.

      You’ve gotta think differently and do other stuff. Otherwise nothings going to change.

  2. Great post especially the emphasis on the action part of the equation. That’s the part most never do. Everyone imagines no one acts. Except the winners that is.

    I’ve been guilty of this too I think we all have sometime.

    You talk about the mind-reality connection. I like that. That connection is SO Real. More real than most will ever know.

    It’s also a spiritual thing. It’s a spiritual activity. The process of thinking itself is a natural byproduct of consciousness, so we should keep it clean and pure like the God concsciousness where we came from & shall return.

    Not enough people talk about the mind-reality connection & especially the spiritual aspect of it. The spirit world is more real than the physical world, in fact; creates & rules over the physical world & as soon as people realize this their whole whole literally changes…into the world they created in their mind.

    Think + Do it = Have it

    • The process of thinking itself is a natural byproduct of consciousness, so we should keep it clean and pure like the God consciousness

      Very true words Daniel. People are leaving a lot on the table by not recognizing the spiritual side to reality.

      Think + Do it = Have it

      Think + Do it = Have it is what Think and Go Hustle’s all about. As you said most people stay at the imagining level. They never take it to the next step.

      Fantastic comment brother.

      • Since you brought it up I wanted to make a comment about it real quick.

        Works about the Think+ Do it = Have it mentality like your book “Think & Go Hustle” to me never get old especially when coming from people who live in modern times because they’re up to date with today’s world and I can relate to them better. For example “Think & Grow Rich” was published in 1937, the internet and cell phones didn’t even exist back then, a 2nd world war happened etc. I’m not saying Hill’s book is not relavant or anything just saying we live in a completely different world than the world Napoleon Hill lived in when he wrote that book, a lot has changed.

        Also wanted to mention I would say a good number of folks that I’ve met or seen over the years who resonate with works that would fall under the same category of books like “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill seem to be like all about “this one book” like the example above & think like “they know now” and “this book is the only book that I’ll ever need to read” to know about a topic.

        It’s kind of a shame, it’s a flawed way of thinking. You get a much more balanced perspective on things if you read similar works as well by other people and combine them with your own knowledge to gain more wisdom. In college, most classes require you learn from usually 1 book per class while at Harvard they read something like 8 books per class give or take but I remember a friend of mine who graduated from there telling me how he was reading 32 books in one semester so… yea maybe that’s why most colleges suck and Harvard is the top dog. Food for thought.

        When I want to know about a subject, I read multiple books about it before I “think I know” something. Will be picking up a copy of Think & Go Hustle soon.

        • Yeah, people should NEVER stick with just one source of info. That’s part of the problem with our world today. Instead of being an individual. People base their entire existence around ideologies.

          Your point on Harvard is great.

          Awesome comment, Danial. You have left some of the most insightful comments that I’ve seen. And this blog has been around for 3 years.

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