As I write this to you I just finished pulling an all nighter. I’ve been up for the past 19 hours but I wanted to talk to you.

A few weeks ago I got offered some groundskeeping work. It’s humbling work but you can walk away with $100 for 6 hours of your time.

Basically you clean up parking lots while everyone else is asleep.

Anyways I took the offer and just finished my first night. I’ve got another four days to go and then I’ll be done.

Luckily since I’m not doing it on my own I’ve got a partner. He wanted some help while his guy went out to Boston for family time.

He’s got a sweeper truck and then I use my backpack blower. We did 8 properties last night and then have another 35 to do by Sunday.

So that’s 8-10 hours a day on top of my usual stuff. Right now I’m mentally off but can’t help but feel my hunger shooting up again.

This time last year I had been in Los Angeles for a few weeks. I flew out there to work with Victor Pride and explore the city.

LA was a place that I had dreamed of going to.

I remember walking down Venice Beach a few days after landing.

It was as if I was in a dream as I walked around.

Lots of energy, pretty girls, and weed smoke in the air.

I had to pinch myself a few times to see whether I was awake or not.

I never thought that I would be living in LA yet here I was.

While I lived there I came out of my shell. The confidence within me was forced out and I started taking what I wanted.

Not only that but I stopped trying to find myself. I realized that I would just keep wasting my time if I did so.

I’ve spoke about this before but I never felt like I fit in. From being with family to even my own friends.

I felt like an outcast.

The truth of the matter was that I was an individual. Most people go through their life trying to fit in and don’t think for themselves.

They feel as if they have to talk every second. Instead of enjoying the moment they’d rather talk about football or the weather.

I was one of those people growing up. Even though I didn’t give a fuck about the weather, football, or drama with so and so.

In my mind if it was silent then things would get awkward.

I’ve only met three people in my life that are comfortable with silence.

Those three people can enjoy the moment without needing to talk about meaningless things. If we talk it is about something important.

If you can sit in the car for hours without saying a word but enjoy each others company. That is a true friend.

Let the good times roll

I’ve ate a lot of shit and I’m eating a little right now. But I’ve had more good times than bad ones.

There are two reasons for me picking up the groundskeeping gig.

One is that I’ve got a big move coming up. Big moves require money.

The other thing is that I like to shake things up.

In my life I’ve been through a lot. From overcoming suicidal thoughts to being dead ass broke.

This has resulted in me being able to adapt to any situation. I could pack my bags right now and get on a plane to Europe.

By tomorrow I will have fully adapted to my new way of life.

I can live out of a backpack and make situations work for me.

It’s a gift and a curse.

The gift is my ability to adapt to anything.

The curse is that I can get comfortable VERY quickly.

Doing this groundskeeping gig is rough.

It pushes me mentally to keep going even though my mind is dulled by fatigue and my body is nauseated with tiredness.

But you know what my friend. I can’t be stopped because I have come to understand something about myself.

If I want something then I ALWAYS get it.

I wanted to work with Victor Pride and I got it.

I wanted to write a book and I did.

I wanted to fix my erections and I did.

Anything and everything that I’ve ever actually wanted I got.

Nobody and no one can get in my way.

There was a time where I could be stopped. I was a total pushover in every situation. Not anymore.

Once I decided to start pushing myself I took over my life. This is how I overcame my suicidal thoughts.

As I started pushing myself I realized that I had a dormant power.

A power that could translate into anything that I wanted.

Some call it obsession others call it fire, I call it God.

I get asked each week how I do what I do. Honestly, I never understood how I did it. Everything just seemed to happen.

Now though I understand it clearly.

I’ve got God within me and that is where my power comes from. Don’t waste my time with your uppity religious commentary.

If you try then I’ll just laugh in your face. This game is much bigger than the simple labels you use to explain your beliefs.

Well that’s it for today.

I’ve got a full belly of food and now need a few hours of shut eye. I’ll be busy making money while you’re drunk or “relaxing”.

In the meantime you can get my book Think and Go Hustle in PDF for free. Just click the link below and tell me where to send it.

Thank you for being here.

You’re much closer to where you want than you know.

And you’re invited to join my free exclusive newsletter.

Your friend,

dylan madden

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