You ALWAYS hear about hustle this and overcoming that. But hardly anything on how to enjoy yourself.

Let’s spice things up here. Because you can’t be living an interesting life without having fun from time to time.

I’ll admit that when I got into the hustle game. I bought into the 12 hours a day 7 days a week mindset.

Every book that I read. Every article that I commented on. They ALL seemed to work 24/7 without ever having any fun.

So naturally, I started following their script.

But then when I quit my job. EVERYTHING changed.

When I had a job I worked from 7 AM to 5 PM.  After finally breaking out of traffic. I’d pull into the driveway around 6:10 PM.

From there I hit the gym and followed a strict diet.

The rest of my time was spent figuring out the game. From writing for various sites. To dabbling in drop-shipping.

I was fully committed to achieving two goals. One was to become my true character. The other was to quit my job.

Well once I quit my job I got slapped in the face. I went from having a structured day to anything that I wanted.

Instead of having a set time for this or that. I now had all of the time in the world at my disposal.

My bi-weekly paycheck was no longer coming. It was sink or swim by my own hands now. And it relied solely on the value that I offered.

Sticking to their script left me empty-handed.

After a year of sticking to the all work no play schedule. I found myself broke, in debt, and boring as Hell.

I simply had lost my ability to enjoy myself.

I went from a stary eyed man on a mission. To a man with empty eyes just trying to survive. That’s what their script gives you.

Their script is like a doctor giving you a medicine for your anxiety. But then also giving you another medicine to help with the side-effects.

In other words, it doesn’t make any sense.

Why would you work to achieve freedom only to live in a prison?

So I made a decision to make a move in 5-months. I started hustling with groundskeeping 6 days a week.

By the time my 5-month deadline arrived, I was offered an opportunity. That opportunity brought me all the way to Los Angeles.

Going from a city of 134,000 to a city with 3.98 million is HUGE.

There was so much to do and every possible culture you could imagine. Not only that but the thinking in LA was totally different.

Everything is faster, bigger, and more expensive in LA. This culture shock changed how I thought and carried myself.

But what really changed was my mindset….

Working with someone who ran a million dollar publishing empire. All while being able to live and breathe the lifestyle that you want.

Does more for you than just reading about it.

Each morning in Los Angeles I woke up with a purpose. I worked out, ate, and then spent most of the day working.

It was around 9 PM that I would go out. Most nights it was just taking a walk as I lived in a nice area with lots to do.

Other nights I’d call a driver and go up to Beverly Hills.

By the time that I left LA, I was renewed.

I had seen the promised land. In Los Angeles, I got hands-on experience with running an online business.

While in LA I also realized the importance of friends and family. I decided upon getting back that things were gonna be different.

I had $142 to my name and a head full of ideas.

While I knew there were some rough times ahead of me. I also knew that I had to find another way to live.

I couldn’t be hustle, hustle, hustle all of the time.

Living like that was too boring for me. My eyes got dull and I lost my reason for even having a mission.

Instead of overthinking the situation. I got straight to work. Having a Solution Mindset forced me to find a solution.

My solution…

I blocked out 3 days a week for fun.

Even though I spent most of my time in isolation. I still let myself have fun.

Because I knew there’s no way to stay locked up in a confined area without totally going insane.

I had just overcome my suicidal thoughts a year prior.

So I still went out with friends on the weekend. Whether that meant grabbing a cigar or having a movie night.

I didn’t care as long as I was around people.

The other two days were given to random activities. Maybe it was renting an Airbnb or taking a road-trip.

Other days I’d go explore the city.

The only rule for my 3 fun days is….

That I can still do certain work on those days. Because in the game of life momentum is everything.

Taking 3 full days off will take you a minimum of 3 days to recover your loses. But then you’re still behind schedule.

Which is why I still work on key tasks daily.

No matter if I’m in South Florida or enjoying some time up in the mountains of North Carolina. I always keep the momentum rolling.

Other than that I can do whatever the heck I want on those days.

One day, in particular, my day consisted of only 1-hour of work. The rest of it was spent sipping on hot chocolate and snow tubing.

The result of that 1-hour got me $100 for a Skype call. I got on the call expecting to chat about the coming trend with a friend.

But instead found myself being asked about branding. Being a like-minded person he paid me for my time out of respect.

I finished that day with an extra $100 in my PayPal.

While that isn’t a typical day in my life.

It’s something that happens when you start leveling up in life. I’m nowhere near being a millionaire.

However, I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s.

That’s something that I don’t say lightly. There was a time where I would rather die than continue living my life.

Luckily though I ended up creating my own script.

After that my life came together for me.

That my friend is how to enjoy yourself. You enjoy yourself by creating your own script and then living it every day.

I can’t tell you what your script is.

But I can give you a road-map. From there you will create your own script. At that point, everything will click for you as well.

Click here for my FREE chapter on Script Creation.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Yea for sure smudging is for everybody don’t have to be native for that. Its good for the mind good for the soul. I haven’t been to many “ceremonies” really other than some pow wows and a sweat lodge. ( if you ever do sweat lodge be careful can get hurt if it’s not done right, for example too much fasting before)

    One of my friends keeps inviting me to his lodge where they do peyote ceremonies, haven’t tried it yet but I probably will at some point when I find someone who I can trust and is knowledgeable on the medicine of the plant. Like a legit shaman type. I would venture to say peyote is probably not something that should be done often you can get the same experiences naturally through meditation and dreaming, but they say it’s an “awakening” experience lol..

    In another post you asked about which book format is preferred I would say having options like you currently do; the PDF format and paperback etc., is good. I like having the option of instant gratification of the download immediately and can read it while I’m waiting for the paperback if I choose or having a digital version while traveling is nice.

    Victor is pretty on point about “there’s people online who want to give you money” that’s pretty true.. I really had no use for any of his books just bought them because I liked him and what he was doing so I wanted to support it in some way. The enjoyable read I knew I was likely to get I considered a bonus.

    On a side note your the only non crypto currency blogger I’ve come across so far who has mentioned Bitcoin, what do you think about Bitcoin and crypto currency in general? Do you think it’s a good investment or a trap? Do you think it’s going to last long term? I sort of think so I’m not 100% convinced though.

    The market is not looking so hot right now…I’m invested pretty heavily in crypto currency right now and everyone’s telling me to get out.. Lol maybe I should listen? I didn’t though of course I instead did the opposite, doubled down lol… hey they say be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy so.. just bought 20,000 ripple tokens at 0.49 cents.. I think this is the last time I’m buying for a while though… we’ll see what happens, hopefully it works out or that’s my ass haha..

    • About 8 years ago I went to a sweat lodge in North Carolina. Great experience.

      As for peyote, I plan to try it at some point as well. Like most plant medicines you should always treat them with respect. You’ll find a shaman.

      Also, thank you for the feedback. I’ve got 3 products that I need to take public. I’ll send you a digital copy of my next project for your help.

      What do you think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general?

      I think that they’re great technologies. They have the potential to take over the future of how we do transactions. From an investment point of view. I believe that if your income is $4-10k a month, they are great investments.

      However for your average person who can only put $500. It’s not that good of an investment. So it’s a trap for most people. But people with a decent stash or income can do quite well.

      I believe that it’ll last long-term but it’ll look way different than what it is now. Once governments get in and the corporate system fully takes it over. Things will change a lot. I’m not one for crazy theories, but crypto is leading towards the new age. Where there’s a central currency and who knows what else. NWO? Maybe but we won’t be alive.

      Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy

      I love the attitude, Daniel. You’re doing great.

      • Haha nice fast response, good timeing I guess you just happened to be @ the computer.

        I’m @ work right now making good $ to pretty much not do shit lol. Kind of nice really. I’m in the back office right now. I fix machines I’m on call so when there’s nothing I get to chill. If it takes me 10 mins or 2 hours to fix a machine I still get paid the same so… I fixed 2 machines today in less than an hour so I’ve been chilling back here since. 5 more hours to go.

        NWO haha… maybe. The whole kind of story w/ Bitcoin and the mystery behind the creator I’ve always kind of wondered… is it the mark or the solution to evade it? Interesting to see where things go to say the least. With crypto currency I like the idea of only you having access to the money (if secured properly) and the instant transactions, also the deflationary nature of

        Bitcoin seems to work sort of like Gold. Maybe it will be the currency we need one day when the dollar gets too inflated and worthless (it’s practically is now) The gov already pretty much robs us to the hilt with taxes AND we lose 5-10% of our purchasing power every year on our dollar so at some point we’re gonna need to do something…All I know is if we hit another bull run I’m dumping 50% of my holdings so fast it’ll make Charlie’s Lee’s head spin.

        Wish I had sold more in Dec/Jan. O well. And about the projects you mentioned, sounds good look forward to seeing what you got, appreciate that. Take it easy

        • That’s not a bad schedule.

          I really like the benefits of crypto. But I can for sure see it leading to the mark.

          I love it here in America. However, if things start going haywire I’m moving. I’d say that we have 5-10 years before things start getting heated. That’s plenty of time to enjoy life, get rich, and provide for your family.

          For sure. I’m looking at releasing Godlike Confidence. More info coming soon.

  2. “ I remember when I contemplated suicide, and would of tried, but when I held that 9, all I could see was my mama’s eyes” -2pac

    That lyric hits me hard when I listen to this song. Reminds me of when I was in that situation too, I think it’s something that most don’t talk about but a lot experience, at some point in life.

    Glad to hear you made it through my brother. It’s not easy.

    I agree, taking time to enjoy yourself is important. The 12 hours a day 7 days a week thing is ok for temporary but unless your making big money and saving it, it’s not worth it. Working 80 hours a week with 2 $8 an hour jobs for example is a great way to go no where fast and get burnt out.

    I did the overtime thing except I was working 16 hour days 6 days a week with an 8 hour shift on Sunday on which I slept the whole day pretty much after I got off.

    Life kind of sucked not much time for enjoyment and I smoked a shitload of cigarettes because I felt like shit a lot of the times and it made me feel better. It was worth it though because I made over 100k that year & saved a shitload of money.

    Even working all those hours no shit I would still not go to bed for 2 hours pretty much every night because I needed some time to enjoy myself or I couldn’t sleep. For me that was pretty much sex with my girl, a good meal watching some Netflix comedy show, doing some smudging (I’m native) and a cigarette out on the balcony looking at the view of the canyons. If it wasn’t for that 2 hours a day of enjoyment as you say I probably would of went nuts lol…

    Long azz comment, per usual. Going to have to start making these waaaay shorter. Got a lot to say I guess, maybe I should start a blog haha…

    Ive been good at working other people’s scripts like you I need to create my own too. Downloaded the free chapter I’ll let you know what I think. Anyway, great article. Peace

    • It was worth it though because I made over 100k that year.

      Yes, that is definitely worth it. That work put you on another level.

      Smudging (I’m native)

      I actually do a form of smudging. Didn’t know that was a thing. Do you ever go to any ceremonies?

      Ive been good at working other people’s scripts like you I need to create my own too. Downloaded the free chapter

      Yeah, it’s time to start working on your own script. I’m glad you’ve made the switch brother. With your mindset, you’ll be a millionaire in no time.

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