8 Ways to Conquer Your Suicidal Thoughts

Subject: 8 Ways to Conquer Suicidal Thoughts

There was a time when I actually considered killing myself.

I was 22 years old. 260 pounds, in debt, and broke.

I didn’t quite fit in with any 9-5, but also didn’t know anything about freelancing.

From what everyone told me I needed to grow up. Otherwise, I’d be working entry level jobs for the rest of my life.

4 years later my life is fantastic.

8 Ways to Conquer Suicidal Thoughts

Nothing drastic happened which changed it all.

However, I will give you simple things to do which will improve your life.

Because if you’re having a hard time?

Keep pushing. It’s worth it

8 Ways to Conquer Your Suicidal Thoughts

1) Put your Mind On Something

Suicidal and negative thoughts of all forms exist for one reason. You have nothing to put your mind on.

This creates a vacuum allowing negative thoughts to fill your mind.

Which is why when you’re feeling down about yourself and life. You must put your mind on something.

Whether it’s doing some pushups, doing yard work, or painting. It doesn’t matter. As long as you put your mind onto something.

Understand your mind wants something to do. Your mind craves something to do and up until now?

You’ve only given it too much time to create problems. Tricking you into thinking somethings wrong with you.

2) Get Serious About Your Fitness

If you’re 260 pounds, low energy, and unhappy with the person in the mirror. You will hate yourself.

I know this because I was that person before.

And the only way to get yourself in shape…whether you need to gain weight or lose weight?

Comes down to you taking your fitness seriously.

  • Do pushups and burpee’s
  • Hit the gym a few times a week
  • Stop eating fast food several times a week
  • Don’t eat anything for the first 10-18 hours of the day

Doing any one of those will get you into shape. Don’t spend a single second worrying about the right way.

Because the only right way, is whatever works for you.

3) Go Outside and Meet Others

8 Ways to Conquer Suicidal Thoughts

When you’re feeling down you will want to sit inside. Laying on your bed looking up at the ceiling avoiding the day.

In reality, this only makes your situation worse.

So go outside and meet other people. Even if it’s just you going to a coffee shop with your laptop for a few hours.

Just get out of your house.

4) Limit Your Social Media Use

One of the worst things you can do when you’re feeling depressed or suicidal is mindlessly scrolling on social media.

Even if your life is decent, you’ll see other people’s highlight reel.

One guy is racing supercars. Another person is flying off to cool places. Someone else has a beautiful girlfriend.

When you see that?

You’re going to be filled is envy and emptiness. Compared to social media, you’re behind everyone and living a terrible life.

When in reality you don’t know the full story of that person’s life. I first realized this when I started traveling the world.

Even though I was making a full-time income online. Have a great girlfriend. Have been to 8 countries.

I still found myself feeling like I was behind everyone else.

Until I corrected my brain by thinking back to how far I’d come. I dreamed of my current life every day for the last 7 years.

Yet here I was living it and still feeling like I was behind.

In all honesty, the only reason you should even be on social media is if you’re making money from it.

If you just use it to scroll through people’s lives, you’re wasting your time.

You could be using that same time to learn a skill, work on a side-hustle, or improve your life in some other way.

Before you waste a second more on social media. You need to understand how to make money from social media.

5) Read Actionable Books

Most books in my experience fill your head with more ideas than you know what to do with.

It’s why I limit what I read to specifically what I am doing at that moment in my life. Reading is brainwashing yourself.

Other than biographies, you should only read actionable books. Meaning books which can be applied in the real world.

6) Limit Any Drug Use

When you’re down, picking up a drug is an easy escape. Feeling sad? One toke on the bong and you feel happy.

You’re laughing and having a good time. Well at least until you come back to reality and you’re still living the same life.

For this reason, you should limit (if not cut out fully) any drug use. As it will only mask your pain for so long.

Eventually amplifying your pain 10X.

So the right thing to do is fix your problems and shortcomings. Don’t just escape them with drugs, porn, or any of the other escapes.

Face your life head one.

7) Do Hard Things

Go back to your grandparent’s childhood and they went through the Great Depression, went through Wars, and other issues.

Go back further and life was even harder.

Yet with the technology at your fingertips now?

Your life is easy.

You can make money from a laptop. Order food and groceries to your door from your cellphone.

And within reason cure any disease or sickness which would’ve been deadly not long ago.

On any given day you can travel anywhere within reason. Never having to worry about getting killed.

So do things which force you out of your comfort zone.

Take a job you don’t feel qualified for. Start a side hustle even though your friends think it’s a bad idea.

Lift heavy weights.

Learn copywriting or programming.

Anything which will set you above the average person.

8) Build a Second Income

Outside of certain things, most issues in your life can be solved with money. Now while money won’t fix your negative thoughts.

It will put a shield around you to help deflect any unneeded stress or issues. Such as bills and random expenses.

You will also have the ability toy travel the world, quit your job if you hate it, and hundreds of other things.

Another great thing about building a second income is more than financial. You will have something to consume your mind.

See back when I was figuring things out. Nothing else took a hold of my brain quite like business did.

So while I’d be depressed or wonder what the point of life was. There was always something to do with my side hustle.

From flipping products on Craigslist to picking up trash. Any little side hustle will bring in nice extra cash.

You Aren’t Alone

Understand my friend, you are not alone. Regardless of your circumstances right now. Things will by default change for the better if you show up every day.

It starts with you putting one foot in front of the other. If I did it, then you most definitely can as well.

To get you started I put together something for you.

It will help you get clear on what you want.

Get it here.

God Bless.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I agree with this post completely. I’ve had each of these tips come and go over the years and whenever I stop doing something on this list (or start something negative like social media) I feel so much worse.

    Men, appreciate the ability to have the choice to do something like “go to the gym.” I haven’t been able to for about 8 months and that alone kills me inside.

    Number 7 is the key. I am in perhaps the worst stomach pain in years (and, believe me, that’s saying a lot) right now, and just doing something like forcing myself to stop lying down and type out this comment makes me feel better.

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