What Happened to Victor Pride, Freelancing, and Your Success | MoneyBag Radio Ep. 3

Subject: What Happened to Victor Pride, Freelancing, and Your Success

In episode 3 of MoneyBag Radio we dive deep into several topics. Along with getting some of your questions answered.

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I will answer these questions on the podcast.

Question 1: “Dylan, what is the best way to make money during this current craziness?”

First off, I’m only going to speak from my own context, so this will obviously be biased.

I made an article on the 4 best ways to make money during the quarantine.

Assuming you’re from either the US or Canada (as most of my readers are) what I would suggest is:

Start flipping things on craigslist, offer up, Facebook marketplace, or eBay because they have an ALREADY ESTABLISHED customer network.

You could literally start it this week, and have $500 in your account by the end of it, and that’s a very realistic goal.

For me? I sold different types of furniture and built that business up to $3,000 a month.

And while that isn’t a lot, it is way more than the average person earns.

Second thing: you can start a power washing or cleaning business.

Third thing: Start Freelancing.

It’s what I’ve been doing for over a year now and has been a great way for me to stay afloat with all this “craziness” going on.

It’s actually been my best year yet in terms of income, and that’s not including the things I sell on the side like this blog or Twitter/Instagram.

Question 2: “What do you think about Blogging in 2020?”

If it’s not obvious by this point I’ve revamped my blog, and have started posting more frequently again.

Is it coming back again like it was pre-social media takeover? No. 

It’s also one of the worst ways to make money online, considering you probably don’t have an incredibly interesting unique never-seen-before life to share.

The money will still come, but very slowly.

Don’t get into blogging if you don’t have anything super potent to say. Because it takes a ton of time, around 1-3 years before you generate a nice income. 

If your entire goal is just to make money?

Blogging is probably not for you my friend.

There are 33 other ways which will earn you much more.

Question 3: “What are your thoughts on Victor Pride? He was writing tonnes of great content, then disappeared, and now seems to have gone crazy. Your thoughts?”

A lot of you have been asking me about what happened to Victor Pride. Out of everyone who spoke their opinion.

I’m the only person who knew him personally.

I interned with Victor Pride from around November 2016 to January 2017. He introduced me to the world of making money online.

I took the lessons he gave me and applied them over the years to the point where now I’ve been to 8 countries, with no job.

The naysayers making all these YouTube videos and commenting on Victor Pride never actually knew him as a person or worked with him.

They’re just bystanders who want attention.

There are tons of copycats out there, “Spartan Ownership” being one of them.

He paid zero homage to the guy that basically set the blueprint for his brand. 

Now I respect what he’s got going on. He’s a young guy creating content with over 7,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Spartan Ownership even put out some good points about Victor.

But don’t act like you’re not copying what he did.. Because you clearly are.

In between his pauses when speaking, he tried to take the high ground. As if Victor didn’t popularize the whole spartan concept.

Any B&D readers knows what I’m speaking about.

My personal thoughts on Victor Pride?

He changed his own along with many others lives with his blog.

He was a great writer and a fantastic businessman who said all he needed to say about the topic of success. 

So after saying all he needed to say, he started slowing down the blog.

Then after having a personal experience in his life where he found God he dedicated his life to Jesus.

He’s now putting out content for another audience today, and his old teachings are still there for you to take action from.

Either by going through one of his free archives books or doing some searching, you will find his old work.

Go out and be your own boss, take charge of your life.

That’s what he stood for, and that’s the advice all of the peons commenting on him need to take as well.

Focus on yourself, build something, and live the life you want.

Whatever it may be.

The Fallacy of “That One Thing” which will change your life.

I fell for this in my early years, but it’s never one thing that will change your reality.

You need to look at success as ingredients, like baking a cake.

When baking a cake, you don’t just put “one thing” in there and it makes it tasty.

You add flour, eggs, sugar, etc which all come together to make one delicious piece of baking.

It’s the same with success – there are loads of different ingredients that go into a great life and a great business.

When I lost 100 pounds, there wasn’t just one diet or exercise I stuck to, there wasn’t “one thing” that lost the weight.

It was exercise, diet, fasting, drinking more water, and lifestyle changes where I was moving more. That all came together and shed 100 pounds off of my body.

In Freelancing, I don’t cold email, I put out content which would attract clients, I get testimonials, I build rapport and strong relationships privately, I did some free work, I joined exclusive networking clubs.

That all came together and created enough income to be able to travel the world. One of my clients alone made $2 million this past year with his brand in this space.

You don’t just “figure it out” one day, everything is a super slow process, consistency is the only “one thing” that will guarantee you success.

With consistency you build momentum, and momentum will propel you into the life you want.

You can watch episode 4 here.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Hey Dylan, I am a man of God and I loved Victor’s transformation. It was a long time coming, I felt it tbh. Where can I find his new work? I would like to learn from his new material on the religious path. TY, Chester

  2. Gad to see your still consistently creating bro. There aren’t many of us 2nd generation ‘blog artist’ still at it these days that stuck with it. My site is actually coming up on its 6th year, and I know you’ve been around just as long haven’t you?

    It is absolutely disgusting how many people ripped B&D off in such an obvious way. Its been nice to read your post over the years without feeling like I was absorbing another one of those victor pride rip offs.

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