How I gained 5,000 Twitter Followers in 4 months

Subject: How I Gained 5,000 Twitter Followers in 4 Months

Growing your Twitter account is tiresome for most. Months of effort with little to show. But what I’m about to share with you will switch all of this around.

See, there are certain proven tactics and strategies. They work regardless of what you tweet about.

And once you understand them. You’ll be able to go 0-5,000 followers faster than ever before with less work.

See, I used to approach Twitter much as you do now. It took me over a year to grow my first account to 8,000 followers.

Yet with my current account. I applied what you’re about to learn.

The result?

I went from 0-5,000 followers in less than 4 months.

You are about to learn 5 things you can start applying today.

How I gained 5,000 Twitter Followers in 4 months

Maybe you’re growing a profitable freelancing business. Possibly you want to monetize yourself online.

I’ve taken 5 key points from The Art of Twitter by Life Math Money. He’s a personal friend who’s grown several accounts.

One of which is at over 100,000 followers. When I started my last account I decided to check out his guide.

Here are some of the things I learned…

1) Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

When building a Twitter account you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

No matter how revolutionary you think your idea is. There’s nothing new under the Sun.

Someone’s done it before you and all you have to do is follow the path.

Let me give you an example.

How many coffee shops are around you right now?

I know within 10 minutes there are over 12 of them around me. It’s probably similar for you as well.

Yet all of those coffee shops earn money selling the same cup of hot water with coffee beans as the other one.

All they do is follow the system other coffee shops do and add their own spin to it. Making their particular coffee shop unique.

So when you’re building your Twitter account, find what’s worked for others. From there add in your own spin.

You’ll grow faster without having to spin your wheels for months.

2) Grab Attention

On Twitter, you have mere seconds to grab someone’s attention. As they mindlessly scroll if you don’t stand out, you get left out.

I see too many people making their accounts look like every other account. Whether it’s a stone statue or them taking a low-quality selfie.

You’ve gotta stand out.

The best way to do this is to have someone else take a picture of you. Have a nice background behind you.

And look straight into the camera.

Like this…

3) Be Recognizable from a Distance

This goes with grabbing attention. When I am scrolling I need to recognize you instantly. You should stand out regardless of how many other dozens of tweets they scroll past.

What I do to test this is I place my phone on my desk. Then walk to the other side of my office.

If I can tell it’s me, I use that picture. While this is extreme. It works very well so do it.

4) You’re Here to Serve People

If you want to make money from Twitter? You don’t use it as a personal diary. You’re here to serve people.

And so when you’re creating your Twitter bio don’t do what most people do.

They’ll put something like…

Earned 6 figures with ecom. Author. World Traveller

Until they know you, why would they care about any of that? Sure, after they’ve read your tweets and seen your accomplishments they will be interested.

However, in the beginning you need to serve them first.

Writing something such as this…

I will teach you how to earn 6 figures with your own ecom store within 12 months. DM me for more details.

This gives them a direct benefit with a quantifiable timeframe. Just keep it honest and to the point.

When they click your profile they need to know what you’re about within 3 seconds.

If they like you, they’ll follow you.

5) Stop Tweeting Into the Air

Stop tweeting into the air thinking people care. Until you’ve got 1,000 followers they could care less what you have to say.

What you need to be doing is engaging with other bigger accounts. You do this by leaving insightful replies to their tweets.

This will add to the conversation on their tweets while also putting more eyes onto your page.

With everything else you’ve learned today plus this?

You will have more eyes going to your page, content which has engagement, and as a result, will get more followers.

Allowing you to grow your account very fast.

Now you could use everything I’ve told you to grow your account. However, there are many more strategies inside The Art of Twitter.

Things which when combined together are what lead to me gaining over 1,500 followers within 30 days.

If you want to grow and monetize your Twitter account. The Art of Twitter is your go to guide.

Inside you will learn how to go from 0-100,000 followers. Turning any account into a nice side income along the way.

When you click the link below you will get his guide along with 2 bonuses.

Learn the Art of Twitter here.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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