The Art of Focus – Entrepreneur Edition

Subject: The Art of Focus

As someone who wants to make money online or is already earning, the ability to focus determines everything.

The sooner you learn the Art of Focus, the sooner you will start getting tangible results.

It took me years to learn the Art of Focus.

Before this I’d bounce from task to task. Hustle to hustle. Never achieving much in terms of money in my pocket.

After quitting my job in 2016 though I was forced into action. No more could I aimlessly drift through my day.

It came down to paying my bills and putting food in my stomach. Which is where I begin crafting what is now called the Art of Focus.

So sit somewhere comfortable and let’s get started. This is the difference between you being a shining success or an embarrassing failure.

You see in every entrepreneur’s life there comes an important time period.

This time period basically sets him up for at least 10 years.

In this time period he either builds an incredible foundation…

Or he fails and swiftly gets slapped with reality.

This is what I like to call “Focus Mode”

And I’m about to explain it to you.

The Art of Focus

Step 1: Pick Somewhere to Live

For most, it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Although for someone like me now, money is not a huge issue.

Just choose a spot with some nice views.

Either mountains or the ocean, maybe a nice lake.

Something that would clear the mind & open it up to the right things.

You want the creative juices flowing all throughout your time there.

Speaking of the “right things”

Step 2: Avoid the wrong distractions

You don’t want a spot that’s 5 minutes away from the club.

Otherwise you’re gonna be spending a lot of time there.

Find a spot with some nice restaurants and cigar lounges instead.

You know the type where you walk into a mellow piano playing, everybody quietly conversing, red wine being sipped in every corner.

These types of distractions will aid in your creative process.

Yes, you can “escape” from your business issues for a while.

But not so much so that you’re left with a hangover the next day thinking

“What the f*ck did I do last night?”

The clubs etc are okay every once in a while but they’re so excited to the point where even your subconscious mind doesn’t have time to come up with a solution to your problems.

And ask any good businessman, a lot of solutions come to him randomly while he’s “relaxing”.

Step 3: The Ideal Situation

A lot of you aren’t gonna like this.

And I guess that’s what separates the true winners from the average guys.

But you need to have an almost desperate situation.

I know a lot of people that bought a plane ticket, and rented a place for a month.

And that’s literally all the money they had.

If they didn’t make it in the biz world?

They literally wouldn’t make it back home to safety.

THAT is the type of mentality that induces extreme focus.

You have no other option, balls to the wall.

So if you REALLY think you’ve got what it takes?

I consider going focus mode for 3 months minimum.

You’ll come out not only as a new man, but with a great foundation.

And if you want to make your extreme focus period a little easier?
Get the Freelance Profit Manual.

I will teach you everything you need to know to attract clients effortlessly.

My aim is to give you the ability to open your laptop, type in a few words, and have money in your account within a few hours, days, or months (depending on how fast your client is lol)

Learn about it in more detail here.

Understand the Key to getting everything you want will always come down to your ability to focus.

In the next article I will explain to you how to focus and ignore the noise.

Read it here.

Until Next Time

Your Friend,
Dylan Madden

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