5 Bad Habits to avoid in your 20’s

If you were to ask the majority of people that you come across in your daily life how you should spend your 20’s. You would find a procession of unremarkable people telling you that these are the years where you should have as much fun as you possibly can. Spend all of your money and not worry too much about anything.

Upon first glance this advice may seem like good advice, because who doesn’t want to enjoy life, fill their time with fun activities and not take things too seriously?

But ask yourself this…

Is the person who is giving me this advice, someone that I aspire to be like? Are they the architect of their own life, and living a life of abundance and fulfilment?

Or are they miserable, unhappy with how their life turned out, and are now threatened by the thought that your achievements will far surpass their own?

It is your duty to become the best version of yourself, so I have laid out 5 Bad Habits that you should avoid in your 20s if you want to achieve your full potential.

5 Bad Habits to avoid in your 20’s

1. Being lazy

In the modern day world it is becoming increasingly easier to live a life of lethargy and laziness.

With access to everything we can possibly want at the touch of a button, we have become fearful of anything that requires too much effort. Because of the invention of online deliveries, you can now order take out, groceries and anything else you can possibly desire with relative ease.

You no longer have to leave your home for anything you want.

Why travel somewhere yourself when you can just go on Instagram and see pictures of someone else visiting the Pyramids in Egypt or walking on the beach at sunset in Dubai?

The world is designed for you to be lazy, to sit inside your house and waste your limited life force mindlessly scrolling and doing nothing of worth.

Why not use that limited supply of energy to step out of your comfort zone?

Start making money and build a business, travel the world and meet inspiring and interesting people and work towards changing the lives of others. You certainly aren’t changing anyone else’s life sat at home playing video games for 10 hours a day.

2. Avoid drama

Most people are going through life as empty vessels scraping the bottom of the barrel for some semblance of existence and purpose.

Rather than doing something that provides value for someone else, they would rather tune into Netflix, binge watch YouTube videos and just consume content all day long without taking action. Or the favourite past time of most men, getting together with your “Bro’s” and talking crap about people that produces nothing of value.

When I sit down with the people closest to me we aren’t sitting down to gossip and talk badly about other people. We sit and talk about what is working or not working in our own lives and how we can fix it.

What’s working on YouTube? What’s working on Twitter? What’s working on Instagram?

Can we improve our email copywriting? What are we doing right now that’s working the best for our clients?

Instead of wasting that energy and being part of the drama, we are using this conversation to find exactly how we can uplift, amplify and improve each others lives.

3. Stop hanging out with losers

Fortunately this was always quite easy for me to avoid, but for a large percentage of the people reading this blog, this will apply to you.

I was always the kind of person who liked to be in my own company or be around a very small select group of two or three friends.

It truly baffles me that so many people feel that you are required to have losers around you and that you have no choice in the matter.

Objectively, if you look at the situation, what do these people actually bring to the table? How are they making my life better?

Are they telling you that you are working too hard and should take some time to just chill with your “bro’s” and watch this new Netflix show?

Or are they encouraging you and celebrating your successes?

I am not saying that you have to completely ghost these negative people in your life but you do need to limit the amount of time you give to them.

It’s hard when you haven’t succeeded yet, and are still working your day job constantly trying to think about who you want to be and how you can utilize your time more efficiently. Losers will try and pull you away from this because they cannot comprehend what you are trying to achieve.

This is where boundaries are essential. Put them up and don’t break them!

4. Stop mindlessly scrolling

Even you going through my Instagram feed and my Tweets needs to have control and a purpose behind what it is you are doing.

There needs to be an intention behind every action.

It can be very easy to waste hours of time scrolling through Social Media hoping and praying to find the secret to all of your questions. The life changing post that is suddenly going to wake you up and make you change your life.

It doesn’t exist.

To change your life it takes two things.

You get the information, just like you are doing now and then you take that information and apply it to your life. Eventually things start to happen, but sitting around wishing for it will do nothing but leave you feeling defeated and disheartened.

“You need to be using Social Media, not letting Social Media use you”.

5. Avoid false rewards

The fifth and final point of this post is to avoid giving yourself a reward that you haven’t earned.

You feel that because you have been working so hard following your diet and gym routine, you now deserve to go out and stuff your face at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

All of that hard work you just put in was for nothing.

You are now left with self loathing, a sense of failure and feeling like crap for the rest of the day. How many times have you seen someone start to make a bit of money and then all of a sudden they are blowing all of their cash on a nice Rolex or a new car that they can’t afford?

Let me just say, I am one of those people who spends a lot of money, but I am buying experiences and I have worked my ass off to get here and generate a consistent income.

Even if you are at a point where you are earning good money, self discipline is still a necessity. If you are blowing all the money you make, you aren’t creating a better life for yourself.

To conclude…

Success in any shape or form whether in freelancing, email copywriting, diet or anything else you can imagine all comes down to long periods of suffering and hard work. Don’t self sabotage the outcome that you have suffered so much for by rewarding yourself when you don’t deserve it.

See you in the next post on: 9 Years of Getting Out of My Head, Blogging, and Self-Expression.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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