Ed Latimore on Why You Should Be Blogging

Everyone says blogging is dead, but Ed Latimore disagrees. However, in the age of social media, having your own blog is one of the best assets you can build.

Ed Latimore on Why You Should Be Blogging

As with anything on the internet times change. While blogging isn’t what it used to be and more people have moved over to social media. That does not mean that blogging isn’t still a powerful asset for you to build.

Blogging gives you credibility

In today’s social media driven world most people have built their entire business from Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. While there’s nothing wrong with that, having your own blog gives you a body of work.


This blog has been around since 2014 and even though I’ve diverted my focus to building 2 other companies and have built my social media to over 92,400 followers altogether.

This traffic I can then send to Calm and Collected to read more in-depth articles and find out the other projects I’m working on.

Imagine having your own blog that connects your own ecosystem together into one seamlessly connected base that boosts your credibility.

Blogging creates a home base for your personal brand

By having your own blog you are building a home base where people can come and see your body of work. As you’re building your social media brand you are giving yourself a home base for your audience to find your other projects. Whether that is your freelancing business or other platforms you’re building.

Blogging opens you up to passive income

Another positive about having your own blog is passive income. Each article you post stays on the internet forever. Meaning, if you have your own product or affiliate for others, you are creating a web of different assets that will earn you money. Versus social media which requires you to constantly post day in and day out to keep eyes on your products.

If you would like to learn more about Ed Latimore, you can check out his blog here.

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