Why your environment shapes you

What if I told you that you are more than the reflection you see in the mirror? You’d either call me crazy and quickly get off this article or you’ll think to yourself – “Wow! I knew there was more to life than what the elites have told me”

And you keep reading…

You see, you’re not just this body. You are actually the voice inside of your mind that is reading this article. To make it simple, The true you = the awareness AKA the inner you

Once you truly understand this:

  • Your fears
  • Your doubts
  • Your hesitation
  • They all evaporate within seconds.

Now I won’t act like, I think this way 24/7. I still have my moments where I forget who I am. Maybe I’ve got a big client project going on and a million other things to accomplish. Instead of breaking them down and knocking each task out that can’t be delegated to my team, I get stressed. However, because of my direct experience with WHO I REALLY AM – I quickly remind myself and take back control.

Perfection in all things

The reason I’m telling you this is you’ve got the tendency to expect perfection. Perfection is to be strived for in all things, but you will slip from time to time. So DO NOT expect to remember this every minute of the day.

However, I can attribute a lot of my success to understanding who I am and not allowing the external world to dictate what I accomplish.

Now that you’re beginning to understand who you are…

Let’s talk about how we can tap into that potential. Because one thing I hate about 99% of the woo woo nonsense out there is that a lot of the time it’s just theory without any tangible steps to take. You see, everybody talks about how you become like the 5 people you hang out with the most.

That’s just surface level info…

The reason that your environment is so crucial to your success, is it activates the potential in within yourself?

Not only that, your cells are literally being turned on and turned off depending on the people and places around you. That’s why I stress to you the importance of spending time around other people who are living the life that you want. Whether that is in person, whether that is engaging with them on social media, or whether it’s just opening up an email once a day.

The simple fact that you are around that kind of energy is activating the potential inside of you. For better or for worse.

As an example:

Every week Shane and I do group coaching calls with everybody who get the invitation to join us. In the beginning – it seems that it’s just about asking questions and updating each other on your success.

However, there’s a much deeper secret to why we run these weekly calls.

We run these weekly calls to normalize success in freelancing.

Simply being around the 2 of us and the students who are progressing. You are by default understanding the thought processes, the actions, the habits, and the steps that you need to take.

You need to find every possible way to get around those that are doing the things that you want. Because by default that energy is going to rub off on you.

It’ll start with your thinking. The way you speak and then before you know it, you’ll be taking those exact same steps. So if all you hang around are your coworkers and friends on a similar level you are going to be trapped in that reality and it’s going to be much harder for you to catapult yourself out.

Alternatively, even if you’re working a job or maybe you already have a client or 2. Yet you want more. I want you to begin finding ways to get around other people who are already doing that.

So that whenever you’re working your job or you’re working with your one client.

  • Regardless of what your mind is telling you AKA your conditioning.
  • Regardless of what people say is possible and impossible.

You ignore it because your own 2 eyes are already seeing people doing the things that you want to do.

I cannot stress how powerful this truly is,

If you want to get in better shape?

Start working out and hanging around people that are already in good shape. You can accomplish this by going to any local gym. Alternatively, you can start going to the gym with your friend. Don’t go to just to small talk. Go there with the intention of working out as hard as you can.

Normalize going to the gym 3 times a week minimum. Normalize walking 10,000 steps a day. Normalize eating more fresh meat and less carbs. This is what will help you push past any fitness goals.

If you want to improve your style?

Start hanging out and talking to people that have style. You will cringe at how bad your style is when you realize how sloppy you dress. Yes, even if you think you have good style now, believe me you don’t. So, start going out more to classy places. Nice restaurants, the rich part of town, or even better book a flight to another country or bigger city in your own country.

If you want to become a successful freelancer in the email copywriting game?

Then get on the weekly calls that Shane and I hold for people that are within the group coaching. Sign up to newsletters from other brands and start studying their emails to see how you can improve your own. Start your own email list and begin sending email to your own list.

Normalize the reality that you want.

It’s really that simple. Understand that the reality you have now is as real as you make it. You have much more say and power than you give yourself credit for. Of course, this is by design 😉.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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