My First Documentary on a Horse Adoption Sanctuary in Paraguay

I recently went to visit a Horse Adoption Sanctuary in Paraguay. It’s ran by Mirtha Ortigoza who uses her own money plus money other patrons send. What I saw there warmed my heart.

My First Documentary on a Horse Adoption Sanctuary in Paraguay

In Paraguay, it’s normal to abuse animals in certain regions.

Especially dogs and horses. Which is why she takes in dogs, cats, horses, and even monkeys. However, her main focus is on rescuing horses from the local villages.

Where it’s normal to work the horses until they breakdown and then the farmers turn them into food. For decades, she’s been almost single handedly building connections with the local Paraguayans to ensure she can take in horses that are mistreated.

Most of the time they say no, until she uses her own money to purchase these abused working horses from farmers.

Her story is very inspiring and so I made sure to include both English and Spanish in this amazing documentary to share her story with the world.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

PS: You can also find the newspaper who wrote about it here. Warning though, it’s in Spanish.

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