Few people truly practice what they preach. I used to try and help those people. No longer do I care because it means people such as you and I have literally no competition.

Most people wake up and go through their day in a fog. They go through the same monotonous motions day after day.

Wake up, pee, get ready.

Get in the car, rush to work, clock in.

Small talk, lunch break, and then sit in traffic all the way home.

Then comes the weekend…

Wake up late, relax, and then loathe Monday.

I used to wonder why your average person did this. Of course there are hundreds of theories as to why people live their life in a fog.

In my most humble opinion I know one of the leading causes. The cause for the fog is a lack of purpose. Without purpose you are lost.

Not having purpose is like not being able to see. You walk into the world only seeing darkness and nothing else.

Instead of stepping over the hole, you step into it.

Finding Your Purpose is Easy

To find your purpose all you must do is learn who you are. A good way to figure out who you are is to create yourself.

The world tries to make you overthink finding your purpose. They sell you false dreams that cause you to get lost in the options.

All you must do is create yourself and then embody the Young Hustler Mentality. But before we get into developing the YHM as we call it, let’s talk about how to embody what you represent.

If you can’t represent Young Hustler then you surely won’t be able to have a YHM. Embodying this concept is the hard part.

Developing the Young Hustler Mentality comes naturally. But only after you embody it. Once you embody it, you will develop on auto-pilot.

How to Embody the Young Hustler Mentality

The Young Hustler Mentality is what guides you through life. We will briefly discuss it here but you’ll learn in greater detail in Think and Go Hustle.

Embodying the YHM is all about making it your lifestyle.

Basic Guidelines:

You have to live it.

You have to think it.

You have to be it.

If you slack on one of those then you go back to being average.

The YHM applies to health, money, and everything else in this life.

Let that sit in your mind. Don’t overthink it because it is simple. When Think and Go Hustle launches everything I’ve talked about on this article and every other article will come together.

You now have a good understanding of how to embody the Young Hustler Mentality. For the time being, I’ve got three articles for you to embody.

Three articles to start embodying:

As you embody each those articles things will start clicking. You can return for other steps but those three are great for the new initiate to Young Hustler.

If you haven’t done so already join the Young Hustler Newsletter. I give all Young Hustlers 2 free books. Click here to join the newsletter.

How to Develop the Young Hustler Mentality

As I said above developing the Young Hustler Mentality is natural. If you follow the basic guidelines above everything else will change.

The biggest way to develop the YHM is by living it. This forces the initiate to carry themselves differently. It is was separates you from Trump and the guy cleaning the bathroom.

To keep things simple stick to the guidelines. Read the three articles I mentioned and then report back when you’re ready for more.

If you want examples of Young Hustlers check out Michael Hewitt. He embodies what it means to be a Young Hustler.

He’s a opera singer, business owner, and Calm and Collected’s fitness expert.

Next, use Mike Soca as an example of an upcoming Young Hustler. He’s a guitar teacher, musician, and hustler.

Pause for a second. What common themes do all Young Hustlers have in common?

All Young Hustlers do more than one thing. In today’s world, you can’t just be Joe from State Farm. You have to be multi-dimensional.

You just can’t be average around here. If you are, then all of the Young Hustlers will not remember who you are.

Instead, you have to stand for something, be proud, and then make things happen. Who cares if you have to pick up trash. Do whatever it takes.

Making money is easy. The thing that will keep you from what you want is your thinking. With the right thinking, you’ll become aware.

Think and Go Hustle was designed through trial and error. There are 5 levels that you must complete to win.

By the end of the book, you’ll realize something. While you’re completing each level you’ll find your vision and build your character.

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Tune in next time for some more…

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  1. Your transformation is great man. Just shows what happens when you take your YHM and transfer it to other domains of your life.

    • Thank you Peter. Really does work like magic. Now I want others to do the same. You had a great transformation as well.

  2. Been a while since I checked in. You’ve come far! Keep hustling and inspiring people!

    Can’t wait for your book!!

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