Getting high and feeling euphoric are two great things. Sadly most people think that they have to smoke something to feel it. Here is how you can get naturally high without drugs.

Now once again let me say this article isn’t about smoking, snortin’, or doing any kind of illegal drug. Rather this article will show you how to get similar effects with more natural ways.

You can argue that Marijuana is natural but this article isn’t about that.

Before boring you with the details let’s jump right into the article.

Breath Your Way Up: 

There is a lot of talk about breathing lately. Properly breathing helps you with everything from concentration to feeling better.

But what if I told you that you can get high and feel euphoric just from breathing? It’s simple and you can do it right now.

Assuming you’re sitting away from people do this….

Straighten your body so that you’re sitting straight up.

Now breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth.

As you breathe in your belly should go out.

When you breathe out your belly should go in.

Do this 12 times in a row.


Now the next step….

Use that same method but breathe in and out fast.

You should feel like you’re hyperventilating.

After doing this for 10 seconds your head will start feeling different.

Don’t give up though. Keep huffing and puffing.

Do it until you feel light headed.

If you’ve followed the instructions correctly then you feel euphoric and high right now.

Personally I do this everyday.

I found that it improves my work and overall productivity.

You can get really focused while doing this so I recommend doing it before beginning any work. This is a natural nootropic without any side-effects.


You can get high from music. When I first read about it from my friend over at Nomadic Hustle I thought it sounded too good to be true.

But then as I read the article I realized that I had been doing it without thinking about it for a while.

Whenever I’m working on client work or writing a post I always put music on in the background. Sometimes it’s ambient noise and other times it’s Dubstep/Trap.

Some work better for different tasks.

To get high from music all you have to do is find the perfect track and then loop it.

Best Ways to Get High From Music….

As I said above it comes down to picking the right track. I find things that flow well together and have plenty of bass.

If you can afford it I recommend buying a well priced sound system for your room. Nothing better than being lost in the music and feeling the bass beating against your chest. But by chance you can’t afford it, give up on your excuses.

Pick a side-hustle from my free book I give all people on the Young Hustler Newsletter. From there your money issues will disappear if you hustle.

Here are my two favorite playlists to listen to:

Those two are great for getting things done. Go into flow, write that essay, and write that business proposal!

For the best sounding music and bass while working get you some speakers and a sub-woofer. The speakers give you high-quality sound and the sub-woofer let’s you feel the power of the music.

I’ve tried two different brands and found that Logitech is the best. Go grab your set by clicking here.

Spicy Food:

Spicy food is another great way to get naturally high. The other day I filmed a video where I ate the 7th hottest pepper in the world.

It’s called the Ghost Pepper. Boy, I tell you what the entire time I was on fire I felt high and euphoric. It was like I had stepped out of my body.

The first few seconds were terrible and then only got worse. Everything was burning and my body went into fight or flight mode.

Of course being the Young Hustler that I am I put up a fight. I maintained my frame the entire time.

Either order some off the internet or just find a local farm like I did. Personally, I’d find somewhere local so that you can get a fresh off the vine Ghost Pepper.

If you have the balls to try a Ghost Pepper make sure to let me know.

Something I am planning on doing next is Plutonium. Not gonna to lie I’m not rushing it because it has over 9 million scoville units.

The Ghost Pepper only has 1.2 million so I can’t even imagine what Plutonium would be like. I’d probably reach Nirvana doing it.

As of now the only good source I can vouch for is a vendor on Amazon a friend used. If you’re up to trying Plutonium (DON’T DO IT!) then you can get some here.

Well that should be enough for you right now. In the meantime, you can see what it was like for me to eat the Ghost Pepper.

Share the video with your friends and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel as I’ve got some special things coming just for you.

Tune in next time for some more…

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  1. The peppers I like are red hot chilli peppers. They also make me feel good.

  2. So at what point did the ‘FEEL GOOD’ getting high kick in???
    Thank You guys for that.
    I’d pay money to see you guys eat a third cup of Wasabi.

  3. I love the idea of this post.
    As a writer, how did you not include writing or self-improvement though! I feel better when I hit the publish button than when I hit a bong, I am sure you know the feeling. Or those days where you manage to get a weeks worth of work done in a day somehow…

    • It really is pure euphoria when you hit publish and you get a weeks worth of work finished in a day. As for not including writing there may just happen to be another post coming on that.

      Great comment.

  4. Bro, this was such a unique article. I really liked it, and hope you did a little SEO for it 😉

    Going to have to try the pepper thing when I get back to the states. A little scared to try it out, but you gave me the inspiration needed.

  5. Like you always say Dylan it’s as simple as a cup of coffee, except it’s not a cup of coffee it’s a mother fuarking ghost pepper haha.

    Nice and informative article though and you are right about the music. I prefer some chilled Lo-FI playlists but we all have our personal favourite.

    Keep it up!

    • “It’s a mother fucking ghost pepper” love it!

      Any that you recommend? I like chillstep as well.

  6. Solid article, those ghost peppers are no joke my friend. Real dealin’ as always, now get that book out, lol.

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