Riding through the countryside early in the morning will get your mind going. Ideas for ventures to how be the most productive that day.

Over the past month I’ve been simplifying my life. From deleting people to throwing away old clothes. Every distraction must go.

Things such as my three desks, my free time, and comfort were getting in my way. To fix these issues I threw away all of my desks and replaced it with a coffee table.

My bed was also thrown out and replaced with a military cot. Every two days I shave my head and trim my beard.

I direct everything in my life like a dictator so that nothing is left behind. In other words I took control of my everyday life.

As a brand I must keep my act together and prevent anything from getting in my way. There are lives to be changed and money to be made.

Everything I do is linked to one project that I have. From Sites Delight, Calm and Collected, to other assets they are all linked together.

Sites Delight’s job is to give people a great website to express themselves through our 100% custom work.

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As for this blog, my overall goal is to attract the nice guys. The guys that want to do great things but have been trained to sell themselves short.

Once I get them I will turn them into Young Hustlers.

I was once a nice guy and it didn’t give me anything but pain.

Selling myself short, accepting what I was given, and struggling to make my way.

Then finally I began to wake up. Slowly over the years, I became less of a nice guy. At this point I’m the best me and yet my best is yet to come.

This is what fuels someone like you and me. We are always striving for better and better. Most stay down but yet we keep our chin up.

Since our job will require work we must keep things simple. Below you will find 5 ways to live simply while on your path to becoming Shogun.

1) Create a Budget-

I know this sounds different than the tone I usually use. I talk about hustling and hardly ever about saving.

To be honest I’ve never really needed to budget anything. When I want something I buy it and then make enough money to cover myself.

This allows me to do what I want and not worry about the effects. Now don’t get me wrong I do plan it but once I want something, I get it.

Since getting back into things I’ve had less money coming in than last year. Last year I was able to make $10,000 over 4 months from hustling.

When I returned from Cali I only had $142 in my bank account.

Since then I’ve been able to pay my bills, grow my blog, and co-found a company. As of a month ago I realized that if I didn’t create a budget I would always be just surviving.

The same goes for you.

Sit down and look at your expenses and income. From there see how to maximize that money. From there take the excess money and stash it into income-producing assets.

2) Only the Essentials-

This step builds on number one. To simplify your life you will need to take it down only to the essentials. This part is completely personal.

When you really look at your life, you only use a select number of things. The extra things should be the first to go.

Those few things are what make you happy. Common sense would tell you to just focus on having them and kicking the rest to the dirt.

For me to be happy here are some items that I need:

  • Laptop
  • Fast Internet
  • Cold place to sleep
  • The best food
  • Access to a camera and camcorder
  • Be able to go out to a cafe

Outside of that, I don’t really need much else. Add a few more items and I am the happiest man you’ll ever meet.

Take your life only to the essentials and you will find peace. There won’t be nearly as many distractions and you can focus more on your project.

3) Limit social-media-

Something else that I’ve enacted is limiting my social-media consumption. I uninstalled IG/Twitter from my phone.

Now I only use social media when I’m on my laptop. Just this small change has helped me tremendously. I have more time for working, myself, and feel happier.

I’m not against social media, but limiting it is good for you. Focus more on taking real actions than getting your ego stroked.

4) Write down your direction in life-

Few people actually know where they’re going in life. They wonder around through the days in a haze. Instead of going through the door they hit the wall.

There is no right way to doing this but here’s what I did. I opened up Evernote and then wrote down what I wanted in one sentence.

From there I broke that sentence into bullet-points. After reading over my bullet-points I had the exact way to achieve my vision.

5) Follow a diet-

Number 5 is to follow a diet. By following a diet you will gain better control over your life in many ways.

You’ll save money and then gain more confidence in yourself. Your body will look better, you’ll feel better, and then you will have more money to invest in yourself.

You owe it to yourself to simplify your life and then start getting what you want. No longer will you waste your time and energy.

Most of your time will be given to your vision. Simplicity plus vision always equals fulfillment and confidence.

Simplicity + Vision = Fulfillment/Godlike Confidence

Tune in next time for some more…

REAL DEALIN’ With The Real Dylan

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My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. You forgot a gym in your needs list. Throw a solid place to workout into the mix and I’m pretty much the same way.

    Although, the city you’re in makes a huge difference in things. Charleston is a beautiful place, but places that are truly ugly can be hard to find inspiration in.

  2. “I direct everything in my life like a dictator so that nothing is left behind. ” Love this.!!

    Simplifying my life is something I’m also doing.

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