You think making money is hard. Maybe it is for you, but let me show you something.  You are doing it all wrong………

You Are Doing It All Wrong

How do you make your money?

You have a job.

You work for someone else.

Since you work for someone else they are the ones who write your check.

You are trading your time for money.

If you work 40 hours, then you only make the equivalent wage.

How Much Do You Make?

Let’s say you make $10 an hour.

If you work 40 hours a week, that means you make around $345 a give or take.

The Government takes their cut out of your $400 which leaves you with $345.

You are limited by the amount of hours that you work.

Give more of your life and you will get more money.

But You Want To Live Your Life

You don’t want to give 40-70 hours of your life per week do you?

Of course not.

You want to live your life.

You want to go to the beach.

You want to spend time with your significant other.

Let me tell you something that you need to know:

You will never live your life while you work for someone else.

You Must Work For Yourself

To live your own life you must work for yourself.

People like to make it seem harder and more complicated than it really is.

All it takes is an idea and then relentless action.

If you work for yourself you will become the King of your life.

You will be able to tell people how you will spend your time.

You will be able to spend two weeks in a beach town.

You will be able to go spend the weekend with your friend in L.A.

You will write your own paycheck.




How Much Will You Make?

You can make as much or little as you want.

You can make $50 a day or $1 a month.

There are many ways to make money.

You can make it online or offline.

It all depends on what you want.

Ways You Can Make Money Offline

Making money offline is the route a lot of people go.

This is how I started years ago.

You can start an offline business quite easy.

The costs are generally higher than online, but you can still make good money.

Here is a list of ways to make money offline:

  • Cleaning business
  • Computer Repair (This is how I started)
  • Consultation
  • DJ
  • Phone Repair
  • Personal Trainer

You can make money offline easily.

With the way our world is changing you can have access to billions of people.

Merge your offline business with the internet.

Go online….

Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online is by far the best way to make money in today’s world.

Instead of your customer base being primarily in your local area you now have access to billions of people.

With access to this many people also means there is a lot of competition.

You must stand out from the crowd.

That is where being yourself comes in handy.

If you are being yourself there will be little competition.

Here is a list of ways you can generate income online:

  • Affiliate Marketing (Write Reviews, Create Sites Around Other People’s Products)
  • E-Commerce (Drop-Shipping, FBA, Your Own Products)
  • Information Products (Books, Video’s, Webinars)
  • Freelancing 

There are other ways you can make money online.

The above ways are the three areas that I have experience in.

You want more than just ways to make money online.

You want a breakdown of how to take a product and turn it into $1,200.

How To Make $1,200

Instead of going to a job, you can instead create your own job.

You can run your own business.

Here is how to generate $1,200:

  • Get An Idea
  • Create Website
  • Put Out Content Such As Articles Or Video’s
  • Build Audience 
  • Create A Product Such As A Book Or Program
  • Market It
  • Help As Many People As Possible
  • Build Off Of The Product
  • Deposit Money

It is that easy.

You try to complicate it more than you should.

There are plenty of success stories out there that have done the above.

It isn’t anything new.

Anyone with a brain can observe what other people have done and duplicate it.

Now that you know the process, let’s take a look at some numbers.

It Is All In The Numbers

Numbers don’t lie.

Check this out:

  1. You Offer Your Book For $10
  2. Your End Royalty Is $7
  3. You Sell 171 Copies Of Your Book 
  4. That Is $1,197

That is $1,197!!!

From only 171 copies sold.

If you are doing what you should be doing there will be 100’s of people coming to your site daily.

If you have 500 people coming to your site everyday, you could easily sell 5 copies a day.

35 X $7 = $245/week.

Take into account that to have a great book it will cost money.

To Be The Best You Must Be Pro

If you want to be the best you must be professional from the start.

Spend some money to have a great product.

It doesn’t matter if you offer great value in your product, if it looks like crap nobody will buy it.

You will need a great cover.

I recommend that you hire a good editor as well.

 For the book I am working on I will hire one of the best in the world.

If you want to be a best seller you absolutely need to make to make a great product.

Main Points On How To Make $1,200 With Ease

We went over a lot in this article.

For your notes I give you this list of the main points.

Write them down and then apply your own ideas.

Here you go:

  • Get An Idea That Offers A Solution
  • Create A Product Around That Demand
  • Make Your Product Look Great (From The Title, To The Cover, To The Editing)
  • Put It In Front Of As Many People As Possible
  • Enjoy The Money As Your Reward For Giving People What They Want

Let me know if you have any question.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Great article Dylan. I think this is your best yet.

    I’ve been working on an ebook for a little more than a month now. I’m putting a ton of time and energy(and a little $$) into something that I plan to sell for only $3. But just let me say that if it means, eventually, making enough money that I can quit my day job and focus 100% on MY work, it is totally, absolutely, completely, 100% worth it. To that end, busting my ass(well, typing on a computer isn’t that hard!) with every free hour I get is the least I can do. Doing it right the first time is a matter of course.

    Why don’t you fill us all in on what you’re working on? Build a little hype(plus I’m curious). All the best.

    • You are on the right track. Just focus and before you know it you will have it!

      I am writing a book that will be what Way Of The Olympian is built off of from here on out. The best way to describe it without going into too much detail is it will be the Bible of WOTO. On a side note there is something in the works that will change lives on the health/fitness side here on Mount Olympus.

  2. To be yourself if the hardest for most people. The majority thinks they could never make money if they would be authentic. If you decide to be yourself and make money too you have to give it all – you have to commint 100%! And that is another problem for many – they have a thousands thoughts in their head, but don’t do anything like a master, like someone who is better than the others in a certain matter.

  3. Dylan,

    Great post!

    I had a cleaning business for a time where I cleaned a dentist office. The work was easy just vacuum and throw out the trash. I was making an extra 800.00 dollars a month off the books and worked a regular job during the day. It felt good knowing that I had that coming in every month.

    I need to go back to that soon!

    Great post dylan!

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