Most articles on the Internet never get read by most people. If you run a website you need people to love and share your content. Take my advice and then create your legacy. Welcome to Part 1 of “How To Create Articles People Love And Share”.

Unless You Make Your Message Appealing Nobody Will Care

When I began writing for C&C the way I presented my posts sucked.

For the first few months that this site was live I only received around 5-20 people a day.

Now I receive 100’s of people a day.

How did this change?

Did I pay some Guru to reveal to me his secrets? NO!

Did I hire a Ghost-Writer? NO!

Did I get some spirit to show me the way? Hmm maybe.

How did I take what used to be crap and turn it into gold?

I Used Google And Common Sense

I finally started to realize the differences between people who nobody cared about and the people who had massive followings.

I then began searching the massive Knowledge Vault known as Google.

The first thing that I picked up on is that the people who had the largest followings did something referred to as Transferring Emotion.

This technique amazed me and I decided I wanted to master it.

Studying the Transfer of Emotion is what inspired me to write this great article:

The Power Of Words Vanquishing Castles And Inspiring Millions

You can evoke whatever feeling you desire by using certain words and images in your content.

That shows you the power that we have in our hands with technology now.

By the power of your words you can cause someone to love and share your content.

You can cause them to have tears.

You can even create desire within them.

The Power And Influence Of You

how to create articles that people love and share

I once read that the power you have is based on 3 things: You, You, and You.

What that means to me is that it is up to you to gain power.

It is up to you to put yourself into a great position.

It is up to you to take the necessary action.

All things in your life stop and start with you.

If you really want to make it in this world you must get out of your fantasy world.

Take off your Rose Colored Lenses.

Wake up and look at yourself in the mirror.

Stop trying to live up to a false image of yourself.

All that matters is that you be yourself.

When people see you being yourself they will love you.

Even the people who try to tear you down will secretly want to be you.

They will envy you.

Who Are You

who are you

How will anyone follow you if they don’t have a reason?

You must decide who you are and what your mission is.

If someone wanted to learn how to make money online they would not follow a person who writes about cooking.

If you want people to love and share your content you must stop beating around the bush.

You need to get in their face and tell them with complete confidence who you are.

If you are great at motivating people then tell them and show them.

If you can increase their conversions then tell them and show them.

I grow tired of countless people putting out the content that everyone else is.

They try to be like everyone else.

The truth is that these people are losers and will never make and money from their content.

People will only view your content if you have something to offer them.

They will buy what you sell if you show them you have something that nobody else has.

It took me over a year to realize that I needed to completely immerse myself into C&C. 

I used Sergie as a channel in which I could show myself without having to reveal myself to the world.

It worked for a while until it started to limit my creativity.

I killed Sergie and was reborn like a Phoenix into my true self.

I became who I always was, Dylan Madden.

To find yourself you must first expose yourself.

Be who you are without trying to live up to a certain image.

How To Make Your Articles More Appealing To Your Readers

how to create articles that people love and share

When it comes to creating a post you must make it appealing to whoever is reading it.

There are 5 things that you can use to make your content more appealing.

Here they are:

  1. Use a catchy Headline and eye-catching Featured Image
  2. Break up your posts with headings and keep it to single lines of one to two sentences 
  3. Include at least 3 pictures throughout your post as readers still like to look at pictures
  4. Include bullet points or numbers throughout your posts 
  5. Instead of speaking about yourself the entire time speak directly too your reader

By following those 5 things you will notice that more people view your articles.

If you combine that with the proper promotion you will have people love and share every article you put out.

Most of the above points are self-explanatory, but one that I want to explain is headings.

You would think that a heading is just making it bold and then bigger than your paragraph right?

Wrong if you want Google to pick up on your heading you must highlight it and then select Heading 1 or whichever you desire. 



Combine what I have said here with action and begin building your legacy.

The original post was over 3 thousand words, but I felt that it took away the full impact.

I will break this into multiple parts for you.

Let me know if you have any questions you want to be answered in the next installment of “How To Create Articles That People Love And Share”.


Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. If you write it well… they may still not come! The big piece I’ve never figured out is how to get people to see something to get hooked on in the first place. I can write, but marketing has always been a strange world to me.

    That said (and aside from the question of how readers arrive in the first place), your style is definitely, noticeably improving as you go, and not just from the eye-catching, SEO-stroking point of view. Keep it up, mate.

  2. “I grow tired of countless people putting out the content that everyone else is. They try to be like everyone else.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I got an email from you today titled “December is here.” I liked that email about making 2016 the year to get in shape and making your legacy. I was just wondering if you could put a link in your email to this post instead of saying to check out your post, it would be helpful. Anyway, I really like your website and it serves as inspiration for me because I’m gonna start my blog soon as well. Good luck on the new year!

  3. Been reading a lot of articles like this as of late. I feel that breaking up my paragraphs and sentences might make the articles sound more conversational or more like a speech, but doing so takes away from the message. If this is what it takes though, I guess that I will have to work around it.

  4. This is a very interesting topic, Dylan.

    I have read every post Victor Pride and Mike Cernovich wrote on the subject and I can see you have, too.

    You also seem to have a good grasp of SEO – would be very interesting if you could explain how to write compelling post titles/headlines that are google friendly, or just telling which ones have worked best for you and why.

    Will keep an eye on the next part!


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