I have received emails this past week from readers asking how they can increase traffic to their site. In this post you will figure out how I get traffic and how you can apply what I do to increase your readership.

Do you want more traffic to your site?

Maybe you have an E-Commerce site that you want to generate income from. Maybe you have a great site like WOTO that you want to provide value to people with. Or possibly you are just someone who wants to connect with like-minded people.

Either wa, you will need traffic.

Let us first look at the definition of what traffic is:

Google result for "Definition of Web Traffic"

Google result for “Definition of Web Traffic”

To sum it all up traffic is the sum total of visitors you have to your site on a daily to monthly basis. If you desire to have a popular site you will need to generate a large amount of traffic.

Victor is a great example of someone who generates large amounts of traffic to build his brand while also creating customers who buy his books.

This is how he is able to live a lifestyle fit for a king in SEA.

We could argue that 3rd world countries are cheap.

That it’s easy to live as a king, but even with 4-10k/month, you could live like a king here in the West as well.

Once you have a good amount of traffic flowing to your site you will be able to start selling products and getting subscribers.

People claim that you must buy their lead generation tool or use online wizardry to get traffic.

Let me be the first to say I used to believe that as well.

But it is all BS.

They are just trying to offer an easy way out while making quick money off of weak-minded people.

After you read this article you will be able to take what I’ve said and immediately apply it to your site. Most of what I will tell you is common sense but is overlooked by most people.

I considered making this into a course and charging for it but it made more sense to me to just create a value-packed article for you. If I were to charge for the course many people wouldn’t buy it and in return would continue to be scammed by the many internet marketers out there.

I would rather give you the information than for you to waste 100’s of dollars on crap products from other people.

How can you increase traffic to your site?

When it comes to increasing traffic to your site you need to keep it simple. There is no need to waste time on useless activities that won’t give you a good ROI.

You could waste money on buying traffic. Maybe you could even waste your money on some guy that lives in his mom’s basement yet claims to offer a course that allows you to get 1000’s of people a day to your site.

Dylan’s Tips to Increasing traffic to your site:

  • Create A Spider Web
  • Social Media
  • Create Great Content
  • Guest-Posting
  • Podcasting
  • Commenting
  • Forums
  • Networking

Create A Spider Web- 

If you look at my articles you will notice that I link to other posts that I have done in the past throughout my article.

By doing this I have built a spider web within my site that will cause you to keep going deeper and deeper.

Before you know it you have read 5 articles.

If you are able to keep readers on your site longer Google will see you as a good site.

This automatically increases your chance of being one of the top results on a Google Search for that subject.

Another great benefit that this method gives you is a higher chance of whoever is reading your site to purchase one of your products.

If you paint the vision for them and offer them great value then they will repay you by purchasing something from you.

Social Media-

Social media is both a great way to increase your traffic but then also can be a waste of time. By using social media correctly you can promote your site and get your brand out in front of people quickly.

By tweeting one article you have the potential to get in front of 1000’s of people and their networks within a click. This could create a large readership within days.

Sadly most people do not use social media correctly. I haven’t learned everything about social media but I have grasped enough to talk to you about the subject.

Take a look at this last article I tweeted and how it was received:

How Ed Latimore and Alexander Cortés Went From ZERO to THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers

Click here to learn how to grow your Twitter from zero to thousands.

What about Facebook?

Most people who use Facebook to promote their product/site either have a large fan base already established or have a target market in which they can pay for advertising.

Personally, I find Facebook to be a waste of time when it comes to promoting

I prefer to use Twitter when promoting my content.

In conclusion, social media is a great way to increase traffic to your site but only if done correctly.

Create Great Content-

This is one of the most important things that I have learned to do out of all of the tips I will share with you.

It is the content that your readers come to get not your fancy SEO wizardry.

If you provide great content you will have an endless supply of readers and people will refer your site to other people.

When creating great content you are working with the god’s. Your creativity is a blessing that only a select few get to enjoy.

You cannot fake great content.

Yes, you can do as many people do and release rehashed content from other creators.

If you do that you will soon find yourself in a grave with the other fakers claiming to be a creator.

Great content is something that seems magical to the reader and flows effortlessly as you read it.

To the creator, he feels that he must create. He searches for his medium in which he can unleash it out into the world.

When creating great content you should try to not let the word count drop below 1,000 words.

The more words your article has that is full of value the higher of a chance you will be ranked high on Google.

Yes you can have articles with 500 words or less but in the eyes of Google 1,000 plus words are better. As of reaching this point within the article, there are 1,376 words.

You should put great thought into your articles. Everything from the headline to the subject.

You could write a great post but unless you write a catchy title then nobody will see your post.

I could have chosen the title, “Leave the easy way behind” but instead I chose “The Magic Pill Mindset“.

Do you see how much more the second title stands out and catches your attention?

One is boring while the other is exciting.

Write articles that solve problems or entertain your readers.

The reason I am writing this post is to offer ways that you can increase your site traffic.

But guess what there is another reason that I am writing this.

People are Googling, “How to increase traffic to your site” on a daily basis.

They want to be able to apply actionable advice that will immediately help their site increase traffic.

This article will allow my traffic to increase by bringing readers like you to my site in search of answers.

It is really that simple.


Guest-posting can be great for new blogs. I’ve only done one guest-post so far.

Guest posting allows you to put your content in front of someone else’s audience. 

Guest-Posting accomplishes several things:

  1. You are able to be placed in front of a larger audience
  2. It ranks your site higher on Google which will allow you to be on the first page people see

I could go on and on about the benefits of guest-posting but I believe that you have an understanding of how it works and how it can increase traffic to your site.


Although I have not put out many podcasts I have seen people increase their traffic by releasing weekly episodes via SoundCloud and iTunes.

Two podcasts that I enjoy are GoodLookingLoser and the Mike Cernovich Podcast.

By creating a weekly podcast you are able to reach people that do not have the time to read content on your site but can listen to you while they are in their car.

If you combine podcasting, YouTube, and great content just imagine the mediums you will reach people with.


This is a way that you can increase traffic to your site in a way that doesn’t require much effort. You can easily read another blog and post a comment.


By leaving a comment you are able to type in the name of your site which is like a free advertisement for your site.

If you post an interesting comment a reader or the author of that site might decide to click your link and check out your blog.

Of course when leaving a comment do not say something like, “Great post bro”.

Too generic. Any idiot could say that.

Instead you should leave an intelligent comment and maybe take it a step further by asking a question that will get someone’s attention.

This method is not something that will exactly get you loads of traffic but who knows you might get your next biggest reader from posting on another site.


I have used this method and have seen a slight increase in readers from just being semi-active on a forum.

I would assume that you haven’t built up a brand reputation so you will need to establish yourself on the forum before you get good feedback from the forums members.

When you locate the forum that you wish to use as a way to build your reputation and increase your traffic you should make several threads. Be as active as you wish just remember the more you are around the higher a chance someone has of noticing you.

Leave great comments on threads and then create threads that will get people talking. Once you have properly established yourself on the forum you will see a nice steady stream of traffic coming to you on a daily basis.


Much of the success that I saw in the beginning of Calm and Collected came from me networking with like-minded people who were rising stars.

When networking don’t always go for someone who is famous as they get 100’s of emails a day.

You will unlikely get their attention unless you offer something of value to them.

Keep in mind that they have 100’s of people that would do anything that person asked them to do.

Make your offer special.

You need to seek out people who are building their reputation and semi-famous bloggers.

The important thing to remember when networking is to have standards and only invest your time with people that show potential.

The proper way of networking is to offer help and advice before they reach out to you. Offer them something unique.

Maybe their site has great content but the way they have their menu setup causes readers to get confused and leave. Show them how to fix it.

Find ways that you can offer value to them before you ask for anything in return.

Here are the benefits that I have received from Networking:

  • My sphere of influence has increased.
  • C&C has been able to reach new readers through the various bloggers I am associated with.
  • I have been able to improve the content and look of C&C 100 fold by getting advice from professional bloggers.
  • I now have a great group of guys around me that have become close friends outside of blogging and business.

Once you have built up your network you will have a group of people who link to you in their posts and then you will have plenty of sites in which you can link to so that your readers get quality information.

That’s it. 

There are other ways that you can increase traffic to your site but you should start with the basics. To many people over complicate the process in the beginning.

I know I did.

Take this article and apply what you have learned. Do not waste money on someone’s program. Save your money.

Until next time Go and Dominate.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

(Check out part 2 of What I’ve Learned From Building a Blog.)

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Your spider web led me here. I have about 5 tabs open to your site right now haha.
    Also on the topic of social media, I found that If I write a post reviewing someone’s specific product or somewhat related to them and I tweet that post at them, there’s a chance they will retweet my post and give me exposure to their whole following.
    I’ll work on implementing the other ways to gain traffic to my blog.
    Thanks for the easy actionable tips Dylan.

  2. Enjoyed reading this and some good ideas. I’m using social media (mainly twitter) to drive traffic to my site. It’s very effective. Keeping them there is where the quality content comes in. Well done on your SEO work, you’ve got a couple of good ranking posts up there on Kratom.

    • Awesome Neil!

      Twitter continues to be the best platform for me to drive traffic to my website as well. I’ve tried Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. The best is always Twitter and the second best is Instagram.

      I have also seen success with YouTube. Although some video’s will do great while others will do poorly.

      The Kratom articles just came from common sense and some luck. I will do some more Kratom articles over the coming months.

  3. Beautiful and fluid read. This is the kind of content that spells value. Thank you for the words. I currently building my on site and getting the content created for it also.

    SEO isn’t an easy task and it really saddens me when I see so many online adamant that Website article directories and link builders on fiverr will increase their SEO and make them more present on the internet.

    All these services are doing is sending your site links to websites with absolutely no validation and google will ignore those links right away. Its no different to buying twitter followers- they’re all just fake useless accounts.

    It all comes down to your own online presence and demonstrating the value. Keep that hustle up and the rest shall pave its pathway.

    Once again thanks for the content and I’ll be sure to return to this site again for more insight.

    Keep the hustle up.


    • I appreciate your words.

      Just keep putting in work and before you know it, you will have what you want.

      I took a look at your site. Good look overall.

      If I were you I would make it to where the first thing they see is your content and not the subscription box. Another thing is the ads you have at the bottom take away from the feel of your site. They won’t generate much money until you have a lot of traffic. Focus on affiliate articles and your own products/services for money.

      Just my opinion.

      Enjoy your day,

  4. Hi Dylan, I have to disagree with you on some of this. Buying traffic to a site that has great content is still a viable option.

    But the key here proper ad targeting and having great content so your new readers will become repeat readers.

    I have a site in the pet niche and started by placing ads on Facebook and getting a massive following on our Facebook page.

    Then we started sharing our posts on FB and kept building our email subscriber list.

    Now we just publish the post, share on it on FB page, do a promoted post ad, and send an email to our subscriber list. Then that very same day we get a very predictable spike in traffic.

    I never wanted to wait for the google gods to smile upon me and my content before I was eventually discovered.

    I also don’t like to guest post, but since our site has a good following it’s much easier to get other pet bloggers with a decent following to guest post on ours and our site get’s exposed to their readers too.

    We also have pretty solid sales funnel in place for the physical products and training courses we offer that pays for the ads and still leaves us a profit when all is said and done.

    I don’t spend much time on forums or networking because

    I spend that time on developing content and products to sell to our audience and crafting ads.

    It’s just a different means to the same end that’s working for us at the moment.

    Love your site by the way.

  5. Knocking them out the park lately Sergie.

    For me, as a writer, it was hard to accept that promotion is really a much bigger part of the game than just writing great stuff. You could write the best article in the world, but if no-one ever reads it, then it’s all for nought.

    But I have followed all the advice in this blog on my own site and seen the success it can create – first I regularly got 50 visits a day, then 100, then 150, and it is also easy to see how the needle moves when I am more or less active in terms of my networking, promotion and helping others.

  6. This is an example of a great article from a writer who has transcended from an aspiring kid with determination to a man with not only a newfound writing prowess, but increased intelligence and deliberacy.
    From the time I first emailed you when your site was in it’s infancy until now, your site has easily increased not only in value, but has also evolved into much more than a site; it’s becoming a brand.
    I know you probably don’t remember much about that email, and I know I don’t deserve anything in return, but it makes me happy to see you have taken some of those tips I gave earlier on and expanded your knowledge and friend base further than I ever expected. At the time, it was practice on my part on giving before receiving, something I see you have learned more about yourself.
    Now that I’m growing up and finishing school soon, I’m finding that it’s finally time to forget about receiving (whether it be in the form of help, recognition, reassurance, guidance, or a pat on the back) and focus on producing, something which I’ve seen you do in real time that I take great inspiration from.
    Keep up the good work Sergie.

    • Thank you Connor. I do remember that email and it helped in the beginning of Way of The Olympian. I have been watching you from afar as well and you have learned a lot.

      You will always be welcome here at WOTO.


  7. Sergie,

    Fantastic post! It good to know that you are out there helping the new bloggers out! Your whole post is 100 percent accurate as I too started doing the same a few years back.

    I started commenting on like minded blogs like this one and slowly and surely I began to get traffic.

    Networking is also very important as I made sure to contact the rising stars like yourself and say “hello”!

    I would usually comment and link to posts and such. After a while I began to get noticed and have been added to manosphere.com and pageformen.com and others.

    It took me at least 3 years to get noticed so there is no real quick way to do it.

    I enjoy it anyway so to me it’s not a waste of time since I get to meet many like minded people like yourself.

    There is so much more to this and I know you are a busy man so I will end it here!

    Great post Sergie!

  8. I’ve been at this for a solid 7 or so months now. Long enough to know that the best results are the ones that accumulate. When it comes to time spent, I’d put the ideal at 50% writing 30% networking and looking for guest posting opportunities and 20% design and style and all the tiny details. Like anything its all about the fundamentals also you need to build an email list so very important.

    I will say that this internet game isn’t what it used to be. It’s harder than ever to be successful and you need to have some real value to offer and strive to be the best to ever make it. Half-hearted work is a waste of time. I’m not saying you need to put in 16 hour days to pull it but but I am saying you have to ooze quality and quality means putting in quality time. You do this for a long time(a year+) and with a little luck you’ll make it.

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