This is more than a review of Gorilla Mindset. I will not waste your time like most people who “review” books do.

To Dominate In Life You Need More Than Mindset

To succeed at life you must be strong.

The weak fall prey to the strong.

If you want to dominate in life you absolutely must have a Gorilla Mindset.

But even then there is more that you need.

You need to have a mission.

You need to be healthy.

You need to be at peace with yourself.

To Dominate you must read Gorilla Mindset.

Unleash your inner animal.

Gorilla Mindset is the modern day Think and Grow Rich.

You Are Looking For The Answers

You search for the answers to life.

You feel frustrated at the amount of re-hashed content out there.

You decide to buy a book that looks like the key.

Instead of a key, you end up with more questions.

Will you ever find that one key?

The short answer is no, but I do have one good place to start.

Gorilla Mindset is one place you can start.

In Gorilla Mindset you will find answers to the basics.

Mike Cernovich is a seasoned veteran at living an interesting life.

You Have Been Lied Too

From the time you were born you have been lied too.

You can let the lies blind you, or you can awaken and dominate.

If you are reading this article chances are you have awakened.

Or maybe you are beginning to open your eyes.

You have been lied too, but the answers are in front of your eyes.

Gorilla Mindset does a good job of showing you the truth.

You finally have something to learn from.

You can decide to learn how the world works.

You can dominate at your life finally.

You can expand your mind.

Live in a healthy body.

You can have a laser sharp focus.

You can have a Gorilla Mindset and control your thoughts.

You Are Stronger Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Even though you may feel weak, you are not.

You are strong and have great potential.

You may be in a bad position in life…..

But so what, so are most people when they start out.

You have within you the potential to be the next Donald Trump.

You have within you the potential to be the next Warren Buffet.

Better yet, you have the potential to be your best self.

To achieve your full potential you must have the right tools.

Gorilla Mindset provides you with quite a few of the tools you will need.

You are in the middle of dominating at life.

Don’t spend unnecessary time Googling for certain answers.

Gorilla Mindset has the basics.

Simply refer to Gorilla Mindset as you dominate.

Do You Believe In Yourself?

In life if you want to achieve anything you must believe in yourself.

This is crucial.

Before I fully believed in myself nobody took me seriously.

I would walk around with my hands in my pockets.

I would jump from venture to venture.

I would fear speaking out of place.

It wasn’t until I began believing in myself that my life started to change.

Now I walk with my head held high.

When I speak, people hear me.

I speak my mind, instead of fearing speaking out of place.

I follow my mission and let every venture come out of that.

If Gorilla Mindset would have been out when I started I would be even farther.

You have have access to it so you can get started even faster.

It took me wasting countless dollars and hours to figure out what I know now.

Gorilla Mindset fills that gap.

Invest In Yourself

To dominate in life you must invest in yourself.

You must invest time into what you want.

Whether that be working out or making money.

Of course you can also invest something else.

You can invest money into your growth.

You can buy knowledge.

You can learn something that took someone decades of trial and error.

Instead of spending hours upon hours you can learn about that subject within days.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of crappy products out there.

I am against those products.

Gorilla Mindset is something that can lay to waste any of the so called “Gurus”.

Do yourself a favor and Invest In Yourself.

What Will You Learn From Gorilla Mindset?

You have made it this far in the article so I can tell you are someone who seeks to dominate your life.

You are awakening to your potential.

Here is what you will learn from Gorilla Mindset:

  • The Power Of Self-Talk
  • How To Become More Mindful (One Of My Favorite Things From Gorilla Mindset)
  • State Control
  • Habits That Will Help You Dominate In Life
  • How To Extend Your Life (Yes really!)
  • How To Cure Depression Without Using 5 Different Drugs
  • The Cause Of Poor Posture And How To Fix It
  • How To Develop Laser Focus
  • Great Money Advice

Talk about benefits!

Gorilla Mindset goes above and beyond.

Mike Cernovich is quite a character.

Many people hate him, but many more love him.

Within 5 months Gorilla Mindset sold over 15,000 copies!

That is more than most well known authors sell in a year.

Gorilla Mindset must be on to something.

Who Is Mike Cernovich?

Mike Cernovich is the man behind…


Cernovich spends his days writing and enjoying his life.

Not only is Mike Cernovich a great guy. But he also has a great family.

I got the chance to meet Mike, Shauna, and Crya.

gorilla mindset

You could say he has it all.

As with most success stories it wasn’t always that way for Mike Cernovich.

There was a time when he was a fat kid who was bullied.

There was a time when he lived in poverty.

But by force of will, he became a well-known lawyer. He then went on to become a world-renowned journalist.


I could go on and on about his story, but you can just read Gorilla Mindset to learn more.

Mike Cernovich is a man who had nothing.

He worked his butt off to gain everything.

Now he enjoys his days doing as he pleases.

From smoking cigars on top of skyscrapers to sitting on the beach.

gorilla mindest

It Is Your Time To Shine

I can only tell you so much.

It is now your time to shine.

You can either choose to learn what you need too or you can stay where you are.

It is your choice.

I fully endorse Gorilla Mindset.

This book will save you years.

Now it is time to take action.

Choose whichever format you would like Gorilla Mindset in:

Kindle (My Favorite)



Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden


About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. It is a great book, indeed. Not only for guys, but for girls as well. Most of the content is relevant for both sexes. It’s for anybody who wants to take responsibility and change their lives. Very nice review.


  2. Mike Cernovich book is without question on of the big releases of 2015! For many years he is offering tremendous value to his readers on his blog. His book is great. A recommendation for everyone who wants to be real and give up living in a “fake-world” with a corresponding “fake-mindset”.

  3. Fantastic post Dylan! You are on FIRE right now!

    I have to agree that Gorilla Mindset should be required reading for those young men ready to set forth and live their lives. I have my copy and i carry it with me in my laptop bag and read and reread it as much as I can so that it sinks in.

    I have to admit though many of the things Mike talks about in his book is stuff I already knew about but the thing is you guys already have it collected and put in a book. Its written in such a way that anyone can understand what he is talking about. I wish this book was around when I was in my twenties it would have saved me so many hours or reading, researching and contemplating about life and the questions it brings.

    Now mind you this book is not the only book you should read through out your life but a beginner book that will put you in the right path to enlightenment and the rest will be up to you. Take it from me I’m 44 years old right now and I’m still learning about myself. The process of learning will never end and we must continue to progress and grow in life.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the people out there in the world are just wasting their time in frivolous things rather than building and understanding themselves as well as the life they are living. I learned a long time ago that anger will accomplish nothing when used in a negative way. Having a positive mindset can and will make you stronger and able to handle everything and anything life or people through your way!

    So listen to Dylan as this young man knows what he is talking about! I wish there were more young men like him who realized in a very young age that you are the one and no one else that can change your life!

    Buy Gorilla Mindset and start learning about the mysteries of YOU!

    Great post Dylan!

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