9 Skills Every Young Man Needs to Win At Life

Men today are soft and pulled in a million directions. Understand, you need skills in this world if you want any chance at making your life good. Here are the 9 Skills Every Young Man Needs to Win At Life.

1. Learn Sales

Everything on earth is sales. From getting a job, to closing clients, to getting a girlfriend then wife, to convincing yourself to keep showing up.

The better you get at communicating what you’re thinking and showing it’s the best, the better your life will be.

Everything you lack in this world is because you simply don’t know how to sell yourself. And no this isn’t something you’re gonna learn in some $10 eBook. It takes years of effort to get good at.

Luckily you can can start seeing results in a matter of days. Start by not hesitating so much when speaking. Too many young men nowadays walk around with doubt in their heart.

Heck, just the other day I watched someone struggle to order coffee at Starbucks. When the barista asked what he wanted, “Um I will have the um, Americano hot, umm actually, I will have the iced Americano.”

When you open your mouth believe every word you say. It’s fine to change your mind, but if everything you say reeks of self-doubt nobody will care about you.

2. Learn How to Speak Better

Learning how to talk has been one of the biggest skills in my own life. I went from mumbling to being able to speak for hours on end without issue.

This skill amplifies almost every skill we’re talking about today. I can have you speaking better in less than 30 days. All you need is a voice recorded on your phone and to read 1 page out of a book each day.

I cover this on YouTube in – How to Improve Your Speech:

3. Be Interesting

This one takes time, but you need to be a storyteller. Any story you’re telling can be amplified with a few key factors.

  • Your tonality: Stop being so monotone, add emotion to your voice
  • Add colorful details to what you’re saying: Bring them into the moment with more details
  • Move your hands when you speak: Don’t overdo this, but use your hands when you talk (study any of my YouTube videos to see what I mean)

4. Be Able to Work Hard

Too many people are soft nowadays. They need the perfect morning routine to get started and need to feel motivated.

How about, unless you want to be poor and watch your family struggle forever, you need to get up and get to work.

Stop relying on external factors like feelings, routines, and everything to be perfect before you begin.

In the 10 years of writing blog articles I’ve never once needed motivation to keep me going. In between going broke a few times, rebuilding myself, traveling to 20+ countries, and getting rich in the process – all I ever did was work.

Rain or shine. Wifi issues or sitting on some luxury beach in Oman. I’ve always woken up and done what needed to be done.

Just accept you’re gonna have to work hard every single day for as long as it takes. Maybe you’ll figure it out in 12 months. Maybe you’ll take a few years.

The process is simply, wake up and put your work boots on. If you truly care about being able to live a life where money isn’t the only thing you obsess over, it is on the other side of the work you avoid doing.

5. Understand the Basics of Money

If you’re serious about getting rich, it makes sense to understand what money is. Don’t go down too many rabbit holes, but watch a few documentaries on it.

A few documentaries I recommend:

  • The Century of the Self
  • How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
  • Money: Humanity’s Biggest Illusion

From there understand the basics of budgeting your money. Every guru online will tell you to just spend every last cent. While there are certain circumstances I agree with this, such as life experiences, courses, and mentors. I’ve paid my fair share of money to learn and experience this world.

You need to get good at not being stupid with your money. Cut all those dumb subscriptions you never use, especially for Netflix. If you’re broke, you don’t deserve to sit down and binge watch some show.

Now when I say broke, this is relative as I know I’ve got a mixture of beginners and some high rollers who read me.

I’ve met people earning $100k/month who are broke at the end of every month. Simply because they don’t know where they’re spending their money. Something I recommend is a free app called Oportun. You can setup various savings goals and setup your bank accounts to automatically put money away so you don’t see it.

6. Realize Most Things Are All in Your Head

Much of your struggles, anxieties, and lack of progress are all in your head. Clarity is key to winning at life. Realize most of what you worry about is all in own mind.

Think back to all of those times you sat around worrying for days on end. Only for this life ending situation to fix itself completely.

You waste too much mental energy overthinking. And mental energy is the key to making tidal waves in this world.

So stop wasting your mental energy and put it to work for you instead.

7. Stop Watching Porn

You can read articles on masturbation and come up with hundreds of articles telling you it’s healthy. There’s zero benefit to it, especially when you are doing all the time.

Understand, porn has been designed by this worlds managers to control you. They want you scrolling from video to video so you get addicted to it. There’s no 10 steps to quitting porn you need to read.

Just don’t watch it.

Better yet, channel this energy into productive uses of your energy. Hit the gym 3-5 times a week. Build a business or side hustle. Apply every skill from this article in your own life.

8. Know What to Work on

It’s not about just working 18 hours a day as most preach. You can work on all of the wrong things every single day and in 12 months time you won’t have what you want. The only benefit which I will say you get is it’s much better than just sitting around procrastinating.

What you want to do is work on the right things.

Which is why I wrote the 4 Principles on Profit and Success.

9. Learn How to Write

The ability to write will make you money. You can create a social media account or blog and turn your words into money in your pocket. Even better there are so many applications of this.

  • Email copywriting
  • Sales page
  • Content creation
  • Writing a book
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Getting a job
  • Closing clients in the DMs

Most people walk around with great ideas, but not only can they not speak well. They lack the ability to write it out in a way people can understand.

Knowing how to write concisely gives your mind clarity. The rules of writing well transcend what you learned in school.

Meaning, you will break the rules you were taught in English class. One of the easiest ways is to setup a social media account and start posting content.

I write about this in my newsletter.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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