Copywriting is More Than Just Writing Sales Pages

A lot of people when they think of copywriting, think copywriting is writing sales pages. Sure, this is an application of copywriting. Copywriting is more than just writing sales pages.

In fact once you understand the skill set of copywriting, you unlock many avenues of business to yourself.

Copywriting is More Than Just Writing Sales Pages

The skill of copywriting is built on psychology and using words to influence. Whether this influence is used to create more sales for businesses or for some big brainwashing campaign.

Different types of copywriting

Copywriting itself is just the application of using words to sell products and influence people.

Meaning, to give yourself MORE of a winning direction, you need to think about what application of copywriting you will choose.

This is where you can build a business around it.

Once you’ve got the fundamental skills of being able to write, come up with ideas, and understand the psychology behind creating outcomes from your writing?

You can literally make money from the air for your clients. Even better. Any business out there for the most part needs a copywriter.

And if you’re one of the people who can turn words into increased sales for their businesses they’ll happily pay you.

This is what I teach to my students inside of TRW.

From figuring out what skill you’re naturally good at. To selling this skill to people who are already in need of it.

You’re not alone though. You aren’t just gonna get a bunch of info thrown at you. Instead, I will walk you through step by step.

All while giving you direct access to myself for further guidance.

1. You get daily lessons

2. Hours of course material

3. Support from other students inside

4. And guidance from me directly

Even better, you can do it from your phone by downloading our app.

You’ve got ZERO excuses to not at least create another income stream outside of your 9-5.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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