How to Become Lucky | Self Generated Luck

Everyone wishes they were lucky. Without realizing luck isn’t something you’re given, it’s something you create. As I call it, luck is something you self generate. So today you and I are going to discuss how to become lucky.

I’m the luckiest man alive and have the best people around me.

God continually blesses me even when at times I try to do it my way.

My clients are getting great results. My students are closing clients & growing their social medias.

Literally everything is perfect as it should be.

This is what success looks like.

This is the feeling in life you should wake up to daily. As life is too short to spend your days miserable or like your missing out on some hazy fantasy of “what life should be like”.

How To Become Lucky

You’ve probably sat there trying to “law of attract” your way to a better life. Thinking if you could just get lucky, you’d finally make money online. Or finally get a girlfriend. Or finally be able to travel the world.

Yet if you’re being honest, you know the whole law of attraction method of sitting around hoping the universe gives you some good luck is a psyop.

As someone who’s made the money, gotten the girl, and traveled to 22 countries – I can tell you absolutely the life you want is on the other side of the work you’re avoiding. You must have delusional confidence backed by lots of hard work.

And the only way to get lucky is to self generate it.

How to Self Generate Luck

As I’ve stated, luck is self generated. In other words, luck is something you bring into your life through your own actions.

If you wake up everyday with a good attitude. Knowing with total certainty it’s just a matter of time before you crack the code. Deleting any seeds of doubt in your own mind through sheer work ethic, you will begin seeing luck.

As you’ve been lucky all along you just weren’t moving fast enough.

Understand, there is someone less intelligent who lived in worse conditions than you who is now living the life you claim you want. This should annoy you deeply.

The only thing they chose to do, was show up every single day. Rain or shine. Feeling great or not.

They built a business without any experience, while you mindlessly consumed 100’s of videos and never committed. In your mind, you thought if you don’t commit you’ll somehow avoid the embarrassment of failure. While the person living the life you want, realized if they just showed up everyday, they’d eventually find success.

It was only a matter of time.

Too often you think the grass is greener on the other side. Yet even when you jump over the fence, you find the life YOU ARE LIVING RIGHT NOW was great.

So fix your attitude and show up today with full force. Filled with joy and gratitude for the life you’re living.

From this point, your life will only get better.

How Luck is Created

You understand luck is something you must create. It’s the only thing you can control. Otherwise you’ll wait around hoping life just happens to you.

Sure, you may get lucky every few months or years. But you can speed it up if you take control of your own life.

This starts with accountability of your thoughts, actions, and attitude. Next you need a plan to execute on.

I explain in the next article your 5 step plan to making money and changing your life. Remember what we spoke about.

Commit to your journey and choose to make a decision. You can’t keep leaving things up to chance. You have to grab hold of life and not let go.

Always the best.

Dylan Madden

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