How to Stop Worrying So Much

You worry too much. It’s taking your joy and distracting your mind. I’d argue until you learn how to stop worrying so much, your life will be a fraction of awesome as it could be.

Growing up I had a family member who’s the most worried anxiety driven person you’d meet. Everything to them was life or death. It didn’t matter if we were doing a family road trip or they were just going for a walk.

They worried themselves into a life of constant struggle (most of which was in their mind).

It got to the point where the last 15 years of their life they’ve got stomach issues.

And I talk to 100’s of people daily who remind me of this person. They think sending a DM to someone or posting content to social media is a life altering decision.

Sure, from a positive POV it is as you’ll become known and paid.

But thinking it’s the end of the world when you’re literally working from your phone is one of the dumbest things you can do bro.

How to Stop Worrying So Much

While I’m maintaining a house here in Dubai, I decided to cancel an apartment. I’m going on an adventure in the next couple days.

When will I be back?

A few weeks or a few months. This is one of the great things of running a freelancing business.

Anyways I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to get out of the apartment. I’ve got meetings stacked up before leaving which leaves me with a small window of time to grab the stuff.

I’m talking thousands of dollars worth of clothes, equipment, and stuff of my girls.

And I can’t just send my team to collect it as you need to be on the residence list to get in. As it’s a very exclusive spot here in Dubai.

I was laying in bed thinking about how I’ll be able to squeeze it into my schedule before leaving.

Then within a split second I remember my family member. Laughed out loud and said “Dylan, as with everything you will sort it. Stop being like “redacted”.”

Instead of laying there thinking about it until I drifted to sleep. I made the decision to buy a giant suitcase which is arriving today.

Then I’ll take a gym bag.

BOOM solved.

Worrying ain’t never saved nobody…

Much of what you worry about is pointless. You either think worst case scenario and it never happens. Or you make simple things bigger than they really are.

What if you just handled it?

As you’ve done with every other thing in your life.

Training your mind instead to focus on your immediate reality. Where you truly have power. You’d be sharper, more logical, and more powerful.

Instead of half remaining in this half past thinking, half present thinking, half future thinking state of mind. Understand, you need to be HERE right now.

Nothing else matters.

And the faster you operate like this, the better your life will be.

Don’t be like my family member and worry yourself into a life of misery. Instead join my newsletter and make your life amazing. I’ve changed my own life and now thousands of other people’s. You’re next.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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