How to Stop Avoiding the Work and Get it Done

Subject: How to Stop Avoiding the Work and Get it Done?

It’s 11:43 am as I type this article to you from a new cafe I found in Qatar.

In a few days, I’ll either be on a plane to Dubai or on my way to the Amazons of South America.

You see at this point in the world, traveling is up in the air. One week you’re able to enter. The next all borders are closed.

Which makes planning impossible.

Luckily I work on my own time.

It doesn’t much matter where I’m at. I can simply connect to the internet, do my work, then unplug again.

So I’m going to wait a few more days to see if Kuwait opens. Which would allow me to pass through into Dubai.

Worse case, I will be on a plane to South America.

Which brings you and me to today’s topic. It’s something which will determine your future.

Especially in the current chaotic climate.

How to Stop Avoiding the Work

I get emails and DM’s almost daily from all of you. Most of you are genuine.

You only have one limitation holding you back.

You’re scared to do the work.

You know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. Yet you spend weeks and even years avoiding the work.

Just the other day a member within the Freelancer Profit Manual messaged me. He’d been talking to me for about 4 months.

He had everything required to turn himself into a solid 10k per month income. Yet he thought he was missing something.

So he allowed himself to get stuck in Purgatory.

Anyways he messaged me a few days ago with fantastic news. He closed his first client and now is getting a check for 3.5k every two weeks.

This my friend is what happens when you just shut up and do the work. Everything else is a mindless waste of energy.

You can learn about as many different ways to make money as you’d like. You can drink as much coffee as you want to feel productive.

Heck you can pay me a grand to work with you 1 on 1.

But none of that will do a thing for you until you sit down and do the work.

Now don’t think I’m saying you should just go in guns a-blazing. There should always be some intention behind your every move.

Otherwise you’ll be like a crazy man in a dark room trying to find a grain of rice.

For you to get where you want, you will need some light.

This is where Calm and Collected comes into play. However, anything extra is just you trying to avoid doing the work.

Don’t allow your lack of intention, fear of success, and mindlessness to steal your ambitions out of your hands.

Sit down a few hours today and work.

Then be here again tomorrow to do the same thing.

Because let’s be honest friend.

You’ve felt as if you are drowning for a long time.

Maybe you’ve gotten used to it so it’s not as bad.

But that feeling is there deep inside of you.

Wake up now.

Put together your Script and then live it every single day.

Anyways I’m off to get my work done for the day.

While I don’t publish here all of the time, you can find weekly content on YouTube. Enjoy this episode of MoneyBag Radio.

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