How to Control Your Mind in a World Full of Noise

Subject: How to Control Your Mind in a World Full of Noise

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ignore the noise.


You don’t need to check social media every 30 seconds.

You don’t need to know the latest update on world affairs.

There is nothing going on.

Get back to work.

It’s only the work which gives you what you want and need.

New income.

More knowledge.

Better health and body.


You’ll gain nothing from giving away your attention to your phone and the latest news update.

That’s why my posts here for you will be here and there as you need them.

Never daily posts.

Only the essential.

Anyways have a good weekend.

Take a few hours to turn everything off and go somewhere such as the beach, a cafe, or up into the mountains.

Regain your clarity.

Then return to the world with a new found focus.

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Your friend,
MoneyBag Madden

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