How to Close Your First Client in 30 Days or Less

Over the last few posts many of you have sent an overwhelming amount of positive energy, my way. Today, I want to return that energy to you in a way that will get you moving forward.

I understand that a lot of you aren’t on my level yet. However, I have been exactly where you are right now. Having zero idea of how to make money online. I had no idea what an irresistible offer was. Heck I didn’t even know what a niche was haha.

Many of you (as I thought for years) think making money is hard.

It isn’t. So to prove this, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can close your first client this month.

Of course, this is only going to work if you simply follow the steps. Assuming that you stick to everything I lay out, you will succeed. My friend closing clients is not hard. It is so easy that you are going to laugh your butt off whenever you realize how simple it is after you close your first client.

How to Close Your First Client in 30 Days or Less

The hard part is actually once you close the client, because now you have to deliver on the promises that you made that. The key to freelancing the way I teach it is that you are never lie.

Never claim something that you cannot fulfill.

As you get better and more experienced you can leverage your claims because they’re backed in reality to effortlessly close as many deals as you want.

We’ve spoken enough now…

Let’s get you your first client. First, you obviously need a skill. A skill is simply offering something of value in exchange for money. As an example, what Shane and I teach other people is how to become a email copywriter.

If you’re sitting here reading this and you already have a skill. Just apply that skill to what I’m going to be laying out for you.

If you don’t have a skill. Just for ease of getting you started, let’s pick email copywriting as your skill.

Next you need an offer.

Now don’t get all overthinking on me.

Thinking you need to have an irresistible offer because some copywriter on Twitter told you you needed one. All you need to do is have a clear offer that provides something of value to another person.

So, how do you go about identifying what is valuable to other people?


I want you to go to Google and for the next 30 minutes search for other people that are offering your specific skill as a service.

  • email copywriting freelancing
  • email copywriting fitness
  • email copywriting crypto

What you’re looking for is what is their pricing and what are they offering those people as their service?

Once you’ve compiled your notes. Now it’s time to use your brain and figure out how you can make that offer better. This entire process should take you no more than an hour.

BOOM – you’ve got an offer.

I just saved you from having to spend the rest of this year figuring out what an irresistible offer is. So now let’s get into the framework of actually getting a client.

5 Steps to Closing Your First Client

I’ve laid out the 5 steps to closing your first freelancing client. Stick to them and DO NOT try to create more steps. This is why you keep losing. You hear one thing from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Then your mind tries to tell you extra stuff to do.

1) Pick your social media platform

Now I know what your brain is saying…

You can do tons of other ways of acquiring clients, but for you today. Let’s focus your mind on social media. Specifically lets focus on Twitter because that is where a lot of you found me so I know you’re familiar with it.

If you have no idea on how to grow your Twitter?

I highly recommend that you go to my YouTube channel and watch my video on going from 0 to 25,000 on Twitter.

This video is going to massively help you with what we’re talking about today while also helping you build a brand. The reason you want a personal brand is a personal brand is the key to building an online business these days.

Yes, you can be behind the scenes.

However, with a personal brand you can monetize yourself in many ways. From offering your own products, affiliating for products, while offering your own service. Not to mention, it gives you a major reputation boost when people can see your body of work, who you are, and the results you get.

2) Put together a list of leaders in your niche

Whoa, whoa. “Dylan, what is a niche?”

Easy a niche is literally the content that you’re consuming on a day-to-day basis. Don’t sit there and waste the next two weeks, trying to figure out what your niches are. Literally start with what you are already consuming.

If you’re consuming crypto content, personal finance, make money online, personal development. Maybe you’re a fitness guy.

Those are your niches.

My thought process behind this is it doesn’t make sense for you to learn other niches that you’re not even interested in. For you to go from where you’re at now to where you want to be requires action. So start with the niches that you were already consuming on a day to day basis.​

3) Now start seeing who those leaders follow within your niche

My thought process on this is finding the people that the leaders are following that fit your offer. Meaning email copywriting or whatever your skill is.

Because if they follow those people that means that they’re probably okay accounts. DO NOT get it twisted though…this doesn’t guarantee they’re good people for your offer.

You don’t want anyone…

You are specifically looking for people that would fit your offer. If you were trying to work with fitness people, you are not going to be looking through the people they’re following that are into crypto. Or vice versa.

Once you’ve done this, I want you to start figuring out the people that are qualified for your service. Meaning you are not going to be working with accounts that are under 10,000 followers.

Stick to the 10,000 to 50,000 follower range.

Next, I want you to figure out.

Do they have an email list?

If yes, great. If they don’t, move along as they obviously don’t understand the importance of having a newsletter. Sure – you can build one for them, but in today’s business world if they don’t have one yet, it’s a red flag.

From there, I want you to see if they actually have an audience. You can figure out if somebody has an audience based on the people that are actually engaging with their tweets. If it’s somebody with 10,000 followers and they only get one like on every posts, move on.


Because they don’t have an audience.

You are looking for somebody…
  1. That fits your chosen niche
  2. That has an audience
  3. That has offers AKA they’re selling products

Because if somebody has an audience and they also have something to sell, you can help them make even more money.

4) Rapid rapport machine

Now usually I would have you do this over a couple of days to a week. However to get you moving fast. I want you to follow the accounts that you put on your list. Follow 50 of them.

Yes, I know that sounds like a lot. However, keep in mind most of the leader accounts you followed probably follow a few hundred people each. Let’s say you found 8 leaders, you see how you can easily find at least 50 people they follow who fit what you’re looking for.

After you follow them…

Start engaging with some of their tweets (quote tweet or simply reply). The key to making this rapport thing work is that you’re not replying with boring nonsense. Instead, I want you to actually add something to the conversation.


Instead of saying “great tweet, bro.”

What I want you to say is…

“X point in your recent thread on X really spoke to me.”

Simply add your opinion to what they tweeted out. That’s way more genuine than just saying “great tweet”.

5) Shoot your shot 🎯

Now that you have successfully put together your list of people. You’ve began building rapport. Next it’s time to slide into their DMS.

Now I could spend an hour showing you all of the best ways to go about DM-ing them, but we don’t have that kind of time together right now. So let’s follow the simple script that has worked hundreds of times for people even less qualified than you.

Here is what I want you to do:

DM them with a compliment and then ask a question that is connected to your offer.


“Your recent thread on X really stood out to me because of X.

Out of interest, are you planning to use that thread on your newsletter?”

Please use your brain because I know that all of you on Calm and Collected are intelligent. The emails and DMs you send me prove this. So, don’t just copy paste the exact example I gave you.

Follow the formula instead…
  • Compliment
  • Question

(this is done in 1 DM, not 2)

The reason you want a compliment is it’s going to make you stand out. Versus all the other people that are trying to just sell, sell, sell, or saying other nonsense The asking a question is powerful because it sets the stage for you pitching your offer to them later 😉.

The reason you are specifically asking if they’re planning to use that thread on their newsletter is because you offer email copywriting services. Once they reply you can lead the conversation to ideas that you have to help them make money and get them on the phone where you’ll close them.

Making it real…

Following this framework will get you from no clients to your first client or even more than that. Your goal is to send 5 DMs per day. I want you to see each DM as opening a portal to the reality of you having a brand new client happily paying you thousands per month.

Meaning, the more DMs you send following the framework you now have, the faster you will have a client.

Remember, you will close a client if you follow this framework. With that said, you’ve got some work to do and you know the steps to making it real.

I write emails for people like you who are looking for action based advice. Instead of just feel good nonsense. You can pick up my freelancing guide for free when you subscribe.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden.


If you still don’t have any idea of what your skillset is, get into $100k Email List Mastery so you have an understanding of what it takes to grow your own email list and then offer it to clients.

You can get it here.

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  1. Hey Dylan,

    I’m in the fitness/wellness niche and am having a bit of trouble applying the outreach concept to potential clients in my field.

    I understand how to apply it if I were providing business services, but how do I apply this to potential personal training or health coaching clients?

    Not as simple as looking for fat people and telling them I can help them lose weight.

    Would appreciate any insight.



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