How to Make 5k-10k a Month Freelancing while Traveling The World in Style

Becoming a Freelancer is the BEST business model to get into when you’re first getting started. No other business models allow for such low start-up costs while being able to get 5k-10k a month within a VERY short amount of time.

Which is why the best thing for you to do?

Is to start a Freelancing Business.

Here are some important tips to know before starting your Freelancing Business.

5 Tips to Make Money as a Freelancer

1) You NEED to pick a skill and a niche.

Without these? You have nothing to work with, and you will hit needless obstacles and continue to fail. Get these things figured out, and you have taken the first step to success.

2) Decide what Offer to Make to Clients

This is the step that most people overthink and then fail. You do not need something cutting-edge and fancy, all you need is to find a problem and offer a solution. You trying to be original will keep you working a job friend.

For example, if a company isn’t emailing their list and is missing out on a BOATLOAD  of money because of this? They’d happily pay you $3,000 to $5,000 a month to manage their email list.

Offer to write their emails in exchange for a retainer and a small %.

Simple really.

3) What Niche to Pick

Your niche should come down to something you are naturally into or something you already are knowledgeable in.

The reason I started writing blog posts and later made thousands managing the email lists of your favorite influencers was simple.

I like to write, and am damn good at it. My words have made over 2 million dollars for my clients.

If you suck at writing and hate it?

DON’T get paid to write for other people. There’s no point in trading your miserable job for another one.

So find something you’re naturally drawn to, enjoy at least a little, and then double down on this. This is your ticket to freedom. By being already drawn into it or knowledgable about it?

You are able to solve 2 very important questions which will bring you and your client lots of money.

  • What problem the niche has?
  • How to solve the niche’s problem for them (with product/service)?

You’re getting paid for results, and now you know exactly how to help them.

4) How to Find your First Client

With the right niche picked? Finding a client comes down to rapport. You build rapport by offering value in some kind of way. Most people mess up by just going straight into the sale without any thought for the prospect.

The best thing to do is to do some research into the prospect. Build a relationship first by providing value. THEN pitch your services.

Almost every day I get people reaching out to me about launching my first book. Listen here moron, I’m a published author and have written other guides.

It’s an instant rapport killer and I block them.

When you’re looking for clients take 5 minutes to look over what they offer, their problems, how you can increase their income, etc. Doing this is the difference between earning $0 a month and $10,000 a month.

5) Turning 1-3 Clients into Financial Freedom

Most of you think you’ve got to do something grand and magical. The reality is, you only need 1-3 clients to quit your soul-sucking job and travel the world. From there, you can scale up.

You can charge 1k-7k per client depending on what you are offering. That’s why it’s crucial for you to decide what your offer is, what your niche is, and pick a skill you’re naturally drawn to.

From there you make your pitch as valuable as you can and you will get clients very soon. Get all of this down, and pitch yourself to 5-10 people a day. There’s no way you won’t close 3 clients within 4 months doing this.

If you want a more in-depth, step by step guide on how to obtain and RETAIN your clients, and never worry about money again while traveling the world?

Then My Freelancer Profit Manual Program is for you, and with 128 5-star reviews?

This is a no-brainer to join, and this will make sure you escape the 9-5 matrix if you implement all the information inside.

Obtain your freedom.

I look forward to meeting you inside.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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