100k+ Per Year Email List Mastery

Email lists are one of the best ways to monetize yourself. With an email list you can sell your own products, but also you can package your email list services into a service for clients.

Over the last few years, email copywriting has allowed me to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for myself & clients.

Here’s one clients earnings since January:

Client results

I’m showing you this to help you understand one simple fact. As a freelancer if you can save your client time + help them make more than they pay you, you can write your own check.

$100k Email List Mastery

If you generate $30,000 in a month, it would make sense to pay you $2,500 to $6,000 each month for your services. Now, I know you’re sitting there thinking $30,000 is a lot but here’s why it isn’t…

When you’re finding clients to work with, you will look for people who already have an established audience and who have offers.

In most cases, you simply need to write emails and tweak what they’re doing slightly to see a jump in their sales.

I show you this all inside in $100k+ Per Year Email List Mastery.

Email copywriting is your way to achieve this.

Whether you’re looking to monetize your own email list or offer this as a service to other people, this course will help you build a 6 figure income if you put in the work.

Some of the things you are about to learn…

Email Copywriting 101:

  1. Template for how to write an email in 10 minutes
  2. The Unlimited Content System to Always Knowing What to Write About
  3. How to start writing the email (what to do when looking at a blank page)? 

Email List Building:

  1. How to make a landing page for that lead magnet? 
  2. The importance of segmenting your list
  3. Mistake Proofing Your Email List
  4. Making Your First Lead Magnet
  5. Getting Your First 1,000 Subs

Writing Profitable Emails:

  1. How to write good subject lines?
  2. How many times a week should you email?
  3. Are there best times to email?
  4. List of Words to Avoid
  5. How to sell in every email

Using email copywriting, you can take clients who casually post content and turn their brands into an actual income…

Other notable mentions…

“I’ve been a copywriter for years and have worked with tons of email marketers in the past, but Dylan is by far the best. Not only is he a fantastic copywriter, but he has a way of seeing things that others can’t when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

If you want to learn email marketing, learn from him. If you want to have someone handle your email marketing, hire him. Either way you’ll be getting the best.”

– Jeff Putnam of Rugged Legacy

“I’ve seen Dylan pull in multiple 6 figure months for clients over and over through his skillset. If you’re serious about making money as a freelancer, learn email copywriting from him.”

– Lawrence King of Raging Bull Coffee & Twitter All-Stars

✅ Serious about building a 6-figure income?

✅ Want a skill that can make yourself & others richer?

✅ Realize that with effort put into the right things will by default get you the outcome you want?

Then I welcome you into 100k+ Per Year Email List Mastery. You will access the entire training instantly by clicking the link here and grabbing your copy.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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