Stop Feeling Guilty, Throw Out Your Alarm, and Get Your Priorities Straight

For years, I fell into the trap of needing to have the perfect morning routine for me to feel as if I was being productive.

So even if I woke up at 10:00 AM on a Saturday and had the rest of the weekend to work on my stuff before having to go back to my job. I would feel guilty the entire day. Wasting my own energy battling myself. Almost guilt, tripping into feeling as if the day was ruined.

This even carried over to when I dove full-time into freelancing

I found myself waking up at 6:00 AM every single morning to an alarm.

Rushing to get started with the day writing emails for clients. Handling some of the admin stuff and other tasks that I took on for my clients. I thought like this all through 2019 and 2020.

Until one morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized the simple fact that’s all that mattered was if I was doing what I needed to do.

Stop Feeling Guilty, Throw Out Your Alarm, and Get Your Priorities Straight

One of the first things I did was forcing myself to wake up without an alarm. I know it sounds silly (it is). But just that alone helped me break that habit. The other thing that I did that massively helped was creating a priority list.

Priority 1 Tasks

These tasks are urgent and time sensitive. An example would be an email campaign that we were going to be launching in 2 weeks. Or if I took on a new client, building up their email list welcome flow.

They must be done and the sooner they get done, the more progress will be made for myself and clients.

Priority 2 Tasks

These are important tasks, but not time sensitive tasks. Maybe it’s working on a new niche website idea you’ve got or recording new videos for a course.

Doing them will get you closer to your goals, but they aren’t urgent. You will knock these out as you clear up your Priority 1 list.

Priority 3 Tasks

These are things that you can do whenever or delegate it to somebody on your team. Things such as purchasing a domain. Researching into something that you are interested in. Or planning your next trip.

And after speaking to many of you.

You also are trapped in this state of mind just like I was…

Doing this will keep you stuck in a Purgatory like living. Keeping you broke, stressed, and limiting your output.

Yes, waking up early gives you an edge over your day.

For me personally. My mind is the most clear early in the morning. Most days, I’m about by 7:30 am or 8 am without an alarm.

Find the Routine the Works Best For You

So the key to this is deciding what works best for you. I know some people who get their best work done in the middle of the afternoon. Me on the other hand, that’s usually whenever I’m out enjoying the day.

My mornings are dedicated to hitting the gym and getting my initial client work finished. But that’s what works best for me. Once you internalize this you’ll find yourself getting things done within your priority list. Instead of filling your day with mindless work just to make yourself feel good.

My challenge to you…

6 months is all it takes to completely transform your life. That’s what happened for me back in 2019 when I decided I wanted out of the cleaning business.

I dove headfirst, sink or swim, into the freelancing game.

6 months later, I was on a First Class flight to Europe. Now, here I am living the life that was only a dream of mine for years.

The same will be true for you if you apply what you’re reading about today.


…it’s not about getting things done just to get them done. It’s about doing things that actually matter.

Get rid of the guilt ridden state of mind where everything has to be PERFECT in order for today to be a success.

And instead get things done (from your priority list) that move you forward.

Get Your Priorities Straight

That’s part of the focus Shane and I are helping students within the Freelancer Mogul Program accomplish.

Within the course material…

  1. You learn the skill of email copywriting
  2. You understand how to write profitable emails
  3. How to get testimonials
  4. And how to take on clients

And within the group chat:

You are forced through your own self sabotage into having full accountability. Both from myself, Shane, and the other freelancers within the group chat.

Our group coaching comes with weekly calls and is essentially Freelancer Mogul on steroids. But if that doesn’t fit your budget, Freelancer Mogul is good enough to get you to the life you want in the next 6 months.

We Made a Pact to Help People Get Priorities Straight

We made a pact that we are going to help as many people make money as email copywriters as possible in 2022.

Because there is so much money to be made when you understand WHAT and HOW to actually write profitably for clients.

As most people outside of the program have no idea of what they’re actually doing. Within the program, we’ve got students closing clients and delivering amazing results for their clients.

I would like to see you inside prospering as well.

Whether you join us or not – you need to get out of this mental trap. It is essential for your own fulfillment and goals.

I will talk to you again soon.

Until then – check out the success stories of the students inside.

Click here to see their stories
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Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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