Welcome to Calm and Collected

You struggle because you try to be someone you’re not. You’re living a lie. Thinking life is just about getting along with everyone and working hard.

Well, where has that gotten you?

You’ve been pissing away your life. Grow a pair. Live the life you were born to live in whatever form you want. You have spent enough time trying to just get by. Now it is time to for you to wake up now and live.

Whether you want to travel the world without a care or whether it is building a family and raising them on a farm away from society. All of that costs money and money isn’t something you just clock into a job everyday for.

But don’t get it twisted, money isn’t everything. Just like there are different ingredients to making your favorite dish.

The same is true for your life. Each article within Calm and Collected represents a different ingredient. My name is Dylan Madden. I created Calm and Collected for people such as yourself to come in from the cold. Leave behind what has held you back and step into who you know you can become.

You found this website to wake up. To take control and become who you are meant to be. Who you are meant to be may not be clear yet.

Your answer will come in time. For now, the next step is downloading “The Sinister Trap“.

I will speak to you soon.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

Welcome to Calm and Collected

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