23 Lessons from 2023 on Profit and Making Life Better

2023 was one long lesson driven year for many of us. To ensure you make 2024 your best year yet, read over the lessons and take action on them.

23 Lessons from 2023 on Profit and Making Life Better

1- People don’t want truth, they want to feel good.

2- Complaining achieves nothing and speaks more negativity over your life. Remove it from your vocabulary and speak only things to power you want in your life.

3- Effort is free and most people are scared to invest it into themselves.

4- Your mood doesn’t mean anything, you’ve got a life to live so put a smile on and live it.

5- It’s not how many hours you work, but WHAT you work on that counts.

6- People care more about reasons why they CAN’T do something than finding reasons why they WILL.

7- Over work doesn’t exist, getting emotional about the task at hand is what drains you.

8- Be less accessible instead of always being around for people. They will lose their appreciation for you if you instantly help every time.

9- Be aggressive and push the limits in your day to day life. Most of what you think is the right way is a mere illusion in your mind.

10- Flex what you have less, lest you attract a bunch of freeloaders and welcome unneeded drama.

11- People think much more about themselves than you. Find ways to benefit them immensely and you will prosper.

12- People can’t read your mind, so speak to tell them what’s on your mind in a clear way and you’ll be surprised how much better your life gets.

13- Your mind is your best friend and ally. You just like to use it to make your life harder so you can blame something other than your own self.

14- Love yourself, but realize your limitations are 100% in your identity. Meaning your battle isn’t against yourself, but against simply accepting anything the world installs in your mind. Create a better identity and you will create a better life.

15- Marriage and having lots of children is how we change the direction of this world.

16- Hookup culture is for peasants.

17- Degenerate culture only looks cool on social media. In reality it’s dirty and soulless.

18-  God is more real than you can imagine.

19- Working hard isn’t having 10 tabs open, it’s doing 1 thing at a time with 100% of your mind.

20- In life and business operate from the mindset of “how does this benefit me?” – you’ll quickly find out why you’re getting less than what you want.

21- You don’t make mistakes, you make choices.

22- Getting rich, free, and blessing your family is the only option. Gone are the days you can depend on a salary and hope as a means to provide for your family.

23- Life happens in seasons. If you spent 2023 working hard, building, and stayed focused. You will make the most amount of money and live the best life you’ve had to date in 2024.

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