In 2024 you better be more selfish…

Last year you spent your days in reactive mode 80% of the time. Looking at what others were doing. Seeing the craziness of wars being fought. Staying up to date on a whole bunch of stuff that affects you zero.

In 2024 you better be more selfish with your time and energy

And guess what, in 2024 the worlds gonna be even more distracting.

There are 2 possible realities.

1) You get distracted and miss out on massive opportunities to change the trajectory of your life.

2) You CHOOSE to selfishly only focus on learning new skills, taking positive actions, and becoming your best self for those you love.

I’ll explain more in this 2024 New Year message…

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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