We left off with Sergie on the Edge. Will he jump or return to Limbo? Find the answer below.

Here is where we ended in Part 1:

“Sergie opened his eyes and felt the first sense of relief he had experienced in months. Then he heard a voice. He got up and ran towards it leaving his belongings by his campsite. This was the first time he had heard another voice since getting lost in Limbo.

As he approached where the voice was coming from he was able to make out certain words.

He kept running and running. With no care in the world he continued.

After running for many hours he found himself on the edge of a cliff. The voice beckoned him to jump off. Sergie stood there with a strong feeling to jump, but his head was filled with doubts.”

Does Sergie Jump or Return To Limbo?

The voice became more distant the longer he hesitated. Sergie decided that he had nothing to lose. He had given up his love, money, and the world as he knew it. He took a step back. Then with all of the courage he could muster ran and jumped with all of his might.

As he fell into the Darkness his stomach dropped.

Finally after some time he fell into a pool of water. A torch was in on the other side of the cave. He waded through the water and grabbed the torch.

There was no voice calling him anymore. Once again he found himself alone with nobody to save him. Feelings of frustration started coming up in his body. He felt like the world had stabbed him in the back again.

Sergie decided to keep walking…

A Gate To The Underworld

After what seemed like hours he found himself at a gate. Standing at the gate was someone in a robe. Sergie made his way to the person. As he approached he felt a cold icy presence around him.


The person stepped forward and told him in a dark commanding voice to walk through the gate.

“Walk through the gate and do not stop. Stay on the road and nothing will happen to you, but if you stop for a break you will be killed. Keep walking and you will reach your next checkpoint.”

Sergie being the type of person he was decided to ask, “What is the meaning of this? Why is this happening to me?”

The robed man responded, “Ask no questions for you already know the answer.”

Sergie walked through the gate and then turned around to ask one more question. To his amazement, the robed man was no longer there. So he turned back around and started on his journey.

Journey Down The Road of Darkness

Once again it was just Sergie and the Unknown. He couldn’t help but feel lonely and like it was him against the world. Ever since he first left, things kept changing. He wasn’t sure what was real anymore.

Was Sergie losing his mind or just waking up to what was real?

He looked around as he walked. Sergie could only see the road ahead. Everything else was a blur. Since he had been up for a while he wanted to sit and rest. Sergie was hungry and fatigued.

The words of the dark robed person replayed in his head. But it couldn’t hurt to just sit for a few minutes. He cleared a place to sit and finally was relieved. Finally he could relax.

Seconds later out of nowhere a demon ran out of the darkness and grabbed his arm. Filled with fear he yelled and tried with all of his strength to pull out of the demon’s grasp. The demon began pulling Sergie into the darkness.

There was nothing he could do, so Sergie gave up.

Then the voice from earlier came back. Not as a distant voice, but a voice in his head. The voice said, “Believe in yourself and pull as if you had the strength of the Olympian gods.”

The voice was so real it was as if he had said it himself.

In a last attempt he followed the instructions of the voice. Sergie pulled with everything he had. The demon cried out in pain and let go. Sergie fell to the ground and ran back to the road. He could hear the demon crying out in pain.

Sergie had forgotten all thoughts of hunger and fatigue. He picked the torch back up and began running as fast as he could. A short time later he saw what appeared to be a house. That darkness seemed to not be as intense the closer he got to the house. In an effort to inspect the area, he approached silently.

As he approached the house he heard a noise and the door opened.

Instead of waiting, Sergie went inside. He used the torch to find a candle. Finally the house was well lit and he began searching for a person or some clue he could use. After searching the rooms he found himself in a room with a red chair next to a fireplace.

Oddly the fire was already on and he went to sit in the chair. He sat down and could feel something under the seat. Standing up he lifted the cushion and found a box. Inside of the box was a note and key.

The note told him to use the key to access the chest in the corner of the 5th room. Somewhat excited yet nervous, Sergie went to find the chest. Once in the 5th room he found the chest and opened it.

Inside of the chest were these items:

  • Journal and Pen
  • Mirror
  • Sword
  • Map
  • Backpack

He put everything he could into the backpack. Sergie decided to rest and eat some of the bread that was in the house. Before going to sleep he blocked the door so that nothing could come in. Finally safe he drifted off to sleep…

Awoken By A Voice

In the early morning of the next day Sergie was awoken by a voice. It was the voice of a female. The voice was coming from outside the door. He unlocked the door and opened it to see who it was.

They introduced themselves.

“Hey My name is Sergie, who are you and why are you here?”

She responded…

“My friends call me Cai Cai. I have been on this road for years. I went off the road a few times, but just found my way out. This house came out of nowhere.”

They continued getting to know each other. Sergie told her that it would be best if they left and continued down the road. He went inside and got his backpack and all of the bread and water. Cai Cai found another bag which they used to store the water and bread.

Together they started going down the road.

A Map With No Directions…

As they were walking Sergie pulled out the map to see if it had any directions on where to go. Nothing was on it but a basic layout of the area.


No checkpoints or hints on where to go. In frustration, Sergie threw the map on the ground. Cai Cai picked it up and said, “Maybe it has no directions because it is up to us to decide where the road leads.”

Sergie didn’t want to admit that it was that simple, but he understood what she was saying.

Cai Cai handed the map back to Sergie and asked him to decide where to go. He looked up and then back down at the map. Sergie decided that they would keep going forward until they reached another checkpoint.

Off they went….

Where will Sergie and Cai Cai end up? Will they make it out of the darkness of the Underworld?

To Be Continued…

This story has taken you from the land of Liberia to the Underworld. You’ve encountered a demon and even met a dark robed figure. There is still much more to come of this story.

Sergie and Cai Cai have crossed paths for a certain reason. It is unclear what will happen. Little does Sergie know, but the gods are watching him. He is going down his own path. Only time will tell if Sergie achieves what he sets out to do.

Until Next Time.


The Unknown

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