This article will tell you of a story. A story of a man who became an Olympian. Read this story and let it inspire you. Feel it in your veins and allow it to move you to action.

Before this story begins let’s create the layout. You will be given the theme and environment. Once you have all of the details you will be taken on a journey.

The main character of this story is a man named Sergie. Sergie is a man that lives in Liberia. Liberia is a country full of dream killers, demons, and slave-like men.

Sergie is one of the only people of his country Liberia that can think for himself. This makes him a target. You see Liberia tries to keep you there so that its ruling elite can maintain power.

After trying to fit into society Sergie finally hits rock bottom. Sergie knows that there is more to life than just following the path of mediocrity. He knows that there is Greatness within him.

Whether Sergie accepts it or not the gods have chosen him. Not to fulfill their desires, but to accomplish a sacred mission. Many men have attempted this mission. Instead of accomplishing it, the men were consumed by the demons and torn to pieces.

This sacred mission is what is called the “Way of The Olympian”.

Following your “Way of The Olympian” is one of the toughest yet rewarding things you can accomplish in your life. Only a few people ever get chosen by the gods to attempt this task. If you accomplish this sacred mission you will be given the title of Olympian.

In essence you will go from a mere mortal to a god of this world. On your way you will be beaten to the ground and lose everything. But if you keep going, you will stand up and take what you want.

Enjoy this story and follow Sergie to the end. You are on for a ride, but you will leave with a fire within you that can only be created by the gods themselves. Who knows you might be selected by the gods as well.

Liberia The Land of The Lost

Welcome to Liberia. Liberia is a land full of lost dreams and darkness. It is the real life Underworld.

The Holy books of this world talk of a place called Hell. While Hell is real, Liberia is Hell on earth. It is full of demons that will take your Soul and Souls that are lost.

Those who stand up are put down with ruthless force. The Liberian ruling family show no mercy to those who challenge them. Nobody is allowed to think for themselves. To think for yourself would make you question why you allow life to be the way it is.

The Liberian ruling family has been in power since the beginning of time. They have been there since the time of Adam. They were there when the Greeks conquered the world and they are still here today as we go about our “busy” lives.

 Sergie The Man

As I said Sergie was one of the only men that thought for himself. Since he was born he questioned everything. No authority was accepted blindly. Parents, gods, and the school system.

Sergie was your average mortal. He went to work, paid bills, and tried to find his place in the world. Nothing was different about him other than this unsettling feeling within him.

Something had bothered him since he was a child. He always felt different than the kids around him. While they played, he preferred to think about life. Instead of wasting time on useless things Sergie preferred to find his Purpose.

Sergie was flesh and blood. He suffered from the same things that mortals did. Sergie had days where he would question his life.

As Sergie grew older he began questioning more and more.

Seeking Salvation

As with most mortals Sergie sought Salvation. He was brought up to seek Salvation outside of himself. This car would make him complete. This girl would make him a man. This amount of money would cause things to make sense.

Sergie thought these things would make him complete and save him. He got the car, the girl, and the money. He lived as the world told him to.

With each day Sergie still felt something wasn’t right…

He thought, “I have what should make me complete…what more can I have?”.

Days and nights passed.

Sergie continued to seek Salvation in these worldly things. Every time he achieved what the people of Liberia told him was right, he felt empty inside. No amount of sex, money, or world distractions could fulfill him.

He went about his daily life for several decades. Sergie went to work as he was told. He paid the bills that everyone else did. He even found a women that he loved. Things were on the outside a success.

Sergie had money, sex, and was doing what he was supposed to do. But still that feeling of emptiness stayed within him. He knew that there had to be more to life than just working, paying bills, and doing the same thing as everyone else in Liberia.

The House Shakes

One morning Sergie was awoken by a great shake. Not an earthquake, but a shake within his Soul. He had been having realizations for years. The gods attempted time after time to get him to open his eyes. Every time they tried Sergie would realize his path, but allow the world to consume him.

The night before Sergie had a dream. A dream that made everything click in his mind. In this dream he saw himself looking into a mirror. The reflection was that of a man that held great potential. But just potential. This reflection was a man who had allowed the world to hold him down. Instead of acting on his great potential he bottled it up.

The man lacked the confidence to act. Instead of leading the world and doing great things, this man was scared. Scared of what? This man was scared of really making things happen.

It wasn’t just any man in the dream. Sergie had this cold feeling come over his body. The man in the mirror was himself.

What should he do? There was nobody there to help him. Nobody to tell him what the meaning was. It was just Sergie and a room filled with darkness. Sergie realized that he was alone.

The people he had built his life with were not there. They couldn’t possibly help him. It was just him and him alone. Sergie felt a great sense of power, but disconnection with the world.

He felt as if everything up to this point had been a lie. The job was fake. The girl of his dreams was just an idea that gave him false meaning. Everyday was just another day filled with lies. Nothing mattered. Everything Sergie had worked hard to build was meaningless.

In The Wilderness of Limbo

Sergie got up and put on his clothes. He grabbed everything he needed and went out the door. He had nothing to lose. Sergie was a man of Liberia, but knew that everything was a lie. The gods had sent him his final warning.

He started running. For many nights Sergie went with little sleep or food. Finally he reached a Wilderness. He was unfamiliar with this place. It looked scary and dangerous.

There was a small light in the distance. Sergie started moving towards it. Once he arrived he saw a sign that said, “Welcome To Limbo”.

way of the olympian

His body filled with fear.

He had grown up hearing stories of people losing their mind and never coming out of Limbo. Sergie turned around so that he could run, but realized he couldn’t remember how to get back.

Filled with feelings of sadness and anxiety Sergie sat down. Months passed as he stayed in that area. He started to accept that Limbo was his new home. Maybe nothing really mattered. Maybe the gods were just in his mind.

Sergie started to feel like dreams and greatness were just ideas that people used to get through the day. Only a select number of people ever really achieved them. He thought to himself how stupid he had been to think he could achieve his goals.

Who was he to think he could find his Way of The Olympian? The Olympians were just a bunch of stories from the Days of Old. He laid there covered in a Shadow of Complacency.

A Voice From The Darkness

One night after being in Limbo for 3 months he laid there looking at the stars. He knew there was something out there. He closed his eyes and prayed.

“Show me the way out of here. Reveal to me my Way of The Olympian.”

Sergie opened his eyes and felt the first sense of relief he had experienced in months. Then he heard a voice. He got up and ran towards it leaving his belongings by his camp site. This was the first time he had heard another voice since getting lost in Limbo.

As he approached where the voice was coming from he was able to make out certain words.

He kept running and running. With no care in the world he continued.

After running for many hours he found himself on the edge of a cliff. The voice beckoned him to jump off. Sergie stood there with a strong feeling to jump, but his head was filled with doubts.

What will happen next?

Will Sergie jump into the Unknown or will he allow doubt to overcome him? There are only two options for Sergie. The first decision can change his life for better or worse. The second decision will keep him in the same place for Eternity.

To Be Continued

Tune in 7/12/2016 to find out if Sergie jumps or if he allows fear to hold him back. This story is just getting started.

You will find out if Sergie will find his Way of The Olympian or go back into Limbo to lose his mind. Make sure to join the Newsletter at the top so that you can stay up to date with what’s going on. Oh and also you will get 2 FREE eBooks.

Talk Soon,

The Unknown

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  1. chilling story and I feel as if it talks of this world. I felt like I was in Sergies shoes.

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