You reach a point in your life from time to time, where you lose excitement towards life. In this article we will talk about how to regain your excitement towards life.

Been a while….

Before we get into the article, I have a few things to say. Recently I took a step back from writing on Way of The Olympian. Originally I said it would be a few months before I returned.

At the time I was being over stretched and was starting to lose that excitement. Not only that, but I had some things I needed to sort out before continuing with taking Way of The Olympian to the next level.

Taking a break from writing has been great for me. I became 100% aware of where I want Way of The Olympian to go as well as have learned more about myself. My excitement is back times a thousand.

Here is what has happened since the last article:

  • I Put Out More Videos On The YouTube Channel (Subscribe To The Channel If You Haven’t)
  • I Have Dropped To 194 lbs (I Will Hit 175 Soon Enough, Find Out How Here)
  • Improved the Way of The Olympian Look, Have You Noticed?
  • I’ve Built My Social Circle To Have More Influential People In It
  • Overall My Life Has More “Balance”
  • I Hired A Writer For Another Project So That I Could Focus On What’s Important…You

To say the least my excitement is back and I am ready to give more of myself than ever before. I am so happy to be back strong. As I continue to evolve, I want to see you do the same.

Enough about me. Let’s get started…

Something Just Feels Off

You have a decent life with no real problems. As you’re sitting there, something just feels off. You think to yourself, “What could possibly be wrong?”.

As you search online you can’t seem to find any solution to how you feel. You try different things, but nothing improves.

The more you allow this feeling to stay, the more you start to get frustrated. What is the problem?

It isn’t that you have some dark cloud following you. What the problem is is that you just don’t have any excitement towards life anymore.

You used to live with a purpose. Everything was for a certain goal, but as time went by you lost sight of that purpose.

This happens to everyone. The solution is easy, and I will give you the steps to how to regain your excitement.

Step 1: Live With Purpose

Step 1 of fixing this “problem” is to live with purpose. Most people over complicate this. You’re probably doing the same thing right now.

Thoughts of…

  • How do I figure out my purpose
  • I don’t really have any passion
  • Where do I get started
  • I’m too young
  • I’m too old

Those are nothing but excuses. Throw them out as an Olympian only has time for results. As an Olympian it is crucial that you live with a purpose or else you run the risk of being a mortal forever.

So how can you live with purpose?


You have to figure out what is really important to you. No I’m not talking about what you feel is important. I’m talking about what is REALLY important to YOU.

Cut out the emotional baggage and attachments you have to certain things. Look at what is and don’t worry about all of the what ifs.

You have to realize that it is on you.

Once you start going after what you REALLY want instead of the opposite, you naturally start living with purpose. You have excitement towards life.

Stop overthinking how to live with purpose. That is what is holding you back, believe me on that.

Instead decide what means the most to you and live that everyday.

If you want more then join the Newsletter so you can get the Game-Plan. In the Game-Plan you will answer the questions that will really get you thinking.

Step 2: Eat Well

This is a no-brainier, but you must eat well. I’m not talking about spending tons of money on food. Instead eat what your body and mind really need.

Make sure you are giving yourself everything that you need. You need plenty of protein and fat. Most people don’t realize that they aren’t giving themselves what they need to perform at their best.

Open these three tabs so you can use them once you’re done with the article:

  1. Recommended Calorie Intake
  2. Recommended Protein Intake
  3. Recommended Fat Intake

These are simple tools, but great for someone who doesn’t know much. Use them and start hitting your goals. If you aren’t getting what your body and mind needs, it becomes next to impossible to get the results you want.

It is very cliche, but you really are what you eat. Eat crap and your life will be crappy. Eat great and your life will be great.

Step 3: Take A Step Back To Take 100 Steps Forward

This might sound crazy, but hear me out. As you grow you start to get stuck in your ways. That can be both good and bad.

You may reach a point where you are doing the same things, but trying to reach a higher level. If you continue to be stuck in your old ways your results will be poor. As I’ve said before you must become more if you want more.

By taking a step back you will be able to gain clarity. You will realize what is important to you and decide on the right actions to take.

Once you have gained clarity you will take 100 steps forward and your excitement will go through the roof!

You may even feel like a completely new person. Before you know it you will be doing things you only dreamed of before. There will be new people in your life as well as new experiences.

Ideas and Energy will flow to you in abundance. I don’t mean that in some hippy way. You will have better people, more money, and a more fulfilled life.

Step 4: Reinvent Yourself

This is something that encompasses every other step. It is a game and very fun. I can guarantee it is much better than Call of Duty or GTA.

Reinventing yourself is often seen as some Esoteric thing. People speak of getting in tune with their “Higher-Self”. While this may be true, I can tell you that anyone can do it.

Sometimes the current version of yourself isn’t exactly what you need in order to achieve what you want. This goes hand in hand with becoming more.

Reinventing yourself will give you excitement. Your life will effortlessly change and improve. You will also find that this “new” version of yourself is really the person you want to be coming out.

Here is how you can Reinvent yourself:

  • Change Up Your Style
  • Do Things You Wouldn’t Usually Do
  • Change Your Hair Color
  • Think In Terms Of, “What Would I Do If I Was My Best Version?”

These are just a few ways that you can Reinvent yourself. Obviously there are many more ways, but just start with these. Reinventing yourself will drastically improve your life when done properly and without overthinking it.

How To Regain Excitement Towards Life

There you have it. You have 4 steps that you can use to regain your excitement towards life. Don’t start tomorrow, start right NOW!

Tomorrow may be too late. But if you start right now, you can guarantee your life will change.

Are you trying to take your life to the next level? Check out Olympian Coaching.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden


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  1. Excellent stuff, mate. The “something feels off” section completely describes me, not too long ago. Finding a purpose makes all the difference. It let me start pulling together the rest of what you’re talking about.

    Plus, this: “You will also find that this “new” version of yourself is really the person you want to be coming out.”

    Yep. That thing right there.

  2. This is a post for high quality people with a high quality problem. I’ve found that there’s a lot of people who are happy to stay in the rut…but I don’t think this is the place for them.

    This is a great article for the guy who put out his fire while trying to fan the flame. Sometimes we get lost in the passion and it’s gone before we know it – especially when results slow to a crawl.

    Sometimes the action – oriented need to be reminded to step back and think. Great work, Dylan.

  3. Dylan this article came at the perfect time. Lately I’ve lost that excitement, but this article showed me a answer. Thanks

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