Today I got to meet the Man behind the Top Bodybuilding website. If you haven’t heard of him then you must be living under a rock.

I wrote this article months ago after I first met John Doe. He is a great guy and the real deal. Since so much time passed before I published this article, I released a video. You can watch the video while you read the original article.

How It Started

A few weeks ago I happened to catch a video of John in Charleston.

As you know I live in Charleston, so I emailed him to see if he lived here.

He responded that he was just visiting.

I told John that if he was ever visiting again that I would love to workout with him.

We ended up emailing back and forth and setting up a day for me to come to his home city.

When that day finally arrived I drove to meet the Man behind John Doe Bodybuilding.

Approaching John Doe

I got there a little early so that I could prep myself for the battle that was about to go down.

When John Doe Bodybuilding and an Olympian come together magic happens.

Around 10 minutes later a jeep pulled up and John Doe stepped out.

Boy can I tell you that he is WAY bigger in person than in the pictures.

We shook hands and then he offered to take me to get some coffee.

Talking Over Coffee

As we sat there drinking coffee, we talked about life and working out.

We traded life stories and he asked me about Calm and Collected.

I already respected John Doe Bodybuilding before, but after meeting him it has increased.

Him and I almost instantly hit it off.

John Doe is someone who you can meet and it is like y’all have been friends for years.

Just by looking at him I could tell that he is a very focused person.

No not focused, but laser focused.

The type of focus that allows you to shape the world around you and get things done.

After 30 minutes we decided it was time to go and kill it in the gym.

John Doe Bodybuilding In The Gym

For anyone who knows John Doe he is a very happy go lucky kind of guy.

He knows what he wants and then goes after it.

For lack of better words he is an Olympian.

As we walked to the work out area, it seemed that everyone knew him.

People made a point to say hey to him and get acknowledged back.

Today was leg day for both of us.

As we warmed up he showed me how he works out.

It was much different than anything that I’ve seen before.

All I can say is that doing it the John Doe Bodybuilding way is more effective.

After we finished the warm up we went to the leg press machine.

We alternated as we did our sets.

By the end of it John Doe took his jacket off and put 7 plates on each side.

To say the least my jaw dropped as I can’t recall ever seeing that in person.

John Doe Bodybuilding Is Bigger Than Life

The common theme that you can get from this article is that John Doe is bigger than life.

Not only physically, but he has an awesome personality.

In his video’s and articles he has this tough voice and is straight forward.

While he is like that in person too, he is also a very passionate person.

John Doe is passionate about bodybuilding and getting things done.

His website John Doe Bodybuilding is dedicated to people that want to get in the best shape of their lives.

You have heard the hype around the Internet that he has the best bodybuilding blog around.

It is true.

Most websites are 98% hype, but he is truly one of the 2% of people who are real.

John Doe Bodybuilding Is The Real Deal

John Doe has been working at bodybuilding for over 20 years.

Talk about dedication!

He has used Steroids and insulin.

John Doe has used his body as a way to test what works and what doesn’t.

Here are the areas that John Doe dominates in:

  • Cutting Fat
  • Gaining Muscle
  • Steroids
  • Insulin
  • The best techniques to use

Those are only 5 of the areas that he dominates in.

Anyone who trains with him and commits to him is guaranteed to get the results that they want.

Most people want to just buy in to the latest fad, but they end up wasting their money.

Instead of wasting your money you should go straight to an actual expert.

Train With John Doe

Best Way To Get Started With John Doe Bodybuilding

Unlike most people it is easy to get in touch with John Doe Bodybuilding.

He makes himself accessible.

John Doe encourages people to contact him if they are serious.

Do not approach him if you are just looking for validation.

Do not approach him if you are just going to walk away.

If you don’t have the belief in yourself to see something through to the end then do not contact him.

But if you are an Olympian and believe in yourself, John Doe Bodybuilding has what you want in regards to getting the body that you want.

What Are You Waiting On

It is already February August and you still haven’t hit some of your goals.

That is okay.

But you now have the chance to start Taking Action and change your life.

If you are wanting to get the body that you want.

If you want to start getting noticed by girls.

Or if you just want to be healthy then John Doe Bodybuilding has what you want.

John Doe has 2 books and then offers coaching to those who are serious.

My personal favorite is Becoming The Bull.

But recently he came out with the best book on Steroids, which is called Straight From The Underground.

Go ahead and invest in yourself and get started.

Becoming The Bull

Straight From The Underground 

Until Next Time Go and Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

PS: Check out his coaching packages here (NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK)

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  1. I have been following john’s guidance for a couple of years now. He is hands down one of the best fitness and diet experts around and he is completely transparent.
    If you want to get shredded, read his article on black coffee and paleo diet…then read his article on 10 tips to get shredded fast.

    Im glad I’m not the only person paying attention to this guy


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