How to turn emails into sales for your clients newsletter

One of the best ways to earn money as a freelance writer is email copywriting. However, we need to overcome the first hurdle. Which is how can you turn your clients newsletter into sales?

How to turn emails into sales for your clients

Making sales for your clients is a very straightforward process as a email copywriter.

3 Things Every Email Copywriter Needs to Make Money From an Email List:

  • A problem or outcome the reader wants.
  • A story to relate to them.
  • And a product to help them.

From there you simply write emails to help them. WHERE a lot of you mess up is you focus too much on the product. Or worse, you only send 1 email a week for your client. When you should be sending minimum 3 a week. Even better if you send them almost daily.

HOW do you know what to write about?

Maybe you are writing for a client who talks discusses topics you aren’t interested in or have no remote idea about. This is solved by following the Unlimited Content System I explain more about inside of the Freelancing Campus of The Real World.

Here’s how to have unlimited content:

  1. Read their content (Tweets, Podcasts, IG Posts)
  2. Speak to them in voice notes
  3. Look over their testimonials

Before you purchase anything from me, I want you to learn more by checking out the freelancing guide I’ve put together.

Now you have unlimited content which you can turn into entire emails. You’ll never run out of things to speak about when you apply this.

YOU ONLY ever run out of things to say when you try to use your own understanding.

Which is like me giving you the keys to my Mercedes and apartment and telling you to find them.

Good luck 😂.


You applying what I said above would be like me giving you the keys and telling you exactly where both of them are.

ALLOW your client to do the writing for you. You’re merely a medium which helps them increase sales and save time.


How can you make your clients money with email copywriting?

You make your clients money with email copywriting by writing emails and putting a CTA aka call to action aka click the link to some product or service.

Where MOST fail is they focus so much on trying to sell the product that they forget about the reader.

The reader is a REAL person.

A person with desires and problems.

They didn’t join your clients email list because of some secret loophole. They joined the email list because they saw something of value.

It is your job to understand them.

Inside of the Email course you’re given access to inside of The Real World, I’ve gone into detail on this.

When writing emails for your clients focus on this…

1.WOW me with the subject line.

Meaning, say something which will make me click. This will take practice. So focus on writing a subject line that speaks to their curiosity or their problem.

2. Tell them a story or share some lesson they will walk away from feeling they got something from it.

This could be like my email earlier today on how to not lose your net worth in the next couple years.

My readers are thinking about this and find it valuable.


I wouldn’t write an email about how yesterday I went to some zoo a friend of mine owns. 

And if I did, I’d tie into some lesson my readers would take from it.

3. Give them a place to go.

The final part is to give them somewhere to go. Whether this is to a product, service, or some podcast your client did.

You should always give them somewhere to go or at least in most of your emails. As the only time you can influence your clients bank account is by giving their list something to buy.

Now of course there’s much more to this, but I’ve covered this inside of the email copywriting course. Before you pay anything though, go through this guide I put together which will give you a better sense of direction.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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